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Why is COX Internet So Bad? 10 Reasons Why I Think So!

Thinking about signing up for COX Internet? Hold that thought! Are you ready to spend your hard-earned money on unreliable, frustrating internet service? Countless users, myself included, have experienced the worst of COX Internet firsthand.

This isn’t the high-speed, faultless service that its adverts make it out to be. Instead of seamless browsing, expect slow speeds, frequent outages, and a customer service nightmare.

Before you commit, take a moment to read about the 10 reasons why COX Internet falls flat. Don’t fall into the trap like I did — demand better and choose an internet service provider worth your time and money.

Slow Download and Upload Speeds

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One of the primary complaints surrounding COX Internet is the inconsistency in their download and upload speeds. Despite promising lightning-fast speeds, users often experience:

  • Sluggish download speeds that become particularly noticeable during peak hours
  • Upload speeds that lag, making tasks like uploading videos or large files painfully slow
  • Slow speeds that interfere with online gaming sessions or streaming content.

High Price

Another significant issue with COX Internet is the high cost of their services. When compared to other ISPs offering similar or better services, COX often charges more:

  • Competitive ISPs frequently provide faster speeds at lower prices
  • Promotional rates do not last long, and the price increases once they end
  • Price increases may occur without explanation or notification

Poor Customer Service

Dealing with COX’s customer service department can be frustrating for many users. Some concerns include:

  • Long hold times when calling for assistance
  • Difficulty in reaching knowledgeable representatives
  • Customer service representatives who may not always submit issues for resolution

Unreliable Connections

An unreliable internet connection is something many COX Internet customers have experienced at some point. Issues I faced here are:

  • Frequent internet disconnections, even during non-peak hours
  • Unstable connections that make it challenging to maintain a live video call or conference
  • Technicians who may not solve the problems effectively

Hidden Fees

COX Internet has been known for adding unexpected fees to customers’ monthly bills. This often creates confusion and dissatisfaction:

  • Charges for equipment, such as modem rental fees, that were not clearly communicated
  • Late payment fees and other miscellaneous charges
  • Taxes and government surcharges that can significantly increase the total cost

Data Caps

The imposition of data limits is a common complaint among COX Internet users. This is mainly due to:

  • Data caps are being enforced on many COX plans that limit customer usage
  • Overage charges for users who unknowingly exceed their allotted data
  • Users experiencing throttling during periods of high usage, even without reaching data limits

Limited Coverage

COX Internet’s coverage in certain regions is limited, which can lead to frustration for potential customers:

  • Unavailability of COX services in various states or cities
  • Difficulty in finding a plan that suits the user’s needs in certain regions
  • Users forced to choose a different ISP due to COX’s limited coverage

Inconsistencies in Service

The quality of COX Internet’s services may differ significantly depending on the region or the time of day:

  • Speed and reliability vary from one state or city to another
  • Sudden drops in speed even during non-peak hours
  • Periods of slow service or frequent disconnections that cannot be explained

Outdated Infrastructure

COX’s reliance on outdated infrastructure can have an impact on the performance of their internet services:

  • Limited infrastructure upgrades lead to slower speeds and less reliable connections
  • Users facing bottlenecks during high-usage times
  • Difficulty in troubleshooting issues due to outdated technology

Unfair Contract Terms

Finally, some COX contracts contain terms that can prove to be disadvantageous to users:

  • Long-term contracts with hefty termination fees
  • Automatic contract renewals without user consent
  • Price increases during the contract term without proper notification


Before rushing into a decision and choosing COX Internet, remember the pain points outlined in these 10 reasons. The frustrations of slow speeds, reliability issues, and the worst customer service are experiences that you’d be better off without.

The bottom line is that your hard-earned money and time deserve better. Choose an internet service provider that puts you first, provides top-notch service, and ensures your online experience is smooth and hassle-free.

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