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While using any heavy software, it's important to activate turbo clock speed. Is turbo boost automatically enabled or how could we activate turbo speed? How does turbo boost works...!

Normally the processors in a computer have got a standard clock speed that decides how fast a computer will perform. In order to save power, the clock speed will sometimes lower down. Until you want to overclock your computer clock speed will be the fastest.

If you want to overclock your computer or ask help from someone who has done it before then you will get to know some dirty secrets.The clock speed of a computer is lower than the maximum speed of the device.

The extra room is used for the development of AMD and Intel processors that means that the processor was sold as 3Ghz and will work as if someone wants to use a winter jacket in the form of the PC case.

In the new Intel processors, a Turbo Boost feature is added which has the ability to rise up the speed of clock speed in your computer that actually depends upon the thermal headroom available. But you got to know how you can increase the speed of PC? And here are the ways through which you can increase the speed.

How Does Turbo Boost Works?

Turbo Boost present in Intel processors actually looks after the usage of the processor and determines the closeness of the processor’s thermal design power to the maximum level. And also the amount of power that a processor suppose to use. If the speed of the processor is in limit then the Turbo boost comes in to play.

It is one of the best features that boost up the speed of the processor whenever needed. But it not in common that an Intel processor has reached its maximum speed but sometimes it depends upon the type of workload taken.

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How To Activate Turbo Boost Clock Speed?

  • Right-click on the taskbar on the right corner where time and date is displayed. Select task manager choice from that menu.
  • Click the performance tab in the task manager and there you can see what your CPU performance is right now.
  • Click on the open resource monitor and see what the core is doing right now.
  • The task in the background will activate the turbo without any manual intervention.
  • If you can download the Prime95 than that will help you to switch on your Turbo.
  • So with it, you can trigger up the speed of your computer with the help of turbo boost.

Everyone might have a question is turbo boost automatically enabled? And the answer is yes if you are an Intel processor user than it is natural that the turbo boost of your computer will be enabled automatically without any manual intervention. Whenever the clock speed gets less than the turbo boost automatically starts speeding up.

Turbo Boost is one of the best clock speed up software that is made to increase the speed of your processor. And here I have shown the steps to enable the speed of Turbo boost on your Intel processor. Now speed up your computer to get the best performance out of it. For any query let us know in the comment section below.


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