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Public Safety Efforts to be Boosted in the USA via Cloud Computing and AI

There is no doubt in the fact that the unmatchable capacities of Artificial Intelligence and cloud computing have left the millennials slack-jawed in awe. Invented in 1956 by John McCarthy, Artificial Intelligence can be depicted as the creation of high-tech computer systems, that can mimic certain human behaviours including, speech recognition, visual perception, decision making, and the likes. After the arrival of mass production, steam power, and digitalization, some of the world’s highest-prolific thinkers have begun to deem Artificial Intelligence as the fourth industrial revolution.

On the other hand, the concept of cloud computing and AWS training are gaining a huge momentum due to its ease of access, security and disaster recovery process among several other things. Through cloud computing, most of the top-notch companies are storing, managing and processing all their files and data using Internet servers instead of the local storages. Owing to its truckloads of benefits, many companies worldwide have also started using this incredible technology to test the performance of different applications and software.

With the cursory level of Artificial Intelligence, cloud computing or AWS certification seeping into the soil of the modern urbanization, almost every sphere of human existence has begun to get under the sway of technology. According to some high-prolific thinkers that day is not far when intelligent machines will emerge as one of the biggest achievements in human history and would fix the majority of global problems. And, the recent decision of the US Police to boost public safety efforts with AI and could computing is certainly bearing testimony to this anecdote.

You must be under the rock if you haven’t yet come across this buzz-making headline! But it’s never too late. In the following tête-à-tête, we will strive to cover the nitty-gritty of this phenomenon. Take a look –

All That’s Abuzz with the Earth-Shattering Decision –

The police department of the United States has taken the world by storm as they are bucking up to turn to AI, cloud computing and several other tech revolutions for streamlining the process of restoring information, managing data, reducing workplace stress, et al.

While attending a recent tech conference took place at the South By Southwest, the officials of police and private sectors have affirmed that a large chunk of the global police and fire departments are lagging behind in regards to reaping the benefits of the cutting-edge technologies. Be it for the plummeting knowledge about AWS course or constraint budgets, legions of departments have not yet tapped into the tech innovations.  By lagging behind in technological investments, they have lacked the capacity of recording and sharing ample intelligence related to the critical cases.

This is where the importance of Mark43 comes into play. Mark43 is a renowned tech firm, aimed at dealing with arrest and case records with the help of a cloud-computing platform.  Large numbers of police departments are increasingly partnering with Mark43 to manage the case and arrest records, which makes it a lot easier for law enforcement officials to share as well as analyze different data.  By working with the police departments in Boston and Seattle, Mark43 has earned oodles of appreciations from all across the globe.

According to Mr.Paul Fitzgerald, a retired superintendent of the Boston Police Department, the importance of data is paramount. While discussing the importance of data, he affirmed that for any reputed organization, its data should be the top-most priority. The importance of fast and real-time information cannot be undermined as well. The new-age technology will definitely work wonders in upholding data confidentiality and protecting different information from being accessed by unauthorized parties,

Some of the latest technologies could be the secondary considerations for different city police departments. Even the departments that don’t have any budget constraints may opt for such new-age technologies. Reportedly, 80perfect of a proposed budget of 360 million dollars for the Seattle Police Department in 2019 was ear-marked for the expenditures related to personnel.

According to Chris Fisher, the chief strategy officer of the police department, the same information should be re-typed at least in four different types before the city police inclined towards AI and cloud-computing technology. Adding further, he affirmed that Seattle has started exploring different tech innovations to empower its police force. For example, virtual reality has been incorporated to help officers deal with complex situations with more ease and positivity. Virtual reality is helping them to learn the tactic of conducting a traffic stop on a bustling and jam-packed highway. With Artificial Intelligence, it has become a lot easier to keep a tab on those officials who have dealt with any complex or traumatic case with the utmost care and impeccability. With the help of AI, such potential officers are automatically getting reassigned for handling the low-stress cases.

For the past few years, crimes like homicides or sexual assaults have witnessed a staggering hike almost all across the globe. Tapping into data privacy concerns, the top-notch virtual platforms like Facebook, Yahoo, etc. have obtained robust protection for sensitive cases such as murder, sexual assaults, and the likes. Any kind of data that leaves the system will get automatically logged due to such data privacy concerns. With the ‘automatic redaction’ of police files, this system will keep the victims’ privacy protected.

When incorporating new technologies, police officials are required to address the ethics and purpose of upgraded technologies like facial recognition software, drone, etc. In Seattle, a technology which could be up for consideration should be thoroughly assessed by the IT professionals, city officials, and community leaders. Besides providing the officers with thorough training, Seattle also asks the tech partners to apply the same considerations on their platforms.

And Finally –

Midst this age of technology, it has become the need of the hour to embrace Artificial Intelligence and cloud computing to enhance public safety efforts. However, in the case of the major cities, the success of this new-found strategy is largely dependent on public trust. The common public should rely on the insurmountable potential of technology and the positive impacts it could spell for protecting the mass.

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