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Best Free CrossWord Puzzle Games For Kids

In the older days when smartphones were not developed, I was so curious for newspapers as they contained my favorite puzzle game. After the completed puzzle, I felt satisfied but with the invention of mobiles, the printed puzzle games replaced with mobile apps. Puzzle games come in newspapers too but on smartphones looks more attractive and convenient.

Crossword apps provide you with additional features which you couldn’t find in printed form. Solving crosswords is the best medium to exercise your mind muscles and you can encourage your child to play along with you. Crossword puzzles play a distinctive role to enhance the vocabulary of kids. Here, I will suggest the best crossword puzzles for you and your kids also.

Best Crossword Puzzles Games For Kids:

There are numerous apps for crossword puzzles but I chose the best ones so take a look below for knowing more about them:


Crosswords game comes with the huge variety of puzzles. Crosswords have 2300 word puzzles and you can enjoy them in 6 languages. The game provides its keyboard to play and contains only vital keys. You will experience the even scrolling and also choose a letter or word for solving. The game also has the options of error check and it is quite free for Android devices.

Crossword Puzzle

Crossword puzzles permit you to reach the limitless puzzles at each level and you don’t need to pay anything as they are free to play. It comes with unique features like you can enquire to your friend, can explore Google for help and also assume the expired time. You can modify the setting for seeing your progress for every puzzle, Auto download for the everyday puzzle, and screen lock etc.

Word Search Puzzle

If you want to play such kind of puzzle which allows you to play the engrossing words according to your desire then word search puzzle is the best choice for you. You can select from numerous categories like a dictionary, movies, kids, places, and personalities etc. Among all this one is my favorite and it is also ideal for word search game lovers.

Crosswords Free

Let’s discuss another free puzzle for androids, Crosswords free as its name indicates. Its most eye-catching feature is that it comes with easy puzzles for newbies and tough ones for the experienced players. It’s easy to use user interface makes it more attractive. Just zoom into the answer area and insert the answer with the keypad. You can download this from play store.

Shortyz Crosswords


If you love to solve the newspaper puzzles then shortyz puzzle is the best choice for you as it provides you with all the puzzles published in US newspapers. When you access the app all the current day crosswords downloaded unwillingly. There is a variety of puzzles and you can choose according to your taste. This game also enables you to download old puzzles. This is free to play the game to make you busy.



Last but not least, Wordalot gives you quite experience in terms of puzzle solving. Basically, all the puzzles offer you word clues but it is different it provides a picture with which help you have to fill puzzle. If you have bored with traditional puzzles then it will refresh you and this the best puzzle for kids. kids love to solve image-based puzzles. So download it for the maximum involvement of your kid.

Printable Crossword Puzzles

You can easily download the printable puzzles anywhere you want. Apart from easy availability, these puzzles give you the totally unique experience of enjoyment. Printable puzzles are free and you can also modify them according to your choice. If you want to concentrate on a specific category like animals and celebrities then you can create a printable crossword puzzle. Printable puzzles updated on daily basis.

There are various kind of puzzle games for Android and PC. You should also play these games and increase your thinking power. So once try these best puzzle games and share your experience with us.

Crossword Puzzle Maker

You can create your own crossword puzzles with online crossword puzzle makers. There are the variety of puzzle makers and they provide you instructions and by following them you can make your puzzle.


Crossword helps to stretch our mental muscles and also the best medium to utilize our free time. I have described the best free puzzles and it’s your turn to choose of your taste. If you have a child then encourage him/her to solve puzzles for making him/her creative. Still, have any question regarding these puzzles and if you want to know about any other puzzle which we didn’t include, comment below.


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