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Best Chrome extensions to enjoy a better online

Best Chrome extensions

Today, I will provide you with the list of best chrome extensions as it is the most commonly used web browser around the globe. While its competitors Safari, Firefox, brave are too far behind that it seems impossible to catch it up. The reason behind its popularity is easy to use, user-friendly interface, quick syncing with mobile devices. 

With so many add on extensions available to personalise your browser in many different ways. This will also increase your productivity as you add or remove functions as per your current need. But you must take care of the fact that using extensions can slow down the speed of your browser. So, install or use those plugins only which you really need, try not to complicate things by adding fancy extensions.

Best Chrome extensions
Best Chrome extensions

List of Best Chrome extensions

Evernote Web Clipper

Evernote is a must app without it best chrome extensions list cannot be completed. It is a handy tool which allows you to write down necessary notes and access it later. Along with that, you can also save your web page including emails, text from articles or any other thing.

Even it allows you to organise it by adding labels so you can easily find it later. You can highlight the selected text which helps you to pay attention to the part which is necessary.

You can download the Evernote Web Clipper from the given link. allows you to bookmark your favourite websites and add them to your dashboard. If you want to use it anytime just open new chrome tab and dashboard is ready to use. You can also add features like calendar, email, to do list etc and organise them in a way you want. can be shared with other individuals so that others can follow in the same structure.

To download the use the given link.

Tab Resize

Tab resize is a unique extension but helps you to arrange tabs from one side to another in case of multiple tabs open. You can easily choose the tabs you want to resize and which one to leave. It automatically opens multiple resize tabs on the same web page and set up your pc in the way you want or which will increase your productivity.

You can download Tab Resize from the given link. 


Checkbot helps you to analyze the optimisation and safety of your website. It is very helpful as you may know that Google checks the security features of the website for its ranking. That’s another reason why you can’t ignore security while having a well-optimised website.

Checkbot instantly checks multiple web page single-handedly for SEO, security, broken link, duplicate link, invalid code, weak password etc. which is enough information as the tool is free to use.

You can download the Checkbot from the given link.

Check My Links

There are two types of tools one that does many things and another who does a specific thing but in an effective manner. Check my links look like Checkbot in the first instance but it works on a much narrow path than checkbot.

That is to find broken links only if you are a web developer it is a must app for you as you can always check the links working properly or not. Check my links highlight broken links by red colour and working links with green colour. 

You can download the Check My Links from the given link. 


Just like the previous one Check My Links does one thing very well that is to check the time taken by a website to load. You can directly access it from your toolbar to test your website is working well or not. Speedtest checks load time, download speed and upload speed of a website.

It features a pop-up dashboard which is eye appealing and easy to read it is available right over the website so that you don’t have to find it. The only colourful interface app in the best chrome extension list.

Get the Speedtest extension from the given link.  


Picmonkey is a photo editing app without its list was incomplete. It can be used to edit pics which you need to place on your site. It may not provide professional quality but for nominal editions.

Unlike other photo editors, it automatically grabs all images present on the website and opens directly to edit. It allows multiple things to edit your pics like cropping, adding effects, writing text etc.


This list of best chrome extensions will help you to increase your productivity and make your life simpler too. As each extension mentioned above is different from each other so choose as per your requirements.

I hope you like the information shared here and find it useful to refer it to your friends and family members. Do not forget to mention your valuable feedbacks. Are you using a chrome extension than mention it below in the comment box so that our team can check it & later add in the best chrome extensions.        



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