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Don’t Ignore These key Points To Play Blade And Soul For Beginners


Blade and soul is the best fighting game of its kind. It has also set a protocol for the fighting game. The game is free to play and is available across the continents of North America and Europe. The perfect outlook for the fighting game as an MMORPG is Blade & Soul. The game is an actual hybrid of two different genres.

Blade and soul is the game of beast, not the beauty

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The blade and soul, as the name goes, is more of a beast game. The other MMORPGs may differ from the blade and soul game. Hence, there are a few guidelines that need to be put up while playing this unique of its kind game.

The blade and soul game is Combat Based game

The blade and soul is the game that is solely based on the theme of combat. Hence, a few combat basics are must to be known before you head to play. The combat includes the combos of spacing, specific frame data, a particular form of juggles, and many more such kind of scenarios. The combination made up for the combat scene in the game is the best.

The key points that you shouldn’t ignore while playing Blade and soul are:

  1. You need to have the enemy in front of you and within the proximity area

The very first and prior thing to consider is, keep an eye on your enemies. Keep the track of your enemies and keep them in proximity area so that you can attack effectively. This may sound quite of common sense, but when it actually comes to the dungeon raids, enemies move freely around the environment in the game. The player targeting the enemy is hence very necessary. You need to keep track wisely on the enemy in order to dodge an attack very effectively. Some of the enemies appear in bosses and semi-bosses form. Meant that, they will show up some telegraphs beneath in the yellow and red color. The telegraphs simply indicate the attack is yet to happen you. All you need to do is to be aware and avoid the red zones.

2. Blade and soul asks you to save your coins to save your soul

If you are a newbie to the game of blades and soul, you may sell or trade off your coins. This could result in decreasing your powers and souls. You have to save your coins till it is ultimately necessary to trade off. It is a wise decision to collect the necessary weapons from the marketplace or the loot options that keeps on popping up while playing the game. Moreover, the charges of the weapons and soul shield are high enough. You got to save the coins to purchase them in order to save your life during the end phase of your life.

3. Take up the Surveys and the daily dashes that appear in the middle of the game

The blade and soul game gives you the options of taking a survey after completing every two stages of the game. Those surveys are simply some multiple choice questions, that you need to answer. The surveys give you many more bonuses like extra souls or extra coins over chests and many other kinds of stuff that make you more stronger. Daily Dashes are also free to use. You get some dashes every day. You are supposed to spin them from one to six. You will get some advantages such as a cool outfit or an upgraded weapon at the end. the precaution you ought to take is do not spin the dashes too much at a time.

4. It is advised to save your keys and unsealed charms

The keys and the unsealed charms are rather very expensive and rare. Keys and unsealing charms are rather rare. As the keys and charms are expensive, you can earn them from surveys, dashes, and quests. These keys and charms are extremely useful for the game and hence it needs to be saved and utilized very wisely. You need to have both keys and the unsealed charms in order to have an item you desire to. Don’t use them on cheap assets. Few accessories and souls shields could easily grade up, you do not have to unseal the charms every now and then.

5. Explore the Skill Points

It is very essential to learn the skill point, how they are earned, how’re they use and exactly when are they useful for while playing. Before playing the game, a player must be aware of the point that after completing the certain level of the game, skill points are increased. For instances, you need to reach the chapter 15 to gain the skill points. Furthermore, you will have to reach the chapter 17, Act I. Take a note that chapter and levels are different. The chapter could be achieved after a certain level of accomplishment in the game. There are various skill points depending upon the player’s performance. Some of the skill sets impart special powers and privileges to the player. Hence, having the knowledge of the skill points will help you excel more in the game.

6. Take an expert’s advice

Since blade and soul have been released quite a while ago. It is preferred to take an advice from the expert of the game. The guidelines, hacks and several trucks have shared by experts who have played the game many times. Not to mention, your own experience will keep on making you a wiser player. Still, a guide from veterans will make you play like a pro.


The blade and soul is extreme level fighting and adventurous game. If you are an adventure game freak, you surely got to try your hands on the blade and soul game. The environment and hurdles in the game are so thrilling that makes the game more interesting and addictive. If you are a newbie, playing this game would be a highly challenging task. The blade and soul are however, popular only in few parts of the world. Its level of adventures and the overall graphics with various challenges and the response from the gamers may take the game to be popular worldwide.

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