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Best MMORPG Android Games You Can Play in 2019

The first thing that comes in our mind as we think of Best MMORPG Android is fun of playing role-playing and massively multiplayer together. To be very honest personally, I found Role Playing games a bit funny. By playing these games you can satisfy your sudden desire for a change of mind. On the other hand, you can examine your gaming skills. By competing in all new scenario having players from all over the world. These games are endless and entertain you to the infinite level.

Rift Game has become popular and developed a fan base in a short span of time. MMORPG are popular due to the endless thrill that can be enjoyed. After knowing this I am sure you are curious to know the Best MMORPG to play and experience the joy. Without wasting any more time lets get started.

best mmorpg android

Best MMORPG Android: The List

Arcane Legend

It is a multiplayer game that features slays style. Arcane Legend is a proud product of Spacetime Studio. It is a retro game that is entertaining gaming community from years. This is an older game that is equipped with all the essential features you get in all new games. The game offers three selection modes named as Warrior, Rogue, Mage. You have to play the game with your choice of animal available in the game. The game features a Panther, a dog, a turtle respectively known as Precious, Timber, Guapo. The game still gives a fresh feel as developers keep on updating the content that’s why the game is still in the race.

Dungeon Hunter 5

This one is from one of the most popular franchises in the MMORPG category. The fifth edition gives great functionality on a mobile platform. The game offers hi-quality graphics,  great sound effects and impacting storyline. A bad thing associated with this it caused a Bad Abiding rail accident. Apart from this game is fascinating and addictive, with some minor bugs. The game also has Player versus Player mode along with Cooperative Gameplay.

Eternity Warrior 4

One of the most popular game in the MMORPG category. The game focuses more on single player mode. By having a great storyline for a Role-Playing game. The maps, guides are great features along with Player versus Player mode. Also, the game comes with regular mission updates every week. Making it a never-ending adventure.

Order and Chaos 2

This game is an extension to the original game Order and Chaos online. Which is a great hit among gaming geeks? The latest version opens a free entry concept having all new missions and quests to accomplish. The game facilitates the player to edit view distance by using Pinch and Zoom. The game is from the house of Gameloft responsible for several massively hit games till the date.

School of Chaos

School of Chaos is a fun game as it allows you to bully and involve in schoolyard fighting. Didn’t get my point? Actually, the game takes you to a school where you are free to bully others. The game portrays hectic school life pairing it with fight struggles in order to earn respect. The game allows you to personalise characters by available accessories. Features Clan wars you can engage in that too.


The game has a unique concept seen firstly in an MMORPG category.  The game features a massive gear system, quick controls, stealth mode, quest, etc. Simultaneously game comes with hi-quality graphics and the power of Unreal Engine 4. You can develop your character and compete with other players worldwide. The developers provide updates on a regular basis giving the opportunity to take new challenges.

AdventureQuest 3D

AdventureQuest 3D is the newest entry in Android MMORPG. The game is efficient enough to entertain you for hours. You can do raiding dungeons, developing character and much more in this game. The main reason for being so popular? It’s cross-platform support as you can play on your PC or mobile with the same set of a quest, players, world etc. The game adds on some social factors like chatting, events etc.

Celtic Heroes

Celtic Heroes as the name displays has a Celtic theme which makes it different from other fantasy games available in the MMORPG category. Apart from this is a classic Role Playing Game having elements like campaign mode, quest, loot to gain, guilds, develop skills along with classic Player versus Player mode. The game features a barter system by using it you can exchange equipment from other players.

Izanagi Online

It most criticised game because of various issues in the game but with the fix of a bug issue. The game made its place list of Top 10 MMORPG. In the game, you have to choose from four different classes. Guide yourself and train your Ninja and participate in a quest available. You will be glad to know that it consists of more than 100 quests.

The Infinite Black

This is a space game in which you have to play with a spacecraft. Yes, he doesn’t give you a regular character. Like a science fiction movie, you have to shot down aliens, treasure hunting, looting in order to gather resources. The game facilitates your cross-platform feature. Enables you to switch between PC and mobile.


The above-given list features the best MMORPG Android. Hope you will have a great time enjoying these tested and tried games. Do not forget to share your experience of playing these games. Finding any difficulty mention it in the comment box below our team will love to answer that in our upcoming blogs.

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