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All the Recent Updates Regarding Prison School Season 2

After the finale of Prison School Season 1, fans are eagerly waiting for Season 2. Since season 1 was completed in 2015, it has been so long, and now fans are doubtful whether there will be season 2 or not.

Well, we have great news for you that Season 1 will be followed by Season 2. Yess..Season 2 will be there to relish you. So, in this article, we will provide you all the recent updates such as Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, and many more.

Stay tuned to know about each and every detail about Prison Season 2 and be with us till the end.

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Prison School:

Prison School is a Japenese Manga and Anime Series with lots of action and drama. The series received positive reviews and was completed in 12 and OVA episodes from July to September 1015. Only 1 season of the series is released yet; still, the series is able to make a good impression in the user’s minds.

This anime is based on the Manga Series by Akira Hiramoto’s, and the series is produced by J.C. Staff studio.

Let’s check the IMbd rating of the Season:

IMDb Rating of The Previous Seasons of Prison School:

The show is quite popular among the teens and the viewers and has fair reviews from the IMbd and a rating of 7.6, which is honestly a good rating for the series.

Prison School Season 2:

It has been almost five years since Season 1, and the viewers and fans receive yet no authentic information and they are eagerly waiting for Season 2. So, a lot of questions are arriving in the reader’s mind, Right readers!

Prison School

No worries, have a look at the below-mentioned details-

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Prison School Season 2 Release Date:

A lot of information circulates around regarding Prison School Season 2, but the makers do not yet confirm the release date. As per some official sources, the series will be premiered in 2021, but the creators haven’t authenticated it yet.

As the series is widely popular and all the material of the Manga is not used yet, so we expect the series will soon be published and will be there to relish you. Moreover, the shoemaker doesn’t have any solid reason to drop the ides to make season 2, hoping for the best. We will update you as soon as we get any information regarding the same.

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Prison School Season 2 Cast:

If there will be Season 2, then we accept all the main characters of Prison Season 1. This includes Kiyoshi Fujino, Reji, Takehito Morokuzu, Shingo Wakamoto, Joji Nezu will return to the school. Additionally, Mari Kurihara will be there along with some other Students councils members.

There is no official declaration regarding the Prison Season 2 cast, based on the season 1 cast and the guesses; we are communicating the possible cast.

If there is any official news regarding the same then we will update the section for you and helps you to get a clear picture of it.

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What will going to happen in Season 2?

We except the Season 2 will commence from Season 1 and its OVA, makers will continue the series where Season 1 was left. Still, no official disclosure is there from the creator’s side.

Prison School Season 2

If we make guesses for it, then it is expected male students’ life will be more explored, and Underground Student Council Members imprisonment will be a probe into, making it a more dramatic series. Moreover, the rivalry will be shown between Underground and Aboveground school councils.

Prison School Season 2: Trailer

As of now, the trailer of Season 2 is not yet released by the makers. We will provide you all the as soon as we get it. Stay tuned for all the latest updates.

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Where to watch Prison School Season 2?

However, the Prison School Season 1 is available on Hulu and Crunchyroll, so; we accept that Season 1 will also be available on Hulu and Crunchyroll.

If you haven’t watched Prison School Season 2, this is high time to go for it, and we accept you will not repent your decision.

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User’s Reaction on the Prison School:

Here, we have mentioned all the fair reviews from the top websites like Crunchyroll, Imbd to help you get a deep insight.

Let’s Begin:


“Prison School is a great series, full of drama and comedy. The girls and boys are crazy about justice, and even the storyline of the series is quite impressive. I would recommend it. I will definitely like to watch Season 2.”


“As per him, the series is fantastic. With its diverse cast, the series looks real, and even we feel it as real and even heightens our tension. Overall, the series has lots of comedy movements which make you laugh for its comedy, I would recommend it.”


“Prison School is a funny, raunchy series about high school. I don’t watch these kinds of genres, but when I watched it, it binds me. Its animation is quite impressive with its violent and relishing characters.”

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Final Words:

Prison School is one of the best anime, and even after five years of the completion of Season 5, the fans are demanding Season 2. Our article completely covers all the important information, for which we have received numerous questions. Still, you have any other questions, write to us in the comment section.

We will update the article for you. If you find the article useful, comment us below. Your words encourage us.

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