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Sniper Elite 4 Guide: Tips And Tricks For Beginner

Sniper Elite 4 now is exclusively available on PC and is added with more fun. This game has improved a lot with difficulty levels and more adventures. Now Sniper Elite 4 has 8 levels and you may an extra added level if you preorder. More levels make the game more thrilled. However many users had problems with handling weapons and some guns. But, to solve the problem and make you come out of Sniper Elite 3 here are some tricks and skills to develop which will not make you master of Sniper Elite 4 but will surely help you to be a good player than before.

The More you Play the More you Learn

In order to win the game and master the skills you just need to play the game. There are many soldiers and maps to conquer. It may have different valleys, different fields, different mountains and that is a real test of your skill. So play the game and do not be out of touch if you want to win it.

Basic Tips for Playing Sniper Elite 4

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Always stay crouched this will always help you as it is hard to spot and shoot you.

Tag and Get Tagged

The soul of the Sniper Elite 4 is that it is spread widely. Due to advance users and tagging, you can make this game more interesting and it will keep you challenging every now and then. So do not be shocked by drastic changes which you will notice in Sniper Elite 4.

Do not Stay in the Same Place for the Longest Time Span

This may be a very common trick used in various games but it actually works. You need to frequently change your position so that it would be difficult to predict your next move. Always change your positions. It may be used by lots of previous users and it is a very effective trick for beginners of the game.

Never Stay Armless

At basic levels you may not be provided with best guns but if look at proper places you will find few guns. However, as you get into deeper levels you get the combination of different types of guns which much more lethal for opponents. so make sure you always carry arms with you.

Be Upgraded with Healing Kits

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Initially playing Sniper Elite 4 may be very tough to go through. You may die very often than not, this may happen due to lack of quality weapons and less developed skills. But as you go on playing you can be a great player. So it is always important to have all secondary equipment loaded. You never know what can happen so be ready with recovery kit. To distract enemies use bombs, smoke gas tube and all other secondary equipment ready.

Be Calm When Attacked

Always make sure that if you are attacked than too you can aim and kill the enemy. By seeing someone attacking you, you start firing in any direction and this may add to your problems it is quite a spontaneous reaction but it will kill you in the game. If someone attacks you make sure that you can get away from his area of attack or counter attack them with Sureshot fires.

Make use of Explosions To Throw Off Search Parties

Throw off the explosions on the opponent soldiers. This will create a huge amount of terror in the minds of opponent party. If the explosion won’t kill the arm, they will surely create the distraction.

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Use Traps and not the Karl

Being a beginner it would be quite tough and risky to use Karl to get the attention of enemies. So a better way is to use traps which is very easy and fewer chances of getting killed rather than using dead bodies as a trap. Be smart and aware in the game to be the best player of Sniper Elite 4.


The Sniper Elite 4 is continuously updating a game in terms of its features and the opponent party actions and reactions. Stay updated with the updates in the game, so you can play well to defeat the opponent and achieve the victory.

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