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8 Amazing Points to Choose Best WEBINAR PLATFORM!

In this pandemic situation, you must be looking for a technology which can connect you with your potential clients, team-mates, colleague and students without any hassle to share your knowledge, documents, audio and video in a live environment.

Not only this, you might be looking for new user engagements with your brand. If so,

I came up with the solution, that is WEBINAR PLATFORM.

What is WEBINAR platform?

In simple words, WEBINAR  is an online seminar.

And to conduct an online seminar, all you need a laptop or a computer, good internet connection and a Webinar platform.

I am sure you must be having a laptop with good internet connection. And you all good to go!


What about Webinar platform? How to choose best WEBINAR PLATFORM which suits your requirements? (Here, I suppose you have a clear idea about webinar. You are scrolling this blog to get a guidance for buying best webinar)

Don’t worry! For you guys, I did my own R&D to find answers of these questions (Indeed it was time taking process for me, but got good results).

Here is a list of “Top 10 Best Video Conferencing & Webinar Apps” which you might be interested in!

So, if you will keep the below mentioned points in mind to evaluate a Webinar Platform  before getting it, you will never make a mistake. The points are:

Factors to Consider Before Choosing Webinar Platform

What’s your budget?

You must have thought about a certain amount to spend on webinar software (if you have no budget issue, you certainly have more options).

Incase, you want completely free way to communicate with your team, You must try out Google Hangout once… (May be this’ll be enough for you)

So, before spending your money try this:

  1. Free trials: Many of the Webinar Platforms are offering you a totally free or minimum charges trials packs for certain time with limited or full access on features. Must try this option before making any decision.
  2. How much you can spend :Mostly webinar services cost lies in between $20 to $1000 per month.This cost varies according to number of audience and features you buy with your webinar. So choose best webinar platform wisely!

Is it Easy-to-use?

  1. Easy for host: You should always opt for an easy to use webinar platform as, it will be easy for you and your team to understand and use it in a proper manner to achieve your aim. But if you are technically strong, you can go for more advance features to provide few more facilities to your attendees.
  2. Easy for participants: Likewise, your webinar platform should be easy to install for your audience too. Just few easy clicks should bring your attendees in your meeting room.

Number of audience per session

Do you think your webinar platform can support the size of your audience?  Have you done any planning for your session?

You will find, different Webinar Platforms have their own limits to support number of attendees.

Some webinar platform can support up to 500 audience only and others can hold even 5000 audience. If you have around 100 attendee and 250 registrants for your webinar, then GotoWebinar might be the best option for you! Try it out if it works for you or not!

Incase you find something constructive or if you want to share your opinion, you may let us know in comment section!

Option for Recoding

You would be surprised to know that,Only 16% of B2B consumers prefer live webinars (surprised!).Rest of your participants enrolfor webinar session just to get recordingsfor future references, which they watch as per their schedule. This is a must be feature.

  1. Editing of Recordings : you can edit your video recordings before presenting them to your audience. Isn’t it a nice feature, give you a little more control on your content.

Would you like an interaction with participants?

You can make your session more interactive with your participants,if you allow your participants to ask their queries during sessions and to respond on your questions.

So minimum you need a chat box and audio feature for participants, within your complete control. A hand-raise and sharing hearts as  gesture of like, also helps participants to share their views about your session.

Well Integrated system

You might be already using many different tools like CRM, marketing automation platform,email marketing tools or many more to contact your audience.

Along with this, all around world your audience might be using different browsers with different systems like android.

So, here you only need a Webinar Platform which can integrate with all these platforms easily without any extra plug-ins, add-ons and efforts for you and your audience.

How many speakers you are planning?

If you are planning to run a one-man-show, its not a problem. But, if you are planning to have  guest hosts in your seminar from different location, you will need to split your screen.

Along with it, how much control you want to share with your guest speaker on your participants? ADMIN CONSOLE will be your saver in this situation.

Mobile Accessibility

You know very well the popularity of mobile and tablets are far way behind. Everyone, even you and me having mobiles (you have a mobile? Ohh! No! Get it soon ;)) with internet and we keep accessing videos, games, websites and off-course blogs.

So if you want your Webinar session to be a big hit it has to be mobile friendly. So that, your targeted audience can access your Webinar seminar  without any hassle and it will provide your attendees a felling of freedom still connected. Isn’t it great!


While wrapping up this article, I will only suggest you to keep all the above mentioned points in mind before investing your hard-earned money in a Webinar Platform.

Moreover, once you have selected a platform to interact your audience it should be sustainable for ever.

As, changing Webinar Platform is not an easy job.

Whereas on one hand, you will need to learn new technology, on other hand divert your audiences to new Webinar Platform will become an another challenge for you.

That’s why you need to be very careful while choosing a Webinar Platform.

So, All the very best guys for your Webinar Platform in advance, use it, get it and please comment me about your experience with Webinar Platforms, how much my knowledge help you in making your decision.

Your feedback, suggestions and comments are always welcome!

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