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Thinking of Making the Leap to Android?

We use our phones almost constantly day-to-day; whether we’re organising a calendar, making important calls or surfing the internet. Our phone in the modern era is one of the most important pieces of technology we own, so it is incredibly important that we choose a device that complements our lives.

How Moving From iPhone to Android could be your Good Decision?

Naturally, it makes sense that we should constantly question our phone purchases, finding the best phone for our needs. If you’re currently looking at your iPhone and wishing you had more choice available to you; or thinking that you would love to make the leap to an Android device, if only it weren’t so inconvenient switching to an entirely different OS. Well, fortunately, with the right information the leap can actually be closer to a small step, and the positives of moving from iPhone to Android make it entirely worth the effort.


The most obvious benefit is the average price gap of the two options—a staggering $433—which for anyone looking for that economical option will be difficult to look past. Anyone looking to delve into the Android market would have the option to spend as little, or as much as they would like to get a phone to suit their needs.

The Benefits of Google Integration

While Google’s apps will all function on iOS, Android’s latent integration allows them to function far more efficiently than on an Apple device. Apps such as Google Chrome are restricted in the features they provide, and Gmail may prove to be far more limited on iOS than on Android all of which adds up to a faster, more user-friendly experience.

Choosing the Right Phone for You

So now you’ve decided that you want to make the change; so which device is the right one for you? While this might sound like a difficult question, it doesn’t have to be. The first thing to do is look at what’s out there, and decide which features are most important to you –whether that be processing power of Samsung, or the top-of-the-range camera quality the Google Pixel boasts. Determine the features you need and your decision becomes much easier.

Making an Android Device your Own

There are nearly endless options available for personalizing your device, almost every aspect can be tailored to your taste. Whether you’d prefer your launcher be set up for streaming music and video, or to increase productivity and the way you manage your calendar. You can even set your device to mimic iOS if you’re feeling nostalgic, so you can guarantee there will be something to fit your needs.

Finally, when you’re ready to make that small step to Android and are faced with the daunting prospect of transferring all your old photos, calendars and information from iOS to Android; don’t be. There are many simple ways to export contacts and everything else from your iPhone to your Android.

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