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Microsoft Total PC cleaner Review for Windows 10| Is It Free & Safe?

Are you tired of your PC getting hang every time? Are you looking for a way to solve this problem? Then we have something for you.

To begin with, Total PC cleaner is a Window 10 application which clean the junk of your PC.

If you don’t have windows 10, you can use CCleaner to make your PC clean and fast doesn’t matter whether you have windows 7,8,8.1 or 10, it works in all windows and iOS system.

Have you heard of clean master? That is also one of the app you may use to clean cookies of your computer and to remove junk files from your valuable space.

Talking about Total PC Cleaner, it is inbuilt application of Microsoft in Windows 10 which you don’t need to download specifically and can be used in just few clicks. Not only this, you can use this app for free.

Furthermore, It’ll enhance the performance of your PC and at the same time optimize working process.

Whether you are a teenager or an adult, you are capable to use this application because it is easily accessible. Basically, it works by scanning your whole computer and continuously cleaning the PC fully.

This application was first released on 26 December 2017 and the Publisher is Total PC cleaner. It also remove the unnecessary files from your computer. Additionally, The size of this cleaning app is 28.29 MB which is genuinely a small space.

Let’s take a look at the working process of Total PC cleaner deeply and know everything about it.

What does Total PC cleaner do?

As I already stated that Total PC cleaner cleans our PC by deleting the unnecessary things of our Computer. Why there is need to remove these things? Unwanted things,  which we don’t want in our PC hinder the performance and as a result of this our PC slow down it’s working.

Let me give you a example, while using your computer have you ever feel that the keyboard is not synchronize with your Monitor?

While opening any application does the app open slowly? So, we can say that the unwanted or undesirable things make our computer sick that’s why we have to get rid of them.

Now, what does Total PC cleaner remove from our PC? It may be a important question because some cleaning apps do remove some of the important files of your without your known and some doesn’t able to fulfill the demand of cleaning.

So, let’s take a look on the things which Total PC cleaner remove –

  • System Caches: System cache
  • Mail Caches: Cache from the web Mail application which are unnecessary and generally spams.
  • Office Caches: Cache files from office software like MS Office.
  • Application Caches: The cache of all active applications.
  • Downloads: File which you have downloaded from web. This application remove files from Downloaded folder.
  • Large Files: Files bigger than 100 MB.
  • Browser Caches: Browser cache.

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Is Total PC Cleaner Good?

Yes absolutely, it works and remove all your system cache, mail cache, office, application cache, downloads file, large files that is bigger than 100 MB and especially browser cache.

You know what, just like CCleaner, it asks you everything before deleting the file so there is no such issues of removing files. You can use it freely. Here are pros and cons of total pc cleaner to make your decision better:

Pros of Total PC cleaner –

  • Easy to use.
  • Simple Graphic interface.
  • No annoying ads and suggestions.
  • Free of cost.
  • Don’t disturb much and works.

Cons of Total PC cleaner –

  • It sometimes slow down without any reason and this might be irritating.
  • Thee is no delete suggestions for user.
  • You’ll not be able to choose any particular locations.
  • Sometimes Result or Reports might be incorrect.

Is Total PC Cleaner available for Windows 7?

No, Microsoft total pc cleaner is available only for Windows 10 and You can’t use this application on windows 7,8,8.1.  Ccleaner and Clean master could be best alternative for windows 7,8, or 8.1.

Is Total PC Cleaner Safe?

Yes, it’s absolutely safe as Total PC cleaner is anti-malware product. You just need to make sure that you get it from official website or other trusted sources.

Download Total PC Cleaner

Download link

How to use Total PC cleaner ?

This is important topic to read because this section will tell you how to operate Total PC cleaner in your Device. Read this part and focus on the steps so that you can’t mess the things up.

Step 1 – First of all you have to Download Total PC cleaner. After Downloading the app, you can see the icon of Total PC cleaner in your Desktop.

Step 2 – Double click the icon to open the application. You’ll see the starting screen of Total PC cleaner like this 👇

Total PC cleaner

Step 3 – The application will ask you to confirm your System disk and you have to click on ‘Continue’

Step 4 – Now, you have to go to Windows installation partition and then select the Folder.

Step 5 – A new window will open in your desktop. Now, click on Start Scan to scan all the unnecessary files on your computer.

Step 6 – You have to wait for few minutes in order to make the cleaning. The application needs some time to check your phone. After a while, A window will open listed all the unnecessary which you need to remove.

Step 7 – Click ☑️ on each item which you want to remove.

Step 8 – After selecting the item, you have to click on clean.

Step 9 – Additionally, The application takes few minutes and within that time it cleans your phone. Now you have to click on done.

Attention: Do you face screen tearing issues while playing game? High quality graphic images and their quick movement don’t go well with your system then always enable vertical sync feature available in your game.

For more information:

What are the System Requirements of this app ?

We have mentioned the minimum System Requirements to run this application in your windows.

OS – Windows 10 version 16299.0 or higher, Xbox One, Windows 10 version 16299.0 or higher.

Architecture – x64, x86.

Review of Total PC Cleaner –

If you are someone who loves to read the feedback of the people who have already used this app then this section is for you. We have mentioned some of the reviews of people.

Rachel Stone.

The best thing about this app is that it is FREE. I mean who don’t love Free apps and it doesn’t have the extra pop up apps. The application just works fine to me and doesn’t even bother much. I do recommend this to my friends and colleagues and they love it too. Thank you for creating this app ☺️”

Victor macadam 

“ So…I have used many cleaning apps and all of them are just not the one. I have take the subscription of some but they to have bugs. I randomly came to know about Total PC cleaner and it is being a Microsoft app. I am using it for 1 month and everything is beyond perfect. Total PC cleaner worked for me!


To summarize, Total PC cleaner is a Microsoft application which will remove all the trash from your phone and on the other hand will increase the performance of it. The fact that this cleaning app is free of cost make it more suitable to use for you. If you are looking to download it, you can download through the official site of this app.

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