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Grow Your Business 5X Faster With Twilio API


Customer satisfaction is worthless. Customer loyalty is priceless

-Jeffrey Gitomer

Running a business? Is it Enough? Are you satisfied with the current progress of your business? Or do you want to take your business to newer heights? Now, the million-dollar question is that how you will grow your business. Well, as per my opinion, business communication with the customers is a factor that can play a crucial role in the growth of your business.

But how it is possible? Well, it’s easy as all you have to do is get the cloud-based services from TWILIO. Now, you might have several questions in your mind like- How it works, Why Twilio & Why not Other, how it can help in the growth of your business. Well, stay back as I will answer each & every question of you. So, continue reading-



Before proceeding to find out the working of TWILIO, you must know, “WHAT IS TWILIO”. Well, in easy words, it is a cloud-based service that can help bridge the gap between regular communication by providing persuasive communication between mobile devices, applications, services, and systems. You can think of it as “AWS for Telecom”.  Right now, Twilio powers more than 40,000 business from all over the world.

Now, to answer your question of “How it Works”, let me give you an example– If you’re sending a text message to your customers regarding any information then instead of writing manually for everyone, you can use this platform to develop a platform that can do all this work automatically. Still not able to understand?

Well, then let me give you another example that I tried in real life– I created an app that allowed several pizza lovers to eat pizza’s together at my pizza cafe. In addition to this, I added the direction of the place with images of each turn. So, this way, I helped them in finding the location & generated more sales.


I’m providing the list of top 10 companies that uses the services of TWILIO with their product-

  4. HULU
  5. DELL
  7. YELP
  8. UBER

If you want to read the stories of each large businesses along with 1,50,000 businesses & start-ups, then you can always visit the customer portal of Twilio.


Well, if you talk about competitors, it has several competitors but its top competitors are NEXMO, PLIVO & INFOBIP. Now, let me tell you about each one of them & how they are a significant threat to TWILIO than others-

INFOBIP– TWILIO is ruling the SMS API Segment in only the USA. However, what sets INFOBIP apart from TWILIO is that it has international coverage. In addition to this, they provide a complete list of API services like proprietary infrastructure, carriers, web interfaces & client facing API’s.

NEXMO– It is giving fierce competition to TWILIO with one of the most substantial numbers of the developer on its platform. In fact, after TWILIO, NEXMO has the maximum number of developers. SNAPCHAT,, TEXTMAGIC are some top companies who use the service of NEXMO.

PLIVO– In terms of pricing, PLIVO is giving a fierce competition to its competitors. So, if you’re looking for a bit cheaper option than you can have a look at PLIVO.

Frequently Asked Questions | TWILIO

Q- I am using Access tokens, but I’m still not able to make calls?

A- To solve this issue, you have to make sure that you’re using a valid signing key, Account SID & a Valid secret in Access Tokens.

Q- What are the requirements that I need to fulfil to approve my Business for WhatsApp?

A- Well, to fulfil all the requirements make sure that your business complies some policies of WhatsApp like WhatsApp Business Solutions Terms, WhatsApp Business Solution Policy & commerce policy. So, before applying for the business for WhatsApp, make sure that your business follows all the guidelines mentioned above.

Q- What will be the cost of WhatsApp Service?

A- Itcharges you fees on per message bases. There are 2 types of messages- Notification messages charge both the Twilio fee & WhatsApp fee, whereas customer care messages charge you with Twilio fees. Besides, if you want to know the pricing in detail, then you can find all the information from the pricing section official website of TWILIO.

Final Words

In the end, I would say if you want to grow your business than it is a must for you to use these cloud-based API services. Moreover, if you spend more than half an hour waiting for a customer to connect, then TWILIO is one of the services that you can opt.

Besides, if you any other questions then do let us know via the comments section. We will try our best to provide all the answers as soon as possible.

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