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Dead by Daylight huntress: Journey of a Wild Killer

Dead by Daylight Huntress

After making a debut on Nintendo Switch, Dead By Daylight won hearts by showcasing ultimate horror gaming. Bringing the same vibes to Nintendo is another milestone for game but this time Dead by Daylight Huntress rocks the bottom of every heart?

Still, don’t know who is huntress? No worries as I am here to give you an elaborate description of one of the most loved characters of Dead By Daylight. So without wasting any more time, Let’s get started.  

Dead by Daylight Huntress
Dead by Daylight Huntress


Death by Daylight Huntress Backstory

Huntress was not born like this. She was named Anna as soon she started walking her mother started teaching him survival skills. That includes how to live life in a dense forest area without being dependent on anyone else. 

Living in this type of remote area which is filled with dangerous animals requires skills, will and ability to recover quickly from any difficulty. Usually, ann and her mom go inside the house as the daylight get dimmed. The house was not more than a cabin which is constructed to spend heavy winters. Anna sleep in cozy arms of her mother also there were some wooden toys and mask which was made by her mother. She usually sleeps listening to stories and gentle songs. 

Evolution of Death by Daylight Huntress?

One day Anna and her mother following an elk having intention of hunting. They know the target they choose is dangerous but deadliest winter has left no option in front of them. Hunger has become the greatest fear for them and starvation is seen much more dangerous than any wild animal. Unfortunately, elk charged at anna without giving any warning she thought it was going to be her last day as the elk moved close enough. 

Without giving a second her mother threw herself building an obstruction while carrying an axe. The elk picks up her mother using horns at the same time mother hitting axe on elk neck in order to loosen down the grip. Finally, the animal collapsed but it was too late as the mother’s got badly damaged. Anna was too small and unable to move her mother body from the place. 

Ana’s beginning to become Dead by Daylight Huntress

To distract anna from elk cries her mother start singing her favorite lullaby as the time goes. The crying elk and mother became completely silent and cold and anna left alone in the scary forest. In the end, anna stood up and started walking to her home. She was a child but had enough skills to survive herself in the forest. 

Day by day she became older and stronger and with regular practice of hunting, she became a wild huntress. she stared widening her territory also, she got bored by hunting squirrels, foxes, bears etc. One day an unaware traveler came in her territory and surprisingly she gets her favorite animal for hunt. 

Why Dead By Daylight Huntress started to kill humans?

Yes, it was human only she used to kill humans and collect their stuff that is colorful clothes and the toys which their children used to play. But still, she never brings herself to kill little girls Yes, she never kills the small girls and picks them up to her home. Tied by a rope this done to ensure the safety of girl as outside home there were wild animals. But every time the small girl get died by starvation, cold or sickness with every dead girl anna jump deeper into madness which is full of pain and sorrow.

Death by Daylight Huntress Powers

Death by Daylight Huntress Powers are the skills which were taught by her mother. Primarily huntress can throw hatchets with deadly intentions. For surviving alone in a dense forest it is a must to master a deadly technique like this. In forest, long-distance encounters are a way to keep yourself safe and not get mauled by a bear or elk. Three power levels are given:

Territorial Imperative

In this category, you became able to read the Aura of any living being. This helps in detecting where they are and how much more you need to walk in order to capture targets.

Beast of Prey

In this level, your feelings to kill a person becomes so dense that you lost connection with your surroundings. This makes your behavior unpredictable while sparking up the hunger for blood.

Huntress Lullaby

Huntress behavior gets controlled by lullaby but for that first survivor or target has to find the lullaby. As without finding Lullaby, it is going to be a death trap.


Hey fellas, I hope you find the information given above helpful and will refer this to your friends and family members. Dead by Daylight Huntress is a character very close to my heart due to her background story. Yes, the origin makes me sad even sometimes I cry by feeling the pain of little anna. I know this is only a game but it’s hard to control emotions. Can you connect with Anna’s pain answer it in the comment box below. Till then Goodbye.

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