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Check out Score Hero Latest Features | Score Hero Reviews

If you are a football lover then you will also imagine there should be a game based on football. I am gonna to talk about Score Hero a football game for Android devices. You can play it on both Android and iOS devices. Score Hero was developed by the First Touch Games Ltd, UK based company, especially for Football games. Initially, it was released in August 2015.

Score Hero is a soccer game so it is designed with 3D graphics which provide you a more realistic experience. This game comes with numerous challenges and you have to complete them by creating an arc with your finger for throwing the ball in the nets. Gameplay is very simple. So imagine your favorite football star and act like him for more enjoyment. Score hero is free to play but for additional features, you have to pay. This game includes ads and you can disable them by buying Game’s currency.

Features of Score Hero

  • 580 levels
  • You can earn stars
  • More enjoyment with great graphics
  • Levels are divided into numerous seasons
  • Playing score hero is very simple but hard to overpower
  • Just slide your finger to move the ball
  • Improved score mechanism for more liberty and strategy
  • You can also personalize your player for a specific look
  • You can also merge it Facebook and invite your friends to compete
  • You can see ranking with Google play achievements
  • You can also sync your headway between multiple devices with the help of Google play cloud.

Sometime its really hard to complete the level then you thinking about the some tricks through which you can clear the hard levels. So here are score hero hack and cheats available to clear all the levels very easily. Just try these cheats and share your experience with us.

User’s Reviews

Daniel Buckley

26 June, 2018

I like it. The problems though, are very clear. The play can be too forced at times, stopping you from playing the way you would to make you play a ridiculous pass. The players make slow and poor runs, and hardly ever challenge for headers. They dribble terribly and get tackled constantly. The shooting is ludicrous, forcing insane shots into the corners constantly. Keepers seem overpowered most of the time. Most of these issues are because the levels are supposed to be completed a certain way, which ruins the fun or challenge of it, as there’s no tactical thinking.

Stephen Burnett

9 July, 2018

Very good game but level 339 is corrupt. I get to the 4th goal and I have only one player to pass to and he only runs directly into opposition no matter how far he runs. I once had him run straight from defence into goalkeeper. Must be something wrong

 Rein Ulrich
26 June, 2018
Terrible game. The options for kicks hate always driven by the game which wouldn’t be bad if your strikers weren’t in the open field with just the keeper to beat trying to shoot from ten yards outside the penalty box.
Score Hero is an addictive soccer game with 3D graphics. Different levels are grouped into seasons so inspires to complete each level. This game makes you more attentive as you have to participate in every sensitive moment to make a winning goal. If you never played this game, give it a try. Still, have any query regarding this, comment below. Also share your experience if you have ever played this game.

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