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Trojan Virus: How Can You Avoid It Forever?

Trojan Virus

When it comes to online security, there are a lot of buyers that can harm your PC.

Last time I told you how IDP.alexa.51 virus can fuck up your PC.

This time, it’s the turn of one of the dangerous online viruses – Trojan Horse.

Moreover, I’ll tell you How this virus can affect you.

And what should you do to protect yourself?

Let’s get started:

What Trojan Virus can do?

What makes trojan virus so much dangerous is that it is phenomenal at hiding.

No matter what you do, the virus will trick you into installing the software into your PC.

And once the virus is installed, it does rest of its work in the background. That is to fuck up your PC.

Don’t get disappointed. It isn’t like you can’t safeguard your PC.

Trojan Virus
Trojan Virus

It’s just that you need to save your PC by identifying the virus at the earliest.

Any negligence done from your side can be further escalate to some serious reprucutions.

So, always keeps these minor issues in check. Issues like:

SIGN #1: If you think your PC’s performance has deteriorated in recent days, then, it can be the first sign of trojan virus attacking your PC. However, you don’t have to worry too much if these optimizations fixes your PC performance issues.

SIGN #2: If you notice, a change in the size of resolution without your permission.

SIGN #3: When opening a website on Chrome browser, you are getting way too many ads or pop-ups.

SIGN #4: When you open the task manager, there are some, you notice some unnecessary processes running in the background. Processes that looks harmful to you.

SIGN #5: Getting redirected to some unknown websites can be a sign that you have been affected by the Trojan virus.

SIGN #6: Blue screen of death is the last blow you can get as after this. After this, you can’t use the PC without formatting it, unless you’ve saved a backup of your PC.

If you notice their severe presence in any of these issues, I would recommend you to fix them up using the solutions I’m going to share with you next.

How to Protect Your PC from Trojan Virus?


Keep this quote at the back of your head.

If the Trojan virus has attacked your PC, then getting rid of it would be quite difficult for you. Instead preventive, measures taken at the earliest can save you and your PC from getting ruined.

Without wasting any more time. These are some preventive measures you need to take right away.


When you are using internet on your PC don’t download or install any software belonging blindly into your PC.


I have seen many users visiting some unsafe websites and from there they click on some shitty pop-ups and these pop-ups can automatically lead to downloading and installing of some unknown web apps and computer programs.

But in reality, they are not any software. They are Trojan Horse virus in disguise.


Suppose you have received a mail.

What would you do?

You’d open it, right?

But don’t ever think to download any kind of Attachment or Open any link.

Especially when the sender is Unknown.

It is possible that the email sender has either sent you the virus in the form of attend attachment or a live link on the web.


Do you like watching downloading movies or watching movies online? Who doesn’t?

Everyone likes it?

But beware of using illegal sites where you get way too many pop-ups and ads.

You see if you aren’t that much careful enough, and clicked on any of the visible ads or pop-ups (even by mistake), you are doing nothing but inviting the virus in a platter as this can download and install any software in your PC and that too, without your permission.

However, if you can’t leave live without these websites, I would recommend you to open them using a chrome extension Adblock Plus or Opening it on a Virtual PC.


In the beginning of this post, I told you how the blue screen of death can lead to formatting of your PC and installing a new OS from the scratch.

I even told you that the only solution for you is by backing up your operating system.

So in case you are attacked with the blue screen of death, the only way you can restore your PC to the best working condittion is by restoring it to last working condition.


Sometime back, I used to install cracked softwares into my PC.

To be specific, the software was IDM (Internet Download Manager).

It is a software that is used to boost up the downloads.

However, my one mistake forced me to format my PC as I encountered the BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH.

After this incident, I simply purchased the lifetime IDM subscription.

Now, I am, way ahead from such issues.

Concluding Lines

Internet is a resourceful yet quite dangerous place.

Every time you use it to find any information or downloading any online content, you need to be CAUTIOUS.

Your one mistake will force you to:

✅Say goodbye to your privacy FOREVER.

✅Loss of your PC data.

✅Loss of your Private Information.

And much more things.

That is all for now.

If you have got any questions for me regarding the Trojan virus and it’s prevention measures then do let me know about them in the comments section given below.

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