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Amazing Features of Coda And Free Download Coda For Mac

In the old times when PC, Laptops were not available, we had used ledgers to keep and manipulate our monetary data. With the development of technology, we started using Google Documents and Microsoft World for managing our data. Mostly people use these tools for handling their information but Shishir Mehrotra who was using Google Documents by amalgamating them. Although there was no problem with that system it was too old. Mehrotra started to think about it deeply and he founded CODA in 2006, a document editor which comes with a word processor and a spreadsheet.

This is the best tool for such type of companies where various teams work and exchange sets of data and need to see and manipulate data personally. Mehrotra claims that it is too powerful even you can make an app in it. When you open it the first time it will look like Google doc and Microsoft Word. But after dropping down you find a powerful engine below. Coda provides you with advanced formula language.

Features Of Coda

Coda is a revolutionary invention in terms of sheets and documents. It comes with multiple advanced features so take a look below to be aware of them:

  • Combination of word processor and spreadsheet.
  • Easy and understandable formulas.
  • Rows and columns have name not formulas.
  • Provides a summary section which has the full report of your progress.
  • More flexible system.
  • Multitasking system and can be used for numerous purpose.
  • Coda can link documents together.
  • Cloud-based spreadsheets.
  • It has the accessibility on mobile web but full occurrence only on PC or Laptop.
  • Helping features for newbies.

Coda Free Download for MAC

Coda is the best text editor and it is the most wanted software for every entrepreneur for taking to the business level. Coda download is quite free for Mac and by clicking on below link you can easily enjoy it on your Mac.

Download Coda

Well…Coda is the collaborative form of WordPress and spreadsheets for making your work easy. Easy to use and changeable so give it a try. If you have bored with old spreadsheets so come in the new era of coda. Still, have any query regarding it then comment below and also share your experiences if you are using it.

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