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Redirect Virus: How to Remove in 5 Easy Ways?

Redirect Virus

When using the internet on a PC, the worst thing that can happen is getting infected by Redirect Virus.

Have you heard of it before?

It’s not a new virus. If you’ve surfed the web for a few years, you might already know about this one or the trojan virus.

When your PC is infected with the redirect virus, the very 1st sign you get is the homepage. Yeah! You heard it right.

Without taking your consent, the homepage changes automatically to some website that you’ve never heard before.

And btw, that’s just the starter for what’s coming up next for you.

Do you want to know everything in detail?

Here are the complete details:

Redirect Virus
Redirect Virus

What Havoc Redirect Virus Can Cause in your PC?

Apart from changing the search engine of your web browser, a redirect virus can do a lot more damage to your PC.

Damages that are beyond your imagination.

Here are some of its potential targets, the redirect virus will start getting harmful ads at places where there were no ads before.

The home page of your web browser will get change miraculously.

If you visit a particular website regularly, then you may notice some changes to it.

Some annoying pop-ups will keep coming on your screen. These pop-ups will show up with Clickbait titles.

As the name suggests, the Redirect virus will take you to an unsafe website without your permission.

Last, but not least, the Redirect virus pointed at your PC can install a handful of software on your PC to further spy on you.

That is quite fearsome. Isn’t it?

If you want to get rid of the redirect virus permanently, here are some of the solutions you can use to remove a redirect virus from your PC.

Use an Antivirus

Whenever you install a latest Windows OS, it comes built-in with Firewall and network protection.
If you are using an older version of Windows OS, then you might be familiar with another name Windows Defender.

Even though it’s a reliable antivirus system, many users do not have any faith in this built-in Microsoft antivirus. So, for them, already established avast Premier can be a perfect choice to scan and remove malware from your PC permanently.

Remove Browser Extensions.

I agree.

Browser extensions are helpful.

From popular ad-blocker extensions to safeguarding your online transactions, you can do it all using a browser extension.

However, instead of protecting your PC, browser extensions start a campaign to harm your PC.

If the same happens with you, what would be your instinct?

You will try to disable or remove all the active web browser extensions from your PC.

Here too, you’ve to do the same thing.

First, begin with a particular extension that you have recently installed and considered as unreliable.

Remove them one by one and at the same time, keep checking whether the virus has been removed from your PC or not.

Change the Homepage to Default

When your PC gets infected by the redirect virus, the very first thing it does is changing the web browser of your browser’s home page.

So based on instinct, I would recommend you Simply change the homepage to its default name.

If this does not solve the issue, you can go ahead and reset the browser’s home page.
Remove unwanted web browsers.

When you install a Windows OS on your PC, it comes built-in with the Internet. Explorer 11 and Microsoft Edge web browsers.

You can’t remove that. That’s fine. But if you have installed other third-party web browsers such as Brave, Opera Mini, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome.

I would recommend you to keep only a handful of ones. And remove the ones that are not that much needed on your PC.

Use Recommended Browser Settings

When you first install a web browser on your PC, you might make some changes as per your preferences.

However, if the installed browser starts acting up. I would recommend you reset your web browser to its default settings to make sure all the changes are reversed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible for a redirect virus to move from one browser to another?

Even though it is highly unlikely, but if the redirect virus has spread to your Windows PC. Then chances are it has already affected your other browsers installed on your PC.

Can I use a redirect virus removal tool to remove this virus?

Tbh, this virus removal tool does not guarantee the removal of redirect virus. The best bet for you would be to use the 5 methods mentioned at the top.

The Chrome browser on my Android phone has been affected infected by the redirect virus. How should I remove it?

Logically speaking, if your mobile phone is suffering from the redirect virus. I would once again recommend you to go ahead and install one out of these 10 best antivirus for your device.

Final Thoughts

Even though it’s super scary to get infected with this virus on a PC that stores all your personal stuff including the banking details.

You don’t want such details to get into the wrong hands, right?

Besides, you can get this virus when you use the internet & open a shady website on your PC.

However, you can avoid all this by simply being careful & most importantly installing a premium VPN service.

Once a VPN is in place, your IP address would be stayed hidden from the attackers. Therefore protecting you from the redirect virus.

That’s all for now.

If you’re still facing any issue because of the redirect virus the do let me know about the same in the comments section given below.

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