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3 Easiest Ways to Setup XCode for Windows [2021]

XCode for Windows

Today, iOS developers are in HIGH DEMAND & I know many of you want to get into native iOS development.


Do you’ve got a MAC? If not, how would you run XCODE (IDE to develop Apple’s Ecosystem)?

Oh, God! No 😆– I’m not literally suggesting you steal it.

Instead, I’m writing this post to discuss 3 alternative ways which make it possible for you to develop iOS apps & that too – Without a Mac😊.

✅Rent a Mac in Cloud ☁ – MacStadium, XcodeClub, MacInCloud.

✅XCode for Windows using Virtual MacOS.

✅Build Your Own “Hackintosh” to Run Xcode.

Next up, I’ll explain how you can do the unthinkable – Run XCode on Windows.

Rent a Mac or get a Second Hand

As I said in the beginning, Mac is a must-have accessory for building native iOS apps.

But what if you’re tight on budget? And hardly afford the latest Mac. Well, before you commit to anything, I would recommend you to “RENT” a new Mac on the Cloud.

You won’t get physical access to a mac or XCode, but instead, you would be able to access it remotely through your Windows PC.

It’ll be like using the Mac desktop on your Windows Desktop. Renting a mac is the fastest yet economical way to access XCode IDE.

And when not needed, you’re free to cancel your existing plan. You can rent a mac & run XCode for windows using these 3 online platforms.


Developed by an avid developer himself, Daniel, XCode Club is the 1st platform on this list that provides renting facility. Even though it comes with a fast & user-friendly service, Xcodeclub is less flexible in terms of pricing, especially when it comes to comparing with MacInCloud.

P.S. XCodeclub requires at least a month of pledge from you.


MacInCloud is the 2nd online platform in this list & a well-known place to run mac on the cloud. When using MacInCloud, it never asks you to install the Xcode IDE. Instead, it comes out of the box with your plan.

Not only this, MacIncloud never asks for any over-the-top commitment as you can pay them side-by-side.

The only major con I found in MacInCloud is that it’s comparatively slow, but you can try it out for yourself since it’s only about a buck an hour!


Last but not least is MacStadium. Previously featured in Apple Keynotes, MacStadium provides Mac infrastructure through its secure, scalable, & reliable private clouds and dedicated servers for work that needs to be done via the macOS.

Setting up Virtual MacOS on Windows OS

The 2nd method is the same as above, except that there’s no mediator. XCodeclub, MacInCloud, & MacStadium all act as a middleman where they provide virtual PC on their servers & for that, you’re charged a hefty amount of fees.

But what if there’s no middleman & instead, you set up a virtual machine on your high-end PC?

  • First, this would save you money.
  • And second, your privacy & security will be in your hand. NO third-party allowed in-between.

Setting up a macOS virtually is quite similar to the way you run Android Emulator on your PC. But still, I think you might need a little bit of technical know-how to get this virtual machine up and running.

Now that all talks are done, it’s my turn to share the 2 software that you would need to run macOS on your Windows PC:


✅VMWare Workstation.

You can download them below and then use Google to find a guide on installing the latest macOS (Mojave) with either VirtualBox or VMWare Workstation.

After that, spin up your new virtual Mac and download Xcode. This is as close as you’ll get to running actual Xcode on Windows!


VirtualBox is open-source software, and like every open-source app, this one’s free too. This might also be why a VirtualBox is more preferred over VMWare Workstation to run XCode for Windows.

VMWare Workstation

Unlike VirtualBox, VMWare Workstation comes with a price tag. When writing this post, a new license of VMWare Workstation 16 Pro costs $199. If you’ve got a high-end PC, then I would recommend you to buy it right away as it costs way less than a Mac Mini pricing.

Now, use either of them to set up macOS on your Windows PC cautiously. If you don’t know how to do this, take professionals help or else, you would be like –

Build a “Hackintosh” to run XCode

The 2nd option is to set up “Hackintosh” on your custom build PC.

But… let me warn you. ⚠️⚠️⚠️

This won’t be easy for you. 

From custom gaming setups to blazing-fast ultrabooks, everything’s built because of open hardware.

Whereas every Apple device comes with its own closed set of hardware. In short, they won’t let you or your computer manufacturer install macOS on a custom setup. 

Image result for denied meme

Because macOS is only supposed to run on Apple hardware!

Then “Hackintosh” enters into the mix.

Just like you install macOS in a virtual machine or the cloud, it’s now possible for you to install macOS as a bootable operating system on your PC.

Switch it on, and voila – macOS loads.

Create a dual-boot and set up macOS along with Windows OS. And when your PC boots, choose Hackintosh between the two operating systems to start using macOS on your PC. 

Remember, setting up a Hackintosh isn’t a child’s play.  The complete process can get tricky. And lack of knowledge can lead to some serious issues. So, here’s a video that you can watch to set up macOS on your own custom build PC.

XCode Alternatives for Windows

Despite trying everything, you think you’ve made ZERO progress in setting up XCode for windows. Then why not try using some great XCode alternatives:


Use JavaScript to build native Mobile Apps.


PhoneGap allows you to use HTML, CSS & JavaScript to build hybrid cross-platform mobile apps.

React Native

Alike Appcelerator, use JavaScript to build native mobile apps.


Xamarin supports C# to build a mobile app for Android, iOS, and Windows.

Frequently Asked Question | XCode for Windows

Should you install macOS on a Windows machine?

Apart from the 3 methods mentioned in this post, many illegal sources claim to install macOS on a Windows PC. But don’t get fooled by such false promises as you’ll end up ruining your overall experience or your PC😆.

Is Apple releasing XCode for Windows?

Well, I don’t think they’re planning like this now or anytime in the future.

Can I code Swift on Windows?

Yeah! You can. However, its support is available only via limited access.

Is it legal to use Hackintosh?

As per Apple’s licensing terms, Hackintosh is deemed illegal. But there are very few chances they’ll come after you.

Can I use this method to install Xcode in Windows 10?

Yeah, definitely. In fact, at the moment, you can the posted above to install Xcode on Windows 10. And if you’re looking to sue it on Windows 8 or earlier then sadly, it wouldn’t work. 

Final Words

If you wanna buy a MAC, buy it but don’t take any decision hastily. Think rationally. If you can work around with either of the 3 methods mentioned in the post, go with them.

If not, you can always buy a new or 2nd hand mac from their respective sellers. That’s all for now. If you’ve got any questions from anywhere around this post, please let me about it in the comment section given below.

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