22 Best and Well-working Mailchimp Alternatives for 2021

Over time, Email marketing has become one of the most integrated marketing tools. whether it is a small business or large, email marketing tools will help you in one or another way.

And when we consider email marketing tools, MailChimp comes first in our mind. Isn’t it? and the power behind Mailchimp is their association with small and middle-size companies. Mailchimp offers them a lot of features for free!

However, when we proceed further, Mailchimp charges us more than a lot of email platforms.

And here, in this article, I will share your top-notch working Email marketing tools (Free and Paid) that will help you to grow your business on a large scale. and If you use these tools with 5 tactics that will clean your email list for better engagement.

But before moving ahead, let’s go on a quick overview of Mailchimp features so that you can quickly analyze your alternatives.

What is Mailchimp and Its Features?

MailChimp is an email service provider(ESP) that helps you grow your business by sending emails and building relationships with the customers through email services.

Its primary function is to send automated emails to the customers to recognize the company and its long-term benefits.

With its free version, you can build emails and landing pages. It also provides you templates, segmentation, personalization, Surveys, a Single-step verification tool, and email analytics.

You can then go for its paid version for advanced features, which includes A/B testing, retargeting, behavioral-based automation, and many more.

Best Working MailChimp Alternatives:

If Mailchimp does not influence you or is not satisfied with Mailchimp services, you might be thinking about the alternative you can use instead of MailChimp…

We have listed all the alternatives ranging from free-to-use to pay-to-use. So, let’s dive deep into it:


With its easy-to-use drag and drop editor, you can quickly build and customize any email element. As its name suggests, the omnisend allows you to do omnichannel marketing, and you can easily integrate all the social media marketing channels at this platform. Basically, it allows you to do omnichannel marketing, which is undoubtedly the best marketing. Furthermore, you can also build lead generation forms with this email marketing tool.

If you face issues of discount codes and customer rewards, then omnisend is for you. Because it has Ecommerce-ready components for discount codes and customer rewards, moreover, it offers a product picker automatic facility for importation into your campaigns.

Overall, Omnisend provides you these features and if you are looking for this then this in=s the one for you.

  • Easily integrate all other Social Platform
  • Easy-to-use drag and drop editor
  • Frequently provides you discount codes and customer rewards.
  • Offers e-commerce Ready components.

Do you want to check out quick tutorial of Omnisend? If yes, here you are:

2. Campaign Monitor:

It is a well-known user-friendly builder that helps you quickly build your emails, and it also has pre-made campaigns. The most exciting thing about Campaign Monitor is that you can adjust the space by dragging and extending spaces. Furthermore, you can customize images and text boxes to build your email exactly the way you want.

You can integrate it with other apps like Magento and Prestashop and further increase its efficiency.

Overall, you can look for these features in the Campaign Monitor:

  • Provide a facility to integrate other apps with Magento and Prestashop.
  • Offers a variety of pre-made campaigns.
  • You can create smart segments through high-targeted segments that will drive tremendous results for you.
  •  With this, you can do in-depth analytics.
  • Offers high-end personalization.

How you can use the Campaign Monitor template?

Not sure..how to use the Campaign Monitor template then check the video shared below.

Have all your query solved regarding the Campaign Monitor template? Do let us know in the reference section.

3. Constant Contact:

If you need essential email marketing and automation, then Constant Contact will definitely help you. It will not only help you to do segmentation based on campaign and demographics, but you also get a visual email composer that gives you a lot of options.

Moreover, you can do A/B testing and provide you with live support if you face any issue regarding your campaign. You can also capture emails with this as it offers you the option of Email capture.

Key Features:

  • Free Trial
  • Image and Content Management
  • Autoresponder
  • Free Apps for Toolkit
  • Social Media Integration
  • Engaging Template

Constant Contact Tutorial:

Seeking the basics of Constant Contact then have a look at the below video.

4. Aweber:

It is a classic email editor and an email builder. It offers a plethora of templates than any other tool, and the exciting part is.. it’s every template that gives you different palettes for convenient creation.

You can customize each template, and it offers you the most user-friendly interface. It provides you a full package as you can create landing pages with it. Along with it, Aweber provides you with a hosting facility, you have to copy and paste the codes simply, and there is no need to purchase extra hosting.

Sum up of Aweber is:

      • Helps in Bounce Management
      • Report and Analysis
      • Enhanced Email automation
      • Landing Page Editor
      • Useful for Opt-in and OPt-out process.
      • Looking for a Step by step guide to start using Aweber:
      • The video will provide you a complete guide to kickstart your Aweber.

Mailchimp Vs Aweber:

5. ConvertKit:

ConvertKit is an inclusive platform, which is explicitly invented to ease the process for professional bloggers. It quickly makes your email, and you can customize the email templates as per your needs.

It offers multiple features, including advanced automation, a tagging system for segmentation with a handy landing page editor. Furthermore, visual text-editor and drip email marketing will also ease your process further.

The tool is only limited to email marketing; if you want to look for other features as well, then it will not help you.

Key Features Of ConvertKit:

    • Visual Automation
    • Subscriber Management
    • You can also make forms and reporting as well.
    • Drag and Drop sequence builder.

Looking for a tutorial for Convertkit?

If you are a beginner and looking for the Convertkit tutorial then visit this video.

6. Mailjet:

It is an email marketing tool for small businesses. With its drag and drop facility, you can quickly create your email. Mailjet is a simple tool, but it is not simple to use as you have to be well-versed with the interface because you might feel some of its features are hidden. Moreover, the language used in part of the site is difficult to understand.

Overall, Mailjet allows you to perform the following functions:

    • Allows you to do Real-time tracking.
    • Easy-to-use delivery and analytics Dashboard.
    • Offers you high-end personalization.
    • You can do Delivery optimization.
    • Meaningful Segmentation.

Mailjet for Bloggers and Business:

Here, is a video that will help you to know about Mialjet, and do you actually need it or not…

7. MailerLite:

Another alternative that we have for you is MailerLite. MailerLite is one of the best options for Mailchimp, which is easy-to-use and straightforward. Its primary focus is to deliver quality email marketing services to the customer.

Unlike other tools, It offers segmentation, A/B testing, automated workflows, and Of course, an easy-to-use email builder. Moreover, it provides multiple user-integration and behavioral targeting with other platform integration to help you manage your emails quickly.

Key Features:

  • Ecommerce Campaigns
  • Newsletter templates
  • Rich-text editors
  • Step-by-step tutorial:

8. Moosend:

Moosend is an all-in-one platform that helps you to build your emails and provides you autoresponder software as well. Along with it, you can send you can create landing pages and do segmentation as well with other E-commerce platforms like Woocommerce.

If you are looking for a free email marketing tool with all the necessary functions, then Moosend is best for you. With its free version, you can have up to 100 contacts or subscribers. Besides this, you can do A/B testing, use custom email templates for free, which is not possible with MailChimp as you have to go for paid membership for A/B testing.

The features that you will not be able to avail of in the free plan are Transactional emails, SMTP servers, hosted landing pages, and many more.

Key Features:

  • Provides you custom sign-up forms
  • Provides email list segmentation.
  • Helps you to create an Email Newsletter
  • Allows email marketing automation
  • Filters, Triggers, and Automated actions
  • Easily grow your email list.

How to create Use Moosend:

To get details of the Moosend and how to use, take the help of this video.

9. Sendinblue:

Another alternative is Sendinblue. It offers you both email marketing and transactional emails. So, if you are seeking a tool that supports Sendinblue, then this is best for you.

Along with this, it is a sleek, mobile-friendly builder with high-quality templates available and behavioral targeting. These features make it a must-have tool if you wish to increase your business.

With its free plan, you can make email, do advanced segmentation, workflows, APIs, and transactional emails. But the downside of the tool is that it supports 300 emails a day, and the Sendinblue is included in all your emails.

Key Features:

  • SMS Marketing
  • Transactional Email
  • It also allows you to do Facebook ads and effective retargeting.
  • Provides your real-time analytics.

How to use Sendinblue?

Confused..how to use Sendinblue. This video will help you.

10. Sender:

Are you looking for SMB-friendly features to enhance your business?..Then the Sender will work for you.

As with its easy-to-use interface and SMB-friendly features, Sender outstands himself from Mailchimp. Furthermore, it is a straightforward tool and offers competitive prices that are best for you. You can analyze your emails as it provides an email analytics option and allows web push notification as well.

Its free plan supports 2500 subscribers and 15000 emails per month. With a free plan, you cannot access branding in emails and opt-in-forms for users. Moreover, if you go for a paid plan, you can access all the features without any restrictions.

Overall, Sender helps you:

  • You do can management of your preference.
  • It provides you the option of Social Networking for Sign-up forms options.
  • Offers monthly newsletter.
  • Triggered Campaigns.

How to Use Sender:

Business Sender Tutorial will help to get in-depth knowledge of the Sender.

11. SendPulse:

Another tool for you is Send Pulse. It is a multi-channel platform automation tool that helps you build relations with the customer quickly to increase your brand value. With a multi-channel platform, it also includes email, push notification, and chatbots.

The drawback is that it has no comprehensive multi-channel plans. So, you have to analyze the program for each channel individually. Besides this, you can also integrate the tool with other platforms like for E-commerce Woocommerce and open cart.

Unlike the other alternatives of Mailchimp, it offers all the necessary email facilities, but for web push notification, you have to pay to avail of the service. Its free plan only includes 1500 subscribers, and the features are also limited.

Key Features:

    • Provides Email services in a convenient manner.
    • Helps you to provides STMP service.
    • Helpful in the web-push notification.
    • Supports Viber messages.

How to use SendPulse effectively:

Expecting, you got how you can use the Sendpulse, if you have any issue then let me know in the comment section.

12. Zoho Campaign:

Zoho Campaign is well-known for enjoyable email marketing campaigns. It is an email marketing offering from Zoho CRM. It is one of the best alternatives for Mailchimp. With its straight email marketing features and easy-to-use interface, it also offers integration with its Zoho CRM.

Do you have any idea about CRM?

If you want to send offers to your customers or to wish your customer his birthday automatically, then What you will do..CRM is the way to do it. It maintains all the database of customers and their feedback to avail it when you need it. The software will automatically send wishes to the customer on his birthday, building a high-end relationship with your customers.

Well, it is the best platform which helps you to build a relationship with customers and offers features like segmentation, A/B testing, dynamic content.

With its free plan, you can have 2000 subscribers, 12000 emails, and five users per account. But in the free version, it doesn’t provide e-commerce integration and marketing automation workflows.


Key Features:

  • Merge Tags
  • Subscribers Management
  • Easy to build Ecommerce Business
  • Real-time Analytics

13. Klaviyo:

It is a multiple channel platform with all the significant features and multi-media advertising. Klaviyo’s primary focus is on the eCommerce platform and native integrations with Magento, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, and Shopify.

If you wish to segment based on purchase, browsing history, and abandoned carts then you must try this tool. Klaviyo will definitely fulfill all your requirements as it also offers dedicated product recommendations features.

With this, you can easily personalize your offers and emails. Moreover, if you wish to implement advanced eCommerce strategies without any issue, try it, and share your experience with us in the comment section.

It offers only a single monthly plan that includes all the features, and the prices vary according to the number of subscribers. For 1000 subscribers, you have to pay $30 p.m.

Key Features:

  • Website Tracking
  • Dynamic data blocks
  • Email personalization
  • ROI-based reporting

Bewildered…how to set up your email campaign through Klaviyo then watch the video below and start your first campaign with Klaviyo.

14. GetResponse:

Another tool is a well-known email marketing tool that helps you to manage and build your emails quickly. In addition to it, the device is updated regularly, and its recent new feature, “Autofunnel,” outstands all the other tools.

Autofunnel features help you to create, manage, and implement complete marketing funnels. You can implement these features on all the social ads, landing pages, audience creation. For further ease, you can also integrate payment processors in the tool.

To access the services of GetResponse, you have to avail of the basic plan, which costs $15 per month. The prices of the GetResponse might seem high to you, but actually, when we compare it with another tool that provides the Autofunnel feature, then the tool price is not that much high.

What makes GetResponse special?

  • Effective inbox preview.
  • Automated Single opt-in imports.
  • With, iStock photos
  • Active Email Design
  • Drag and Drop an email editor.

15. Jilt:

If you are looking for the best tools for an eCommerce store, you must try it because it is an email marketing tool specializing in eCommerce stores. It offers native integrations with many platforms like Shopify, Woocommerce.

Well, with its integrations, analytics, advanced segmentation, and behavioral targeting, you can quickly grow your business and target your right audience.

Along with all of the above, it offers Revenue reporting, product recommendations, automated discount flows, and phone supports for all the plans. It has a single-tier subscription, which varies according to the subscriber’s numbers.

Key Attributes:

  • Email Editing
  • Segmentation
  • Powerful Analytics

16. Drip:

The next one is the Drip. It is a marketing CRM platform for eCommerce with an email marketing solution as well. With its multiple channels supports, you can quickly build and manage brand image.

Its main features are behavioral targeting, marketing automation, website tracking, revenue reporting, Email analytics, and A/B testing. Additionally, it will help you to quickly achieve your marketing targets while maintaining instead of increasing your brand image.

Unlike GetResponse, it also offers a single-plan that contains all the features irrespective of the number of subscribers. The plan varies according to the subscribers’ numbers so that you can choose the plan as per your requirement.

Key Traits:

  • Great CRM platform for Ecommerce
  • Revenue Reporting
  • A/B testing
  • Helpful in marketing automation

17. Keap:

It is an all-in-one software sales, marketing, and CRM software that also provides email marketing solutions. It is best for advanced salads and marketing automation needs that helps you to create and manage brand and sales. It is well known for its pipeline automation and task management.

The tool helps you perform all the significant features like Email Builder, email templates, segmentation and personalization, and eCommerce integration.

To avail of the services of Keap, you have to purchase any of the plans like Keap Grow, Keap Pro, InfusionSoft.

Key Attributes:

  • Helps in abandoned cart reminders.
  • Effective purchase follow-ups.
  • Different occasions emails like customer birthday emails.
  • Pipeline automation and task management.

Don’t know how to use Keap?

Check the below video and clear all your doubts. Still, have any, tell us in the c=reference section.

18. MailPoet:

Another alternative is MailPoet. It is the first WordPress email marketing platform. It works well with the WooCommerce store and WordPress site. With this, you can also use signup forms in pages, posts. Additionally, it grants basic segmentation and Email analytics.

With its free plan, you can have only 1000 subscribers and unlimited emails, and some of the premium plan features.

If you want to avail of its basic segmentation features, then you can benefit through WooCommerce. It is an excellent alternative for website email marketing.

Key Features:

  • Provides automated post notification.
  • Great for abandoned cart emails.
  • High-end deliverability.
  • Helpful tracking of open rates, clicks.
  • Powerful analytics.

Whether MailPoet is worth buying or not?

Confused..whether the MialPoet is the right one for you or not..Take your decision after the analyzing the video.

19. DotDigital:

The next alternative in the list is DotDigital. It is an excellent tool that works well with all the necessary platforms, and it effortlessly gets integrated with all the powerful platforms. Furthermore, you can also send automated messages that will entice your target audience and help you quickly achieve your goals.

With its automated builder and easy to use interface, you can quickly build your email newsletter. You will also get real-time API and the integrations to make your emails correctly.

Moreover, communication and segmentation tools will help you to endeavor all your marketing efforts. To further ease your process, it provides product recommendations and allows you to make data-driven decisions.

Key Traits:

  • Provides CRM facilities with Ecommerce Integration
  • Segmentation through Drag and Drop editor
  • Website Tracking.
  • Real-time API

20. Newsletter Lite:

Newsletter Lite is a WordPress plugin and our next tool for you. It helps you to collect email addresses and send newsletters without outsourcing to third-party service. Moreover, it provides you fundamental segmentation, email, and link tracking, multiple mailing lists with email scheduling.

No doubt, it is a beneficial plugin for WordPress. But sometimes you face issues with the deliverability of the emails. Newsletter Lite has two plans; both have a one-time fee for one year.

Key Features:

  • Fundamental segmentation
  • Effective Email building
  • You can track the link.
  • Multiple mailing lists.

21. SendX:

It is an Email marketing software that is specifically built to solve the core problems of small businesses. The most exciting part is that you can send unlimited emails with maximum deliverability compared to other alternatives.

SendX is an excellent combination of technology, marketing, and human connection to uplift your business and make it a prominent tool for your business goals.

Key Attributes:

  • Helpful in Customer Engagement analytics.
  • Improves customer experience through its in-built factors.
  • Marketing Analytics and A/B testing.
  • Campaign Management
  • Helps in quickly building a landing page.

22. Active Campaign:

With its advanced Email marketing, marketing automation, Sales CRM, and messaging capabilities. Active Campaign is one of the best alternatives for MailChimp. And you get all these features at an affordable price and reasonable price. Isn’t it amazing?

The user’s experience is much better than MailChimp, and it is a recommended campaign that provides high quality supports to its users with product directions as well.

Key Qualities:

  • Smart marketing automation.
  • Great auto-responders
  • Easy tracking of contacts on-site and in your apps.
  • Quick integrations with more than 200 external services.
  • Effortless tracking.

Active Campaign Tutorial:

Probing for a Beginner step-by-step guide the below video will help you.


Concluding Words:

Mailchimp is one of the most popular tools for Email Marketing, but due to its increase in its prices and decline in quality, users are looking for alternatives. So, to help you with this, we have mentioned all the best options that you can use in your business.

All the tools ranging from free-to-use to pay-to-use and WordPress plugin are mentioned in the article. Well, you can select any of the alternatives as per your business needs. Do let us know which tool you choose and the reason for choosing that tool.

For any further assistance, you can comment below; we will help you.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q.1 What are the best alternatives to MailChimp for the start-up?

Ans. For Start-up, you should go for free Email Marketing services, and for that, you can use Mailerlite, Sendinblue, MailJet, Omnisend, and Sender.

Q.2. Does Email Marketing is a part of CRM?

Ans. Yes..CRM is a broad term that includes Email Marketing. CRM is Customer Relationship Management, and it helps you to build effective relationships with the customer to benefit the business in the short and long-term.

Q.3. Do we get A/B testing in the Constant Contact?

Ans. Constant Contact provides you the option of A/B testing; you can check your emails’ effectiveness.