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Strike Force Heroes 2 Unblocked Hacked Games 66

Strike force heroes 2

Strike force heroes 2 was designed and developed by Sky9 games back in 2013. Back than it was developed to be played on windows PC devices only. I used to enjoy it playing for hours and hours. This is a shooting game with full to action arena shooters. It is the second sequel of Strike Force Heroes.

The heroes attack on the opponent with full swing to destroy them. They can apt for the strategy to attack like random attacks at short intervals or master blaster attack with full force. This game is exclusively available to play on your PC devices. The developers launched the sequel of the game only after huge success of the first series.

Strike force heroes 2 unblocked hacked

I will share some of the hacks to play the strike force heroes game.  You can use W, A, S, D or arrow keys to move in the strike force heroes 2 game. And you can shoot with your mouse. You can also play this game using gaming remote of joystick which ever is compatible with your PC or whichever you’re comfortable using.

There are 4 levels in the game Rapid fire. Infinite ammo. Money. Max upgrade level. You need to press I to toggle invulnerability. In this game you need to select for whom you want to play this game for. That means you need to select your target yourself in the game. You can either select to be a sniper or an armor.

As an armor, you will see yourself being dressed in camouflage and you will attack the enemy with full strategy. However, as a sniper you will be attacking the enemy from a safe distance with a gun-shot shoot dead for a madman. There are total of 66 levels in Strike force heroes 2 games. And you will be up by one by one levels as you complete the current.

As you proceed playing level up in the game, much more tools and weapons will be activated step by step automatically.

Features of Strike force Heroes 2 games 66

As we know that Strike force heroes 2 is a great action game. Soe let’s discuss on its features…

Different levels

As mentioned earlier this game is divided into 66 levels and you need to complete all the levels one by one, so as to access the next level. You will get rewards and prizes too to complete these levels with high scores. As you proceed to next level one by one, your skill set will be improvised as well.

These different levels in the game keeps you going and play the game for longer hours. That means, these levels unlocking, keep the user engaging and curious to make you involve in the game.

User friendly UI

The developers of this games know the user of the game very well. They have perfectly targeted the audience. They have taken special care of the audience while designing and developing the Strike force heroes game series. The UI of the strike force heroes game is easy to use and most user friendly.

Diversity in single game

In the strike force heroes 2 game, as you know 66 different levels. It is further categories in different modes and missions. That means if you are in a particular level, you need select your mission on your own. Moreover, you can choose to play in any of the available 4 different modes.

Exchanging the weapon while playing

This game has one unique feature, using that you need to select 2 different weapons for playing and fighting with the enemy. However, you can play with only single one at a time. But you have a chance to swap the current weapon with another in the middle of the fight while you are in the battleground and facing your enemy. You need to press “Q” key to swap the weapon while playing.

High destruction

As you know this game is based on war fair. When you aim at destroying your enemy, your enemy has the same aim to destroy. This results in high destruction.

Let me explain you in detail, there are different missing like team kill or killing all the enemies individually. Or capturing flag of your enemy, for which you need to destroy your enemy. One last is to team up with your partner players to face of the boss at the end of each level. So, as you proceed to the next level.


launching a sequel of any game is the most toughest task to do. When the genre of sequel is the war fair and action shooter, it becomes more thinkable job to do for the developers. They need to decide very wisely that will it be able to attract the audience again.

The developers of Strike force heroes 2 has taken this great decision to launch the sequel as strike force heroes 2. It has launched with improved user experience, high quality weapons and armors, better action plan, improved player characters. I have explained everything about the game in detail and I would love to hear from you if I missed anything.

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