7 IGlookup Alternatives to Download Private Photos & VIdeos [2021]

How frequently do you use Instagram?


Well, then at some point, other than increasing your Instagram followers, there comes a time when you’ve got no options left other than accessing private Instagram accounts by using the respective usernames.

Two years back, the very first website I used to fetch details of a private Instagram account was iglookup. However, in recent days, it’s getting hard for many users to hold onto this website.

So, that’s why I’ve come up with 7 Installokup alternative websites that will definitely help you find private Instagram handles & download photos & videos from them.

Now, without any delay, let’s get started with it:


Privatephotoviewer is the first iglookup alternative website on this list.

On paper, this website appears to be genuine to many. However, it becomes apparent that the site’s primary purpose is to redirect you to other websites that may gather your information and, in return, harm your device with viruses such as Trojan Horse and Redirect Virus.

Next, as soon as you open the privatephotoviewer website, there is a search bar. You must use it to enter the Instagram username of the secret account you are looking to gather information about.

This website then lists a couple of usernames that could be a potential match, and you can pick the one you’re searching for. However, that’s not the case, as just then, things start to go downhill. It does open the profile as per your requirement, but it blurs out every posted photo & video and invites you to click on the checkmark to view them.

After you’ve completed the steps, a new screen with several survey alternatives appears. Before it unblurs the pictures, you must meet either of these criteria & get access to your Instagram account.

However, the code will be greyed out before that, and you’ll get a message that you need to confirm your identity. After that, it’ll take you to a new page where you must complete a survey.


Instaripper.com is the 2nd IGLOOKUP alternatives on this list.

InstaRipper is not a tool that shows you the username of an Instagram profile and allows you to see their private photos. Instead, it’s password-cracking software. You must download the program, which claims to employ a hacking approach known as “brute-force attack” in addition to IP address masking.

There’s no assurance the program is genuine, and it might be nothing more than a malware scheme. So we wouldn’t recommend downloading it unless you’re sure it’s safe.


Imagerocket.net is the 3rd IGLOOKUP alternatives on this list. This image rocket website claims to provide unrestricted access to view a private Instagram account as per your need. It’s not unexpected that it doesn’t live up to its word.

It first shows you the same information you’d see if you looked for the individual on Instagram directly, followed by unlocking the private posts. The rest of these phony personal Instagram viewers work similarly.

To top it all off, the images have been blurred, and the website claims that it has found bot-like behavior, requiring you to confirm your humanity.


Instalooker.net is the 4th IGLOOKUP alternatives on this list. This website blocks you from seeing private Instagram profiles is InstaLooker. There’s no doubt about it.

When you visit the site, you get to choose a large blue button that reads “Spy Now.”

Next, you must enter your username in the available search bar. After that, the screen displays a genuinely ludicrous loading screen that claims to be “hacking” the account you requested.

This will easily convert an Android Device into a SpyCam It’s also worth noting that you can’t see the postings. Instead, you must complete surveys to prove that you aren’t a bot.


Watchinsta.com is the 5th IGLOOKUP alternatives on this list. Surprisingly, watchinsta.com doesn’t do what it promises. You’ll notice the first red flag that it opens a new page on a particular domain, which isn’t what it claims to do. So far, so wrong.

The bottom half of the screen includes a live chat, which displays a constantly updating stream of feedback. It appears encouraging at first, but it becomes apparent that the comments are deceitful when you go on to the following process.

The survey to “confirm” that you’re a natural person is here, as well. Just avoid this website at all costs. All in all, it’s not legitimate, and you won’t be able to access any private accounts as per your requirements.


Likecreeper.com is the 6th IGLOOKUP alternatives on this list. This private Instagram viewer appears to be a veiled attempt at targeting unsuspecting users with a probable phishing attack.

To begin, you must enter the account name. Then, likecreeper, claim to unlock the private Instagram account, and by clicking to continue, you’ll be able to view all of its personal photographs.

But there’s a catch as on the display screen you’re required to verify that you’re not a robot, and it does so by funneling you to external sites for surveys.

Overall, this website is a waste of time.

TBH, you’re better off just avoiding this website entirely.


Gromprivateviewer.com is the 7th IGLOOKUP alternatives on this list.

This Instagram private account viewer is a kind of bait and switch. When you type in the username, you’re searching for, it opens a screen that appears to be looking for the Instagram account and providing access to it.

It works in the beginning, but not in your first search. After that, you’ll see the person you wanted, as well as all of their photos, which aren’t blurred out. But, again, there was no survey or account associated with it.

However, if you try to access another account, you won’t access it as you officially cut off from it. Additionally, the account will be displayed with all of the photographs pixelated and down arrow symbols over them. Therefore, blocking you from downloading these images.

Nothing seems to happen if you click on them, but if you keep clicking and attempting to download the pictures, a pop-up appears claiming to have discovered “Bot Like Activity.”

Next, as soon as you try to click the captcha box, the trap appears and tries to catch you into it. It’s a list of alternatives for completing a survey or downloading an app to keep using the secret Instagram viewer.

Final Words

So, these are 7 iglookup websites that you can use to find hidden & private Instagram accounts & download photos & videos posted from them.

That’s all for now.

If you’re facing any problem accessing either of these 7 iglookup alternative websites then do let us know about the exact issues in the comments section given below.