Watch Dragon Ball Super- #1 Anime Without Fillers

watch Dragon Ball Super
Watch Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball, the Anime series which setup the Guinness Book World Record, has attracted individuals and become an eyeball for peoples from around the world again.  And there is no wonder if you want to watch the series and looking for an exact answer to “How to watch Dragon Ball Super?” 

Yup, This all happened after a recent event at San Diego Comic-Con. Where Dragon Ball fans gathered to create a world record of performing “Kamehameha Super Energy Attack Move”. 

watch Dragon Ball Super
Watch Dragon Ball Super

The event was incentivized by offering freebies to all the volunteers who stood up to perform the act at the event. Sean Christian Schemmel (the man behind the English voice of Goku) was also present at the event and guiding people to perform act properly.

Today, I will let you know a few effective ways to watch Dragon Ball Super Online without any hustle? Not only this, I will share the list of the popular show too so let’s get started! 

How to Watch Dragon Ball Super Online?

Watching Dragon Ball Super online has been a tough nut to crack. Why did it happen? Due to license issues, You are nor able to watch Dragon Ball Super Online as Dragon Ball is available on some vendors that too in particular regions. No need to worry, I will tell you how to watch Dragon Ball Super Online from any corner of the world. 

  • You can watch it on  But you need to buy the subscription as it is a paid service.

The service is not available in the United States due to license issues. You can simply use a VPN and set location Japan and you are all set to enjoy Dragon Ball Super online. 

You can also watch Dragon Ball Super online for free on The given link helps you to move directly on dragon ball super episodes saving your time efforts. 

Can I watch Dragon Ball Super in English?

Actually, the broadcasting rights for the dubbed version of Dragon Ball Super has been sold to cartoon network. They are broadcasting it weekly that too a single episode only at the current moment series has reached 44 episodes only.

Right now you can only buy discs to watch the show. Currently, there are no places to stream dubbed version of Dragon ball super.

How to watch Dragon Ball Super without fillers?

Dragon Ball Super is a Japanese anime series that aired almost 131 episodes and from which only 25 episodes are reported as filler episodes. The popular series has very low filler of 19% only. The filler episodes are mentioned in the given list you can simply skip those episodes and enjoy the show.

Dragon Ball Super Filler Episode List

Episode Number Name of EpisodeBroadcasting Date
3Where is the rest of the Dream? In search of Super Saiyan God!19/07/2015
4Aim for the Dragon Balls! Pilaf Gang in Action!02/08/2015
10Unleash it Goku? The Power of the Super Saiyan God!13/09/2015
11Let’s Keep Going Beerus Sama! Our Battle of Gods!20/09/2015
15Make a Miracle Satan Hero! A Challenge from the outer space18/10/2015
16Vegeta Becomes an Apprentice? Whining is Over!01/11/2015
17Pan is Born! And Goku Goes on a Training Trip?01/11/2015
30A Review Before the ‘Martial Arts Match’ Who are the Last two Members? 07/02/2016
42Trouble at the Victory Celebration! Showdown at Last? Monaka Vs Son Goku.08/05/2016
43Goku’s Ki is Out of Control? Looking After Pan is A Lot of Trouble15/05/2016
44Seal of Planet Potofu – Secret of the Superhuman Water is Unleashed  22/05/2016
45Vegeta Disappears? The Threat of Duplicated Vegeta! 29/05/2016
46Goku vs Duplicated Vegeta! Who Gonna Win?05/06/2016
52Teacher and Student Reunited – Don Gohan and Future Trunks?17/07/2016
68Come Forth, Shenron! Whose Wish will be Granted?27/11/2016
69Goku vs Arale! A Ridiculous Battle Will End the Earth?04/12/2016
70Champa’s Challenge! This time we fight with Baseball!11/12/2016
71The Death of Goku! The Guaranteed Assassination Mission 18/12/2016
72Will there be a Counterattack? The invisible Killing Strike!!25/12/2016
73Gohan’s Misfortune! An Unexpected Great Saiyaman Movie?08/01/2017
74For the Ones He Loves! The Unbeatable Great Saiyaman15/01/2017
75Goku and Krillin Back to the Old Training Grounds22/01/2017
76Defeat These Terrifying Enemies! Krillin Fighting Spirit Returns! 29/01/2017
90See the Wall That Must Be Passed! Goku Vs Gohan14/05/2017
91Which Universe Will Survive? The Strongest Warrior are Gathering!!21/05/2017


That’s all for today, Enjoy the show by choosing a way that fulfills your demand. As far as my opinion is concerned, I liked the show and found that production value was much higher in comparison with other Dragon Ball Anime.

The storyline was making sense and able to drive adrenaline rush during many fight sequences. I hope you like the post and will refer it to your friends and family members. Also, Do not forget to share your review about the Dragon Ball super series in the comment box or you can mail us at 

Till then keep enjoying this anime! Goodbye.


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