Best 10 Free Email Service Provider 2021 for your business

The use of the internet is increasing continuously, This increase also gives the rise to internet marketing business. Due to which, you need to make sure that your presence of the business is also visible on the internet as well.  To compete in this world of competition and keep yourself ahead of your competitors in this cut-throat competition, we will recommend you to use the internet properly and provide some facility to your customer so they can contact you personally.

For this personal contact, email is one of the best things you can ever have. There is multiple free email service provider in the market but the question arises here is which one is most suitable for you. Here in this article, we will share the list of 10 Best Free Email Service Providers that you can use for personal as well as business usage.

list of 10 Best Free Email Service Providers
Best 10 Free Email Service Provider 2019 for your business

1. GMAILGmail is one of the most widely used Mail software globally. It is one of the most used application today developed by google. There are multiple services provided by Gmail. It includes Google Docs, Google Sheets, Forms, Slides etc. As the use of android increases, the use of Google account become mandatory due to which the use of GMAIL also increased significantly. Along with GMAIL also introduced its G-Suite service that many of businesses started using it because of its cheap prices and easy to use nature.

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2. Zoho: For Business users, Zoho is one of the most widely used application globally. Its initial application is free of cost. Their Basic plan involves free mail upto 25 users and 5GB of space individually. Along with this, Zoho has many other applications as well like CRM, Chat software etc. That makes it one of the widest applications for the business. There are many other services provided by Zoho. Along with this their paid plans are also very cheap to use.

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3. Outlook Mail: Outlook Mail belongs to the second largest tech giant in the world of computers Microsoft. Although their browser is not much used but the outlook is one of the most used mail followed by GMAIL. It is a free email service provider offered by Microsoft and is a default email service provider of Microsoft outlook.

4. Another very prominently used email service is, The best part of using is is it is free to use and along with that, you can select the domain name of your choice if not in use and create an email ID of your name.

5. Yahoo Mail: Yahoo Mail do not need any introduction. Yahoo search engine is one of the most wide search engine followed by Google and Bing. They also have their messenger facility that is known as Yahoo Messenger. Yahoo mail is free of cost and offers a variety of features. It includes you can watch videos, interactive slides, photos in your mailbox. You can send upto 50 MB or 100 MB direct file without any technical glitch.

6. Hushmail: Hushmail is also used a lot for email service. It can be integrated with all the Operating system like Android, IOS, Blackberry etc. They have free mail inbox of 25 MB and is easily integrated with outlook as well.

7. Fastmail: When we are discussing Free email service providers, we can not ignore Fastmail who are in this market since last 10 years. Their Junk protection service and spam filter works well and is reliable in nature. They have a free plan which allows you the space of 25 MB and inactivity time of 120 days.

8. GMX: Another prominent email service provider is GMX. It is not used much but it provides you the proper email facility. Along with this, their email filters work quite well and one can use it easily without any problem. As a free solution one can rely on it and use it for their usage.

9. is also a very reliable free email service. They offer you 5 GB of free space. Along with this, you can also integrate RSS Feed in the same. You can also change the layout using its drag and drop feature. Along with this, it also offer you online photosharing, calendar, tasks and notes.

10. Shortmail: Shortmail is discontinued few years back, It is like a private twitter account where you are allowed to share the email with 500 characters of max without any attachments. The mail service is quite faster as compared to other mail service providers. It also works with all the Operating system like Android, iPhone, and other Microsoft devices too.

Final Words on Best Free Email Service Provider:

There are many free email service providers available on the internet that are not mentioned. Our team tried many email service provider and find these service provider as one of the best email providers. If you want us to add about more service providers, you can mention in the comment below, our team will have a look and will surely add it.