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Mini Militia Game Weapons And Its Features

Hey, friends today I tell you about the most interesting online game Mini Militia. Do you know how interesting is this? So let me tell you all about this game.

Mini-Militia is a multiplayer army shooting game. In this game, you can play with up to 6 players online and maximum 12 players with Wi-Fi. Here in this game, one thing is very attractive that is, you can play with various weapons during the war. If anybody love to play shooting game or you can say crazy for this type of game so this platform is the best.  Day by day the game becomes famous among the teenagers. Basically, the fresher’s are too crazy for the Mini Militia game.

Ok, now I tell you how the game looks like. You can compare this Mini Militia game with the counter strike game.  The Mini Militia is a 2D game but when you play this, you feel like 3D.

Now let me tell you about the mini militia guns of this game. Here in this game, there are much of weapons are available. So I have shown you all the weapons in Mini Militia.

Download Mini Militia: Click Here

Mini-Militia List Of Weapons:

  1. EMP:

  • Shoots Electro magnified power (EMP) ball that electrifies your enemy.
  • EMP used to finish proxy mine.
  • Remember when you electrify your enemy; they are not injuring their rocket boots will fail for just only 30 seconds.
  • The ball can hit your enemy even when he is cover up. Use the EMP ball when your enemy is high in the air.
  • If you can make a combo of EMP and SMAW it’s more effective.

2. LASER Gun:

  • It does not deal with big amounts of injury. However, this gunfire rate is endless.
  • Use this long-range weapon and don’t ponder firing where you think the opponent is.
  • You can stay behind cover-up, don’t try to trick the laser.

3. Magnum:

  • It is one of the nonpayment weapons in Mini Militia game. That’s why the player does not need to buy the pro pack to use Magnum weapons. It is a semi-automated handgun. And that’s why it’s firing rate is too slow. This weapon shots generally One bullet per second.
  • It is one of the starting guns for the multiplayer and the single player.
  • If any player buys pro pack of this game then you can get the dual feature of this gun.
  • This gun approx zoom is 3X. Here you can also get 36 backup round.

4. M4:

  • If you want to take down your opponent with 1 shot then this gun for you.
  • With this gun, you can round 3 shoots burst.
  • M4 has the power of having the serious injury with its bullets.
  • Take cover-up to the opponent fire.

5. M14:

  • This gun has lower efficiency, but the faster-firing range and it is too suitable for the close-range attack.
  • Try to hold far over from your opponent to forbid it from perceiving and kills you. With M14’s speedy firing rage, you can aim by error trial.
  • Take cover-up and move carelessly.

6. M93BA (Sniper):

  • Head attempt will kill you right now and some shots below the head get one shot. The tempered attack to your opponent kill.
  • This amazing gun has high range zoom.
  • Actually, I love this gun because it has great accuracy.

7. MP5:

  • MP5 is one of the amazing guns in this game. It is also great for hurrying, your enemy will defeat in a second.
  • It has fifty shots and the maximum of four hundred additional shots.
  • In this game, you can use ranged guns and back off while attacking to get the littlest damage.

8. AK47:

  • Pro pack of this game players does not generally use the AK47 gun because they can use multiple uses 2 Uzis, which by distant beats this gun.
  • This is one of my favorite guns. It is multiple uses magnums are the one better than lots of generating guns.

9. Shot Gun:

  • This I another great gun. It shoots lots of bullets at the time.
  • This gun is very powerful only the close range.
  • Its full shoot to kill your opponent immediately.

10. SMAW:

  • This is one of the best weapons in the mini militia game.
  • It has three rockets in the shave and it has highest 6 rockets.
  • You want to die yourself then you can shot near you.
  • Taking the straightforward hit from any rocket then it will still kill you alike if you are stoop low.
  • Here this gun’s rockets are a restrict to how distant the rockets can journey.

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Above are the best Mini Militia weapons. Because of this weapons, this game is much attractive. In the recent time, this games comes to very addicted. In the Google Play Store, Mini Militia rating is 4.6 star. If you love my article then please share it with your friends. If you have any inquiry about this article then you can ask we your questions and we will answer you quickly.


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