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Starcraft 2 Cheats | Cheat Codes

Starcraft 2 is a real-time strategy game for the PC and Mac by Blizzard Entertainment. In StarCraft 2 you take control of the battlefield, wrangle some resources, build your base and raise your army. Don’t make your enemies run and hide curtains.

 Being a commander means the difference between fame and glory. Through your enemies of the battlefield using superior firepower. There are three races in StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty, Heart of the Swarms, and Legacy of the Void. Learn each race, cheat code, and abilities, use the strength and tactical options to keep yourself engaged in the fight. Master the art of war and crush all who stand in your way.

Starcraft 2 Cheats

How to Cheat in Starcraft 2?

The starcraft 2 cheats work only in single-player mode, so players don’t have to worry about a cheater, wiping out their fun. Before using cheat codes we should know where to use and which cheat codes have to be used.

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To activate any cheat code except OverEngineeredCodpiece. Press Enter while playing the game then type one of the cheat codes and press Enter to activate the corresponding function. If the code is entered correctly, the desired effect will be activated immediately.

The Best Starcraft 2 Cheats Are:

                Cheat Code Description
TerribleTerribleDamage             God mode
WhatIsBestInLife Instant victory
Let’sJustBugOutAndCallItEven Instant defeat
TookTheRedPill Disable fog of war
Bunker55AliveInside Disable the need for supplies
SpectralTiger Gain 5000 minerals
RealMenDrillDeep Gain 5000 gas
WhoRunBartertown Gain 5000 of each resource
SoSayWeAll Allow the use of all tech
IAmIronMan Unlock all upgrades
CatFoodForPrawnGuns Enable fast builds and fast upgrades
HanShotFirst Disable cooldowns on spells
TyuHasLeftTheGame Disable victory conditions for continued play
NeverGiveUpNeverSurrender Continued play after defeat
ImADoctorNotARoachJim Fast unit healing
MoreDotsMoreDots All units and buildings are free
LeaveYourSleep             Unlock All Missions
EyeOfSauron             Unlock All Cinematics
OverEngineeredCodpiece Play the song Terran Up the Night

How to Disable a Cheat?

Cheats can be disabled by re-entering them but some cheats increase their effect when the cheat code is re-entered. 

Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty | Cheat Codes

Wings of Liberty is the name of the StarCraft II Terran episode. Wings of Liberty was the first product of StarCraft II. It has 29 missions and 13 minutes of pre-rendered cinematics and 32 minutes of in-engine on-the-fly cinematics.

                         Cheat Code                          Description
WhySoSerious               cYou earn 5 million credits
LeaveYourSleep  All missions are unlocked
StayClassyMarSara All in-game news is accessible
HoradricCube All search options are enabled

Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarms | Cheat Codes

Heart of the swarms is the second product of StarCraft II. It was released succeeding Wings of Liberty but preceding Legacy of the Void. It was named so because of its in-depth look into the zerg.

whorunbartertown 5000 of each resources
catfoodforprawnguns fastbuild
terribleterribledamage god mode
whatisbestinlife instant win
tooktheredpill Remove fog of war
Hanshotfirst Remove spell/ability cooldown
bunker55aliveinside Remove the Supply Cap
moredotsmoredots Units/Structures no longer cost resources
iamironman Upgrades Weapons, Armor (and Shields) by 1

Starcraft 2: Legacy of the Void | Cheat Codes

Legacy of the Void is the name of the StarCraft II Protoss episode. It is the third and final product of the StarCraft II game. Legacy of the Void was released separately from the other two parts, Wings of Liberty and Heart of the Swarm. Legacy of the void began immediately after the ending of Heart of the Swarm.

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Cheat Codes of StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void

jaynestown Missing resources for unit production are provided
eyeofsauron The cinematics menu opens
overengineeredcodpiece The song “Terran up the Night” starts to play, played by the official Blizzard band, composed of company employees
stroaksmolts The player receives 5,000 minerals
smoldersbolds The player receives 5,000 minerals and gas
mintmansoperator Power requirements are disabled
reversingnazaire / basestarsprimative Units are created and built with greater speed
fsbcomunicacion Units heal faster
sawnoutofmemory Fog of War is disabled
cadeasygoin The game ends with a defeat
lyingpect A specific mission can be selected
wapboinkers Units add resource points
cmethodfeedback The game ends with a victory
qrotero The time is disabled during the match
dzmhairspring The player receives 5,000 of any resource


StarCraft 2 is an amazing game to play. There are a number of cheats in the game. Let us know in the comment section if we have been fooled if all the cheats work well or not. And if you know any other cheat that is not mentioned, then let everyone know about it. 

Starcraft 2 Cheats

Frequently Asked Questions

Is StarCraft Free?

Yes, you can play StarCraft for free. If you want to have the additional features of the game then you have to pay for that.

What Are the System Requirements of Starcraft 2?

You just need a basic PC or Macbook for playing StarCraft 2.

Is Starcraft 2 a Dead Game?

Yes, it is a dead game. The mainstream is not available now.

Will There Be Starcraft 3?

There is uncertainty about StarCraft 3. It is not announced yet whether there will be StarCraft 3 or not. But we can hope for it for our convenience. StarCraft 2 was more than just a game.

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