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Call of Duty Modern Warfare: 10 Essential Multiplayer Tips

Call of Duty Modern Warfare

You might be a veteran of the Call of Duty Modern Warfare’s Multiplayer or a complete fresher to the game; there is always a chance to boost your gaming skills more and more. If you want to rule over the battleground, you should learn the modern warfare hacks to enhance the experience and nourish your skills.

After proper research of this game, we have come up with ten tips and tricks that will make you a master of Call of Duty Modern Warfare’s multiplayer.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare
Call of Duty Modern Warfare

1. Play with the settings

If you are a beginner, default settings are a good way to start. But as you keep getting old with the game, make sure to play and explore with the settings. Do not be satisfied only with the default settings.

From going ahead to experiment with different sensitivity settings to trying various button layouts, coordinating visual options depending on your comfort level, you should try them all. Some people want the sensitivity to be ridiculously low, whereas some want it to be high. Taking these steps will help you to figure out which settings suit you the best.

2. Explore the Campaign and Special Ops

Most of the players that we come across play the game just to have fun, and hence they don’t prefer analyzing the little nuances of the game.

If you want to become a pro player, you have to explore the game’s Campaign and Special Ops modes. Learning about these modes will teach you a little bit more about the basic mechanism of the game. You can also practice the tactics that will help you to kill the enemies.

3. Know when to reload

Many players fail to make the right decision when it comes to deciding the timing of the reload. The majority of the CoD players get killed due to poor timing to reload.

You might feel like being prepared and staying alert for the next fight, but there is a high possibility that your next fight might start when you are in the middle of a reload animation, which you cannot even skip at that point. This calculates your reload timing.

4. Optimize the loadouts

The default loadouts that are present in the game are good ones. Initially, they provide a good chance to the players to go ahead and fight, but as you keep reaching higher and higher in the game, begin to unlock the load-outs.

You can have your customized loadout with more guns, gadgets, killstreaks; choose between a wide variety of secondary tools and perks. It will be your personal kit, which is specifically modified, keeping in mind your needs.

5. Play the objective seriously

Any Call of Duty player would never want to have a teammate who has zero contribution in winning the game.

You might think that playing the objective is a basic rule that every player would follow but believe me, most of the players in any given match will simply ignore doing it. Thus, ensure that you play the objective.

6. Know the guns

This point is no surprise as the Call of Duty Modern Warfare Multiplayer brings a lot of options when it comes to guns. You can explore and try them in the campaign before you end up using them on the battlefield.

7. Experimentation could lead you to success.

Don’t be comfortable with just what you have. Instead, consider trying different weapons, be it attachment or even guns. Are you thinking about how this is going to help you? Well, getting out of your comfort zone might help you to find out something better, which will take you one step ahead to victory.

8. Communication is the key

Proper communication is very crucial to winning a game of Call of Duty Modern Warfare. Make sure to pass on important information to your teammates and listen carefully to what other team members say while playing the game.

A vivid and useful communication can make a great difference on the battlefield. And despite some call of Duty Modern Warfare users reported chat-related problems, the in-game communication worked fine most of the time.

9. Have an alternate route

In the multiplayer, you should keep alternative paths as a plan B through the levels. Keep an eye on opportunities to mantle up.

10. Avoid sprinting all the time

Sprinting in this game has a disadvantage. It makes a lot of noise, and your opponent gets a hint of your location. Also, if you realize that someone is nearby or someone has heard you, you can lower your speed so that they don’t find out where you are.

Final words

One of the essential tips that every player must follow is to have fun in the game. Hopefully, the above-mentioned tricks will help you level up your game. If you have any doubt, comment below. Also, stay connected to know more.

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