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15+ Popular Tropico 6 Cheat Codes [2021]

Tropico 6 has been the 12th most shared PC game in the year 2019. This game can be labeled as the best city building game till date.

Players across the world love to play the game, but when they face some hard time earning money or completing some tasks, they start lurking around in the search for Tropico 6 Cheat Codes.

Today I came up with a list of Tropico 6 Cheat Codes to make your gaming experience a little bit easy.

About Tropico 6

Tropico 6 is the sixth installment in the Tropico game series. This game series is all about your construction and management skills.

However, this game also tests your political skills. The first part of the game was released in the year 2001 and the latest one (Tropico 6) was released in the year 2019.

Tropico 6 was developed under Limbic Entertainment and published by Kalypso Media. The game was announced at E3 2017 (Electronic Entertainment Expo).

Why Players Search for Tropico 6 Cheat codes?

Similar to the previous games in the Tropico series, the player has to take the role of the President of the Caribbean Island nation of Tropico.

The game is divided into four different eras the Colonial era, the World War era, the Cold War era, and the Modern era.

Lit Of Tropico 6 Cheat Codes

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In Tropico 6 you have to build your nation on a group of islands, you are not restricted to one single island. This comes with the feature of buildings bridges to connect each and every island.

This game has fully simulated citizens living in your nation, each of your actions will have effects on your citizens and they will react accordingly. So, put all your skills on works and try your best to keep your citizens happy, so that they don’t start a revolt.

This is all about the gameplay of Tropico 6 and this has nothing but everything to do with, why players search for Tropico 6 Cheat codes?

This is a typically hard game to finish, players require a large amount of money to fulfill the basic needs of the citizens in order to make them happy and a huge army to protect the nation. The cheat codes provide these items which make the gameplay easy.

If you want to finish the game all by yourself, then go and try and you can finish it but it will take time. Those how to want the cheat codes, here they are:

Tropico 6 Cheat Codes

  • Infinite Money: This cheat code can provide you unlimited cash.
  • Infinite Knowledge: This cheat code can be used to get limitless knowledge points.
  • Infinite Mandate Time: This cheat can provide you with ten years of mandate time and it will not go lower.
  • Infinite Raid Points: This cheat code is used to acquire the Ninety Million raid points.
  • Infinite Swiss Bank Money: This code can make sure that you usually have Ninety Billion within the bank.
  • Infinite Broker Actions: Using this cheat code you can have infinite uses of the broker actions.
  • Editable Values: A small list of values that you can simply edit by yourself, like Money, Mandate Time.
  • Edit Current Year/Month: By using this code you can make changes in the current date, be it the year or month.
  • Edit Population: Using this cheat code you can change the number of people living in your city.
  • Edit Camera Zoom (Min/Max): This cheat is employed to alter the zoom of the game camera. You will set it to maximum or minimum.
  • Insta-Finish Edicts: Edicts cab be completed instantly as a result of this cheat code.
  • Immortal Army: You can create an immortal army by using this cheat code.
  • One Hit Kill Army: One code and your army will kill the enemies instantly.
  • Super Power Plants: This cheat code has the ability to make the power plants give more than Nine Lakhs of electricity.Lit Of Tropico 6 Cheat Codes                 Read More: How to Access Steam Purchase History [2021]
  • Infinite Mine Deposit: Mines will continuously have a deposit volume of one hundred thousand.
  • Freeze Election Day: This cheat code can freeze the election and will help you to be the president forever.
  • All Edicts Available: This cheat code will make sure that all the edicts will be available.
  • All Research Available: By using this cheat code you can make all the research available for yourself.
  • Unlock All Buildings [Including Wonders]: This cheat code is employed to unlock all the buildings, together with wonders, and removes the blueprint desired from them.

Final Words

Having some cheat codes in your hand always saves you from having a hard time while playing the game. So, go and use these cheat codes and enjoy the game to its fullest. Also, if you know any other cheat code of this game, tell us in the comment section.

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