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Wallpaper Engine: Should You buy It in 2021?

Wallpaper Engine

From searching insanely clean setups to tirelessly cable managing my desk, if you’ve done it all just like me for the sake of your PC setup.

I’m glad to say –

Image result for you get me meme

Yeah! you do.

I’m pretty stern of my PC Setup.

And as a proud ultrawide monitor owner, sometimes it gets super hard to find a wallpaper that properly fits it.

So, how in the hell would I let mediocre wallpaper on the zedge app ruin my classy gaming setup.

Then I came across the Wallpaper Engine on Steam. Initially, I was a bit skeptical but I ended up buying it to end my headache of finding the wallpapers that I actually like.

And looking at what it has to offer. I’m totally into it.

So, going ahead in this post, I’ll list all its features, system requirements & most important off – “SHOULD YOU BUY IT?”

Features of Wallpaper Engine

Wallpaper Engine lets you set up live wallpapers, different types of animated wallpapers – both 2D & 3D, videos, websites & even a certain set of applications. Not only, you can create your own wallpaper & share it with others on the Steam Workshop. Isn’t this interesting? Next, let’s check out some of its interesting features.

  • It comes with built-in support for Corsair iCUE and Razer Chroma.
  • It lets you personalize animated wallpapers based on your favorite colors’ combination.
  • Share & download wallpapers using the Steam Workshop.
  • Supports multi-monitor setup.
  • Supports native resolution & aspect ratio of 4:3, 16:9, 21:9, 16:10.
  • It supports the following video formats: mp4, WebM, AVI, m4v, MOV, WMV.
  • You can easily use Wallpaper Engine along with any other Steam apps or games.
  • You can use basic images or import video files to animate new live wallpapers of your choice.
  • The wallpaper engine allows you to use real-time graphics, videos, apps & websites to bring your desktop alive.
  • It lets you create your own animated wallpapers using its Wallpaper Engine Editor.
  • When playing a high-end PC Game, the Wallpaper engine stops the wallpaper engine itself to save the overall performance.
  • You can control installed interactive wallpapers with your mouse.

Recommended System Requirements

  • DirectX: Version 11 recommended.
  • Graphics: AMD HD7870, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660, 2 GB VRAM, or anything above this.
  • OS: Windows 10
  • Processor: 2.0 GHz Intel i7 or equivalent
  • RAM: At least 2GB
  • Storage: 1024 MB available space

Should you buy Wallpaper Engine?

Ever since I planned to buy Wallpaper Engine from Steam, I’ve been doing some research. Wherever I asked about it, I’ve heard nothing but praises.

✅It’s a lightweight app.

✅Comes with a large number of wallpapers.

✅Tons of features

And whatnot. Still, I had some doubts😵. So, I asked around in the gaming forums and finally got the answers I was looking for.

Is it really a lightweight program as everyone’s claiming it to be? And does create any problem when used dual monitors?

First, the wallpaper engine comes out of the box with customizable frame rates, resolution. Also, it freezes wallpaper as soon as a window takes over the whole screen. So, I would never have to worry about it using your excessive amount of CPU Resources.

And as for the dual monitors, some steam reviews did mention problems with dual monitors. A problem like if you stretch a wallpaper, it freezes on one monitor.

Still, I don’t think this would cause any major difference in the overall performance of your PC. You can avoid this by tweaking some of its settings.

Download Wallpaper Engine on your PC

  • Follow these easy steps if you’ve finalized to purchase the Wallpaper Engine for yourself:
  • First, open steam’s official website & download the latest version of it on your PC.
  • Install it to create a new steam account or you can also log in to your existing steam account.
  • Search Wallpaper engine & buy it off at $3.99.
  • Lastly, install Wallpaper Engine on your Windows PC to begin customizing wallpapers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Do I need Steam in the background to run Wallpaper Engine?

Answer: No. steam is only required when you want to upload wallpapers, download wallpapers, & install any updates. Apart from this, every core functionalities of Wallpaper Engine work without using the Steam in the background.

Question: Can I install it on multiple computers?

Answer: Steam syncs all wallpapers across the computers. So, it doesn’t matter if you use it on multiple computers.

Question: Do wallpapers cost money?

Answer: Don’t get scammed in any way. There’s no hidden cost whatsoever. Every wallpaper available in the Wallpaper Engine is completely free. The phrase like ‘Subscribe to a Wallpaper’ means all wallpapers available are part of the Steam Workshop Subscriptions. So, this means the subscribed wallpaper automatically downloads when you re0install Wallpaper Engine on your PC.

Final Verdict

Overall, the program Wallpaper Engine seems like a fair deal at $3.99. It’s great to see how something as beautiful as a spinning galaxy in motion can be set as your wallpaper & that too at your specified resolution.

That’s all for now. What do you think of Wallpaper Engine? Do you like it or not? Which way it is, do let me know about it in the comments section given below.

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