Faceapp Pro Apk Latest Version Download | Features | Unlock All Filters

Faceapp pro apk latest version download can help you to experience all exciting features that are available on the Faceapp pro version. This is a modified version of Faceapp pro where you can get advanced features of Faceapp Pro Apk Latest Version without spending a single penny. You can use the pro features of this app absolutely free.

Faceapp is a very popular mobile app that uses neural methods where you can transform your faces in photographs by making you young, old, make you smile, or even can change your gender. These features based on artificial intelligence and except few most of the good features are paid.

Here I am providing you faceapp pro apk latest version download. Click on link bellow and enjoy it..

Download Apk Pro V2.0.905

Download Apk Free v3.6.0.1

Face-App Pro Free Cracked MOD APK is basically a hacked version of the Face-App pro application that gives you a seamless experience of the app with all features of the original app unlocked, without any ads, remove watermarks, etc. This is the best way to experiment with your photographs and it is absolutely fun.

How to use Faceapp Pro Apk Latest Version

If you are not aware of how to useFaceapp Pro Apk Latest Version then it assures you that it is quite easy. First, you have to open the Faceapp pro on your mobile phone in the apps menu. Then you can select a picture from the gallery or take a picture instantly. After this, you can apply any of the filters like smile, Impression, original, etc. from the available options or some other effects. You can also make a collage after selecting a few photos. Then save your picture on your phone and share it with your friends and family on social media or wherever you want. Faceapp Pro Apk Latest Version provides you several other top-notch features also that give you picture several other styling elements.

What are the added features in the Faceapp Pro Apk Latest Version?

Face-App Pro APK is a very unique app that provides you several advanced features and way ahead from other editing apps available in today’s market. Some of the amazing features of this app are mentioned below for the convenience of our users.

  • Change your age: In this feature, you can change your age as per your wish. If you are in 50’s and choose your age 25 then it will edit your pic in such a way that you seem to be much younger and vice-versa.
  • Change your gender: If you are male then you can swipe your picture to female and if female then you can become male in pictures. This will add so much fun and surprise to your friends.
  • Hairstyle and color: If you choose this feature then you can change your hairstyle and color.
  • Tattoos: This is another cool feature of the pro version. You can place any stylish tattoo on your pictures.
  • Add Beard/Mustache: If you are clean shave in the picture or you want to change your looks by adding beard and mustache on your face then choose this option.
  • Smile: If you are not smiling in the picture and want a picture with a cute smile then choose this feature.
  • Hollywood Filters: You can also apply Hollywood filters on you photograph by selecting any of your favorite Hollywood celebrity.
  • Background replacement: You can replace the background of your picture by selecting any new background of your choice.
  • Day makes up or perfect evening: You can choose this amazing feature by putting day makeup or perfect evening make up.

There are several other tools like lens blur, transformation filters, watermark removal features that you can explore after downloading Faceapp Pro Apk Latest Version. And remember you will get these features absolutely free.

Now there are several added features in the Faceapp Pro Apk Latest Version like you can add two smile modes to your pictures. In the latest version, Face-app Pro keeps your data and information more secure. The latest version also provides you faster analysis of your pictures and reduced wait time. You can eliminate the wrinkles on your face and retouch your photos.

These added features are worthy to purchase as you are getting these features by simply downloading the Faceapp Pro Apk Latest Version and it is absolutely free. Otherwise, you have to spend your hard-earned money to buy Pro features that were not recommended. These features add so much style and variety to your pictures that you can’t imagine.

How to find my Face-app challenge photo on Facebook?

Back in 2019, there was a trend challenge on all the social medias. People from everywhere in the world shared their photos edited in the Faceapp. The trending hashtag was #faceapp and #agechallenge. However, that trend was ended due to security reason.

However, you can try finding your images of face-app challenge on your social media profile by searching for the above mentioned 2 hashtags. However, you may need to scroll down alot more to look into the images posted with these 2 hashtags.

How to unlock all filters on the face app?

You can unlock all filters on face app by just downloading Faceapp Pro Apk Latest Version from a reliable source online. It will provide you all the latest features of the Face-App pro version absolutely free. You don’t have to pay extra bugs to unlock all filters on Face-App. By simply downloading the Face-App pro-APK all the latest features along with filters will be unlocked for everyone.

How to delete the faceApp account permanently as I can’t find the option for the same in-app?

If you want to delete faceapp account permanently then Android phone users have to open google play store app. Then tap the Menu icon and select My Apps and games. Then find out FaceApp on it and click uninstall. And if you are an iPhone user then you have simply hold your finger on the FaceApp icon and once it starts shaking then tap on the cross icon and press the delete button.

But If you want your photos and other dates from FaceApp then the procedure is different. Many users worldwide want to delete their data from the FaceApp due to security reasons because nobody wants their data to be used without their wish.

For removing or permanently deleting your data you have to open FaceApp mobile app and then go to Settings->Support->Report a bug with the word Privacy in the Subject column. After this FaceApp will delete your data permanently after some time.


Let’s sum it up here, I have explained every bit about usage of the Faceapp Pro Apk Latest Version in this article. If there are anything which I have missed, you can comment here. I would try to answer all your query.


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