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Lords Mobile Game : Unbelievable Strategy of Attacking and Defending


Attacking and Defending both are two important aspects of any war. And if you master both then it is almost impossible to beat your Army in the war. The Lords Mobile game is all about spreading your kingdom by conquering other empires, by crushing them with the help of your soldiers. It is obvious that other Kingdoms also try to do the same.

It is not always that you are attacking other kingdoms and many times we are on the receiving end. It means, where we have to defend our castles from the ferocious Army. To master the art of Lords Mobile Attacking and Defending as both are Important, I am giving you some tips on both: –

Attacking in Lords mobile game

I will first explain to you about attacking. That means you need to make an action plan before the attack to get a good outcome of it. Planning and strategy making is very important as it helps you in utilizing your resources to the fullest. Let’s make a list of the points to remember while making an action plan: –

Teaming up your Army

Yes, building up a team which can be unbeatable is the most important factor while you are planning for your course of action. I would like to make a sub-list for the points which you need to consider while teaming up your army. Let’s make a list for it: –

  • Understanding your Soldiers: – First and foremost task which you need to do while teaming up your army not only in-game, but in real life as well, understanding your soldiers.
  • Understanding usage of tools and weapons your troops has: – You must understand the weapons which are being used by your troops. Along with the working of these weapons.

Try to understand your competitor’s strategy

You need to learn to observe and analyzing techniques to understand your competitor’s strategy. Understanding your competitor’s strategy is the most important factor for making an action plan. You need to understand how your competitor is going to retaliate when you attack on him.

Here I am not saying that you need to read your opponent’s mind. However, you should prepare yourself for every situation like plan A or B or C in every situation. You need to play smart and modify your strategy as per the retaliation move of your opponent.

You need to select best fighters for your army troop

Once you have prepared your strategy now you need to check the strength and weakness of every troop which you are going to include in your army. You can either select them as per your action plan or you can make an action plan according to their strength and weakness.

I have mentioned a few important points to consider while making an action plan for attacking in Lords mobile game. However, you can read a complete guide on the lords mobile game by click on the link.

Defending in Lords Mobile Game

Now I would suggest you to consider defending strategy as important as the attacking one. You need to make an action plan as well for defending in Lords mobile game. Let me explain you why it is important. As you speculate about your enemy while making your attacking action plan. Unfortunately, you are not sure for every action and retaliation of your enemy.

Now understand, if all your action plans fail and your enemy is much more powerful than you have expected then only way which can help you survive in the battleground is defensing your troops.

Mislead your opponent

You need to give a deceive impression to your opponent to protect your enemy. Let me explain you in detail, if you have a strong troops of army but with limited numbers. Then you can first send the weaker section of your army in front. This will make your enemy deceive as same as you want him to understand.

Now he will send stronger group of troops to attack. Once your enemy attack than you can send a few of your stronger soldiers to attack on your opponent. This will create panic in your opponent that he fails to understand your strategy. It may result in making him taking next action in haste. This way you can survive the hardest attack and defeat your enemy.

Defend yourself from Rally and solo attack

Now you need to understand that you need to defend your army from rally as well as solo attacks. Rally attack means an attack with full force and all larger number of troops led by a leader. You need to defend your set of army troops and their leader. Make sure to send same size of army troops of larger than them.

In case of solo attack, you might thought of sending your set of army troops only and protecting their leader. But I want to tell you that if your army troops are no more, your leader himself only won’t be able to survive the attack. It is always safe to send the army soldiers led by leader.

Hiding behind wall and attacking on opponent while spying

I know this is very hard to accept the you can’t face your enemy. But it is always good to accept the reality and try to do something to save your leaders and troops. If you are finding yourself in the mid of being attacked by someone really stronger than you, then you need to act very fast to protect yourself, your leader and your troops.

You can shelter your leaders and troop to protect from attack. Or you can fake a rally attack on one of the nearest castle to you, and you can wrap the troops from that castle with you. You can shield your army troops hiding behind the wall as well, however, the wall can be a very expensive shield for defend in Lords mobile game.


I have explained you in detail how important the defending is along with attacking in Lords mobile game. I personally consider both attacking and defending important in Lords mobile game for your survival and defeating your enemy. These strategies are being followed by me, however, I can’t guaranteed for the same. But I would love to hear from you about your experiences of using it.

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