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AI Based Mystic Messenger Dating Game that Beats “The Real World”

Just like a sims freeplay game, The Mystic Messenger is a dating simulation game but it’s a female oriented dating messenger game and still 5 Million + downloads, 4.7 star rating from 392K reviews says alot about this amazing “Mystic Messenger Game”.

This game is originally created in Korea and developed by Cheritz Co. Ltd in 2016. In a very short time, this app has got a lot of success.

Unlike any other game, this game has caught the attention of youngsters quickly and especially female audience.

What is USP of Mystic Messenger?

This game is having absolute concept that gives you an eye to experience the relationship virtually. Sometimes it will be tough for you to differentiate whether it’s a real-life relationship or just the fake one.

‘Dating’ the word itself creates an interest among the young generation, so does the app is actually doing.

This app has a few characters in it. Where a gamer, can connect with them through emails or chats just like in real-life situations. sounds interesting, isn’t it?

Its basically a game, where a person needs to be more interactive to be a successful gamer. Here the activeness plays a key role.

Mystic Messenger a game where a person (might be You) becomes an organizer/Host of the party. A person with good communication skills or a chat lover or a social animal would love to be in this app.

Have you ever wondered what AI could do for you? HA! HA! HA! People fell in love with scripted robots. Sometimes, I thought – seriously, the world feels lonely when everything is around us! What’s your opinion?

Let’s start knowing in more detail about it before starting the game:

How do Mystic Messenger Work?

As you install the app, you need to join the RFA (Rhea’s Fundraising Association). After that, the chats start where the host needs to call or invite a few guests for a successful party. The success of the party depends upon the number of guests arriving.

Hosting a party isn’t that easy. Here are some of the answers to your guests’ questions regarding Mystic Messenger to let them enter the party and have a good ending. In hosting the party the first thing’s that is expected from you is how you’re going to deal with the guests that will join the organization’s party.

Normally, an invitation will be through a virtual messenger that you’ll see in the app. As this game starts, you’ll be dealing with the responsibility of hosting a party for RFA. At least 10 guests are needed for the same. It’s not that easy, how much it sounds like.

A guest’s appearance is confirmed by the correct answer given by the host. The success of the game depends upon the answers given by the host.

How to invite a guest in Mystic Messenger?

In real life, the way we invite our guests by giving a phone call or a message. This is also something similar to that. Inviting guests may be a simple task, but not on through messaging. There are a few things you need to consider for your guests to enter the party.

Remember, you need at least 10 guests to have a good ending, and their attendance will depend on how you respond to their messages. Within the 10 days before the party, you will have to answer the guest’s emails three times.

Each guest’s name has an @ symbol in their name. If you do not complete the three answers, or you have answered one question wrong, your guest will not attend the party. But, if you provided the correct answers three times, then the guest will surely come.

  • If you answered three emails correctly, you can see three green arrows.
  • If you get an orange arrow, that means your answer is incorrect.

What are the stories in the Mystic Messenger?

Altogether there are 3 stories in this game.

  1. Casual Story
  2. Another Story
  3. Deep Story

These are the level of the stories to reach the Deep story. You should have at least 80 hourglasses. The shortened form of hourglasses is Hg. This Hg can be earned or purchased by real money.

HG іs the premium currency and can be purchased using Hearts (an іn-game currency you’ll earn by making perceptive replies tо your chat buddies; more on that іn a tick) оr with real-world cash.

HG іs also used tо unlock Deep and Another Story mode, make unscheduled calls (more on that later) and purchase bonus epilogues — but you dоn’t really need tо buy them tо have a good time and іf you play through the game unlocking all endings, you’ll earn enough tо purchase all the story extras you fancy.

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This game may create a good attachment with few people(guests). You may feel like using your phone frequently just for the sake of that game. You might create an emotional attachment with that game and you might end up crying if you don’t finish your game well.

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