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Shimeji Browser Extension: Is it safe to use in 2021?

Shimeji Browser Extension

However, more than 2 million users of shimeji browser extension tells lot about this chrome extension, we’ll dive in to each and every query related to shimeji browser extension and especially, is it safe to use in 2021 or not? and Actually, why this question arise?

Stay with us and read the article till end…!

Be it Chrome, Firefox, Opera or Microsoft Edge,

Be it Mac, Levi or BTS, Every web browser comes with a huge library of extensions and there you got to have something amazing “ShimeJi Browser Extension”.

Just like the gaming mods, these extensions add additional features to your web browser.

On a personal note, I use Chrome extensions like…


✅Touch VPN

✅Stay focused.

✅TickTick to do and task list

… as my primary extensions and to make my life much easier.

These extensions are quite useful. However, it can get a bit dangerous if you use unsafe extensions.

Extensions like:

Shimeji Web Browser. Many users have posed serious concerns against the browser extension.

So, going ahead in this post, I’ll conclude whether Shimeji Browser Extension is safe for you or not.

Let’s get started:

Shimeji Browser Extension
Shimeji Browser Extension

What is Shimeji Browser Extension?

Before I go ahead let’s get to know more about the Shimeji browser extension.

Well, created by developers in the Netherlands, this browser extension does not add any actual value to your web browser.

In fact, according to the developers, they created the extension just for Fun.

But how?

How it’s a fun extension?

Well, Shimeji is a small character that you can use while browsing the internet. Or in other words, you can play with shimeji characters.

How to Install ShimeJi Browser Extension & How it Works?

Here is a quick video walkthrough for this:

With the appearance of characters from a popular Anime series or games, you can also call these characters desktop buddies or mascots.

Even, Shimeji chrome extension is also available for tumblr and deviantart. Do you want them? Let us know in a comment section!

Is Shimeji Browser Extension Safe?

Now comes the most important question of all is the shimeji browser extension safe to use?

Yeah, It’s completely safe. In fact, I have been using the same Shimeji browser extension for the past three months.

I get it you have some concerns. So let me clear them for you.

As I said, in the beginning, Shimeji’s are anime characters. Just like this –

Naruto Shimeji Browser Extension

And once you enable a particular Shimeji character, you can use them to climb them on the screen, making them fall asleep on the screen and similar tasks.

That’s fun, isn’t it?

Okay, but then why many people consider this extension unsafe?

What’s the reason?

Well, when installing the shimeji browser extension it asks you some permissions to read or change the data on a webpage.

Permissions that may steal your PC data.

But how?

Once an extension has the ability to read the data your web page data then it can misuse the permission to steal your personal account details, passwords, and vice versa

If note this the hackers may hack the Shimeji browser extension to steal users’ personal information stored in their server.

Sites that support Shimeji browser extension?

Time and again, I have repeated the reason why the shimeji browser extension was made. It was made for FUN.

However, the question remains –

Is the extension supported on every website out there?

Or are they optimized for social media websites – Facebook, Twitter, and online video streaming websites – YouTube, Dailymotion?

Sadly it is supported by only a limited number of sites.

However, the developers are working hard to include more websites on the list.

How to Install the Shimeji Browser extension?

After reading out about what the shimeji browser extension does.

You might be on the edge to install the chrome extension.

To be honest, it’s quite easy.

Go to Just official website of the shimeji browser extension at shimeji.XYZ or directly access the extension via the chrome web store.

If you are on the website, the browser will redirect you to its Chrome extension on the Chrome web store.

If it’s the opposite,

If you are already, simply click on install to begin downloading and then installing the shimeji browser extension via the Shimeji Browser extension.

It’s a very lightweight extension as it only takes just about 669 KB of your data and at the time of writing this post, it has been downloaded by over a million users worldwide.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you safeguard your PC from unsafe browser extensions?

Well, the only suggestion I can give you is – disable the unnecessary background processes or browser extensions or when it isn’t in use.

Why do you need to give read and change data permission on the websites

Shimeji’s Privacy Policy clearly states what data it stores & what it isn’t. You can read them right from its official website.

Final words

That is all for now. What do you think of the shimeji browser extension?

Do you like it? Is it fun? Have you installed it on your browser? If not, then why?

Once installed, which anime character is your favorite one in the extension? Do you want your own shimeji characters? Do let me know about it in the comments section given below.

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