Omlet Arcade: You Don’t Want to Miss These Features

If you are new to the gaming world and want to earn money by just playing your favorite game, here is something that is totally beneficial for you. To get the whole PC setup, it can cost you to soo much. If you got heavy pockets then it’s your call to buy. Most of the gamers specially the PUBG player have installed on their phone.

Without going any complex setting or plugins or addons, you just need to install Omlet Arcade. Once it has done, things will get pretty easy. Omlet Arcade is the platform where you can enjoy your games by playing it, gives you great gaming experience.

Do your live streaming to show your gaming skills to the world. Make sure to create your squad to conquer your enemies. Let’s discuss some of the deep details on Omlet Arcade, in case you want to become a live streamer on social platforms.

Features you must know

Before getting started with your live streaming, this is a brief article on how you can make the most use of it and don’t feel like noob. So here are some notable features you should know before installing Omlet Arcade.

Free Streaming

This platform provides you the facility to play your favorite game like PUBG mobile, Brawl Stars, clash royal, Minecraft, Fornite and many more. You get inside and check which game you prefer to play. Select that and then start connecting to social networks where your friend and watch your live streaming and share with others. You can go live to  Facebook, YouTube, Twitch or twitter from your phone! (Android 5.0 and higher).

Add Stream HUDs to your gameplay

You can make your streaming even more attractive by adding some HUDs and overlays to your gameplay. Keep your Omlet Arcade Upgrade your stream with the latest seasonal and gamer overlays.

To show how much you liked the live stream or the gameplay of other streamers, to show your love to them, you can watch their gameplay and keep buffer them and also show love by giving them Omlet token Show appreciation onto your favorite streamers by buffing them with Omlet tokens. You can also spend some tokens to buy in-app features available in Omlet Arcade

Collaborate for Squad Streaming

As I mentioned before that you can also make a squad and play with them. The interesting thing is that you can also stream with them while playing your game in squad. Create an unbeatable squad by inviting through your social networks such as WhatsApp or facebook.

Esports Community on mobile

You can a newbie and want to join the community on Omlet Arcade then I think that is not a good idea. Instead, you can watch them play like a pro and learn some tricks and tips to become pro. If you think you are a good play then go ahead and join and play in open community matches hosted by your favorite streamers, also catch up with clan scrimmages and global esports tournaments

Multiplayer mode for Minecraft

Instantly join your friends’ Minecraft games or host your own through our unique multiplayer mode. Download new worlds and mods from our community of creators with just one click. Share your creations and collaborate with others to build something amazing.

Voice chat while streaming

You can easily communicate with your fellow player through voice chat. You can read the comments by the viewer and you can reply to them right there and then. The benefit of voice chat is that you can coordinate with your squad and predict attacks by enemies.

Create and join groups

Find the people with the same interest of games and any other interest and you can join them by creating a club or clan type thing and share your best moment clips, games, drawing, anime, roleplay, memes. Whatever you feel like sharing.

Omlet Plus membership

Wanna upgrade to a premium of Omlet arcade? Then here you can do it and it will provide you some premium features includes

  • You will get very high-resolution mobile multi-streaming for Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook
  • If you like to change the platform where you want to stream then you will get a personal RTMP link
  • You will get special animated profile frames on your account
  • You will get exclusive HUDs only for Premium subscribers that blow you mind
  • And many more updates are coming for Plus subscribers
  • The charges for Omlet Plus is billed monthly or yearly and will automatically renew. You can Auto-renewal can be turned off by going to your settings.

Get Omlet Arcade on Android

For the android users, you can get it from your playstore. This is totally free of cost. If you need to download, here is the link for you to download. Get started with following steps

  • Firstly install Omlet Arcade
  • Sign up inside
  • Select the game which you like to play
  • Connect to the social network where you what to stream
  • Sort the settings and start playing

Get Omlet Arcade on Apple

Very surprisely it is available on iTunes too. iPhone users can enjoy streaming to also watch the streaming too. Here is the link to download for iPhone.

How you can get famous?

Many people got pretty famous among gamers and around the globe. Just as mortal, panda, dynamo and many others. They played games while streaming at the same time, people liked their skills and start following them. Now they are heroes of Pubg mobile.

Last words

If you do record your videos while play and they are just in your device then make some use of it. Get Omlet Arcade on your device and become a star globally sign up, squad up, suit up and kill up the enemies in the game. The advance feature of this platform will improve your gameplay.

Relax back and play all mobile games are supported, including PUBG Mobile, Fortnite, Minecraft Subway Surfers, call of duty and many more. Any question regarding to the post, please share with us in the comment section below.