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3 Easy Solutions to FIX Modern Setup Host in 2021

Modern Setup Host

PC users hate a lot of things but the one thing they loathe the most is a super-slow computer.


I’m a writer & even I reach my breaking point when the PC starts to slow down. Hearing this, the first question that comes to mind is what’s causing it to hang? And as you start to inspect the real cause, there comes the real problem in the form of Modern Setup Host crashing down.

Then all of a sudden, your PC’s resources have reached 100% and you’re left with a super slow computer.

Slow PC Meme

So, going ahead in this post, I’ll be explaining what is Modern Setup Host, the reasons behind the high PC resource usage and how you can fix the issue with 3 easy solutions. Now, let’s get started:

What is a Modern Setup Host?

With over 75% of the market share, Windows is & has been the most popular Desktop Operating System by Microsoft. Despite the large user base, it does come with some flaws.

Time & again, Microsoft rolls out occasional patch updates to fix those bugs. And with every major fix, there comes a new bug. It’s like a never-ending LOOP and after download, the latest updates, Modern Setup Host in your PC be like:

Update your PC
Update your PC

OKAY! But where does the Modern Setup Host fits in the picture?

Well, it’s one of the most important components when it comes to installing updates on your PC. Modern Setup Host runs in the background to download and install updates on your PC to the latest version. These update files are usually stored in the “$Windows.BT” folder.

And Modern Setup Host uses them to trigger the update in your Windows 10 PC. Everything was fine until Modern Setup Host started to Eat CPU & Disk Resources. So, next up, I’ll tell you the reasons why it consumes too much of your PC’s resources.

Reasons Behind High CPU & Disk Resources Usage?

There are not one but three reasons why Modern Setup Host does what it’s shouldn’t do – Eat up your PC’s resources.

  1. Sometimes a large update on a hard drive disk that has a slow read/write speed can suck up your PC’s resources. This wouldn’t matter if you’ve installed the Windows OS in an SSD.
  2. Existing resources or tasks running in the background might be slowing down the SetupHost.exe process.
  3. Your PC has slowed down with the presence of viruses like IDP.alexa.51 in your PC. For this, you would need a complete IDP.alexa.51 virus removal guide.

Just like, if you think you’ve picked the virus from some unknown online place, run an antivirus scan to see if everything’s alright. And if it is, run down these 3 solutions one-by-one to fix the issue once and for all.

#3 Quick Modern Setup Host Fixes

System’s Default System Language

First & foremost, please confirm that your computer’s operating system language & the default user language of your PC is the same.

If both the languages are different, Modern Setup Host ends up sucking all the available resources of your computer. Even though it’s a Rookie Mistake, you should fix it by following these 5 steps:

  1. Press ‘Win + S’ & search “control panel” and open it.
  2. Head over to the Clock & Region option.
  3. Under “format” click the drop-down menu and you need to make sure it matches your system’s default user-interface language.
  4. Now, it’s time to check your system’s default user-interface language. For this, click language preferences.
  5. A pop-up will appear and in the next window, the system language will be listed under “Windows Display Language”.

Clear Temporary Files From SoftwareDistribution Folder.

It gets quite irritating when you try to install an update, and it takes an eternity to get past 50%.

Modern Setup Host

If that wasn’t enough, the installation process stops midway to begin once again from the starting point. When this happened to me, I was burning in flames, just like that:

The thing is, I’m not the only one to face such a frightening issue.

Now, the question remains – Why this happens, to me or even to you?

I suspect conflicting temporary files in your SoftwareDistribution folder to be the culprit here. This conflict might be the reason why the installation process stops the Modern Setup Host program midway for an indefinite amount of time.

Hence, ending up with a major increase in CPU/Disk usage. Here’s what you need to do to fix this issue:

  • Press the ‘Win + R’ to open up the run dialogue box. This will give you an option to open a new program by inserting a command.
  • Then type in SoftwareDistribution and press ENTER.
  • In the next window, click the DOWNLOAD folder.
  • Hold down the left shift and click on the first item in the list and then the last. This allows you to select all in the folder.
  • Right-click the files and hit DELETE.
  • Close the window & restart your computer.

After performing a reboot, the Modern Setup Host will make another attempt for installing the update and hopefully, this time, the Modern Setup Host will not hog up all the resources.


Last but not least ways to fix the Modern Setup Host errors is by running the Windows Update troubleshooter. This tool is built-in for Windows 10 users and these are steps you need to follow in order to run the Windows update troubleshooter.

  1. Press ‘WIN + S’ on your keyboard.
  2. Now, type “troubleshoot” without any quotes.
  3. Select Troubleshoot from the results.
  4. Head over to the right pane, from there select Windows Update.
  5. Click the Run the Troubleshooter button.
  6. Wait for the troubleshooter to identify and address the issues.


I hope this post helped you in removing the root cause behind the slow PC. However, what if still there isn’t much improvement in the performance?

What would you do? One thing you can do is clean cache cookies using Microsoft Total PC Cleaner.

That’s all for now. At last, out of all the solutions explained in this post, which one improved your PC’s overall performance?

Do let me about it in the comments section given below.

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