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Why iPhone is better than Android : 10 Reasons

Here we are going to give you 10 reasons which prove iPhone is better than Android by iPhone vs Android comparison. This comparison is based on the latest updates in iOS and Android OS. There is a tough competition between iPhone and Android devices. However, the old versions of Android smartphones lose their position after coming new launches in smartphones but iPhone always keeps their place fix in users mind for a fixed budget price.


In Android, you get multiple choices from different smartphone Manufactures but iPhone users don’t need to find the option of iPhone. Every iPhone comes with some USP which hit the market like iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus still hitting the market even after the launch of iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X. iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus deliver wireless charging and upgraded camera features. The new iPhone X coming with a face ID. So all over there are many reasons that attract the users towards iPhone.

iPhone only facing competition from some of the high-end Android devices like Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+, Note 8, LG G6 and some other high graded android phones. But still, iPhone is the winner. The latest iOS 11 update is quite better than Android 8.0 Oreo.

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If you are confused between iPhone and Android or planning to buy a smartphone in 2018 between two then you must read all these 10 reasons to clean your mind about both devices. These 10 reasons will blow your mind why iPhone is better than android, However, the latest Android update offering great features but iPhone latest iOs 11 have no competition from Android Oreo.

10 Reason Why iPhone Is Better Than Android

  1. Fast iOS update to iPhone users

This is one of the most considerable reasons why you choose iPhone instead of Android. As we all know Operating system updates matter a lot for smartphone users, in every update you experienced more customized features, new UI, changes in home screen and widgets, more efficiency and performance, so users want a timely update. iPhone provides timely and fast updates to the users. iPhone users get regular iOS updates for the iPhone no matter what carrier they use.

The apple devices like iPhone 4s running on iOS 9 while the iPhone 5 support iOS 10 and iPhone 5s got iOS 11 update. All these devices are approx 3 years old and still apple giving the latest iOs update to the users which proved iPhone is better than android. However, the android devices take too much time in getting the Android updates still some of the popular Android smartphones running on Android KitKat and marshmallow update while the Google is ready to launch the android 9.0 P update.

2. Smooth connectivity between all Apple devices

No matter you are using an iPhone, iPad or a MacBook you can transfer information, files, data, pictures to each other easily. you can sync all your Apple device within few seconds without using any third party application. You can make calls on iPad or Mac or any other device, you can send also messages from any of the device, answered the call quickly. You can share a file from iPhone to Mac without wireless connectivity by using AirDrop which is a built-in service by apple to send files directly without using any data cable.

But in android case you can’t do it easily, it always needs third party apps to transfer data files from one device to another, the connectivity between android devices is time-consuming. So here iPhone won the battle.

3. More Resale Value

The iPhone generates more resale value in comparison to Android phones. The android gets a huge price cut if you want to sell it after one or two years of purchase but in case of I Phones you can sell them easily for a decent price, Everyone looking to buy used iPhone because it seems costly to buy a new iPhone. You can get double of android while selling an iPhone which you bought with the similar price of android.

For example, you can sell an entry-level Galaxy S6 launched in 2015  for worth $90 while iPhone 6s which launched after few times of Galaxy S6 is worth $135 in good condition. So resale value also affects the smartphone choice, on the bases of this criteria iPhone has proven better than android.

4. No Preloaded Junk Apps

This is one of the best benefits of buying an iPhone. The apple devices do not come with preloaded carrier apps which cover the storage apps and can’t be uninstalled. But Android smartphone comes with so many preloaded unwanted apps which are of no use and covered a lot of memory space, These apps cannot be uninstalled you can just disable them.

Sometimes carrier charges the installation cost from the users having no use of it.
This can not be a big issue for you in starting year of purchase but when you need extra memory space than you realize how irritating this app which covers the unwanted space of your phones such as Candy Crush and VZ Navigator and many others.

5. Easy To Use In Comparison To Android

iPhone gets higher marks than android on usage bases. It is easy to use iOS platform to compare to android. For common users using android device first time will take a long time to understand the apps, setting phones, maintain connectivity, checking software updates. But iPhone device looks little easy to operate. However, the new android updates coming with easy to use services but still some Android smartphones looks difficult to operate.

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6. AppleCare+ iPhone Warranty

Apple offers an extra service by Applecare, You can buy extra warranty for your phone by paying extra amount. You need to pay approx 100 to 130$ and you will extra two years warranty from the manufacturer. This warranty will cover any accidental damage coverage up to two years.  The android smartphone makers do not provide this service.

7. FaceTime Video Calling And iMessage

It is quite easy to connect with people by using Apples fastest connectivity services, you can send a long message in one time to any other Apple users. Apart from the iMessage, the iPhone supports FaceTime app which is one of the best video calling app available only for iPhone users.

In a survey it is proved the quality of video calling is best on faceTime than whats app video calls, Skype calls. You also make audio calls on facetime just in single push button. So these features make iPhone better than android.

8. Fast After Sale Service By Apple Stores 

If anything wrong happened with your iPhone like it breaks or stops working you can replace it with a new one by visiting the nearest apple store. The services of Apple stores are very quick, They will rep; ace your device with a new one without any delay. You don’t need to wait for many days. Just file your complain and find the fast solution.

9. Apple does a good job than android in managing notification in a better way. However it is easy to clear notification on an Android smartphone but still, people prefer Apple’s separation of notifications.

10. Apple headphones provide you the next level experience of listening music on your iPhone by controlling control many aspects of playback that you miss in android.
The comparison between iPhone and Android is over from our side, I Hope you understood better now why iPhone is better than android.

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