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Wait becomes Longer As Stardew Valley Multiplayer Fails

Stardew Valley Multiplayer

Megahit farming game Stardew valley multiplayer version failed the certification test !!! You might be wondering, how is it possible? as you are regularly playing it on your Pc. Well….  Let me complete my words this news will affect the PS4 and Xbox One users only. As the multiplayer version failed an important test, which is also a necessary requirement to make the game available on both the platforms.  

Yeah…. It is sad, even I get shocked after seeing the tweet of Concerned Apes the developer of the game. Some questions which struck in my mind were: Is it a piece of Fake news? Why they get failed? Does they are not aware of the requirements? Is it going to be the end of Stardew valley?  I feel really sad as I was imagining myself playing Stardew valley multiplayer version with my friends on Xbox. I decided to find out the reasons So, In this post I will provide you all the information about the game that is going to be a satisfying answer for all your queries.

Stardew Valley Multiplayer
Stardew Valley Multiplayer

What is Stardew Valley Multiplayer?

Starting with Stardew Valley it is a hobbit way of farming, based on RPG(Role Playing Game). Lewis and Alex are the main characters of the game.  You have to restore the farm in order to live a life full of joy. The game is not just about farming or breeding pigs, chickens, and other animals at the farm there are many more interesting things to do. You can also read tips to build skyblock on Minecraft.


The game features a variety of different tasks to perform like there is a forest where you can roam for find out wild berries and fruits and collect them. Another thing that can be done on the game is Fishing which is very addictive and interactive. There is an inbuilt small game with the activity here you have to keep rolling on pressure to catch the fish.

Next thing to do is Mining where you have to go under the earth and collect fossils, salts, etc but be aware as you have to fight with evils as they try to kill you. The things you get from mining can be used for a number of things like selling to make profit, can be used to upgrade your tools, these can be used to place gifts around the village, there are many more versatile uses that you can do in the game. 

The game has a bundle making machine where you have to match same things together to get a bonus. Game also features a museum which displays artifacts like dinosaur eggs, gemstones. You have to take some things for your farms and you will be rewarded if you successfully did this.

On top of all this, there is an achievement system by following given tasks and completing them within the given time entitling yourself to get rewards. The game follows a morning and evening system that provides an option to choose different abilities for completing tasks. There is another side of the game making it not just about farming. 

You can do friendship with other characters of the stardew valley. Making friendship is great as these friends will help you in completing your task much faster. It makes the game fun also you can exchange gifts for making relations stronger.

Stardew Valley Update

Let’s discuss the latest Stardew valley update already mentioned at the start of post. which gave birth to a number of questions that are as follows:

Is it a Fake News that Stardew Valley Update is Failed?

Well.. the answer is No, the news is true and it is disclosed by developer of the game itself on Twitter. It states that Stardew Valley Multiplayer update failed its certification test for PS4 and Xbox One. The tweet is given below:

Why Stardew Valley Multiplayer Get Failed?

There are some requirements for every platform that you need to fulfill before being released on that platform. Same thing applies here Stardew Valley Multiplayer failed in completing the requirement which means. The game reappears for the process and checked again on all parameters. The game failed to provide an access to player profiles while playing it. I think this can be cured by providing a new patchwork which is simple and straight. 

Does Concerned Apes Were Not Aware of the Requirement?      

Actually, before applying for certification the platform provides an agreement where all terms and conditions are provided to the applicant. Concerned Apes is an old player so, it’s obvious they are familiar with the process but sometimes programming doesn’t work. It happens because of the hurry made during development or some glitch even it can be a human error. 

Is it Going to be the End of Stardew Valley Multiplayer?

I know how it feels, even having a thought meeting an end which you loved the most. No need to worry, as the game is reappeared after taking care of the issues. The developer of the game Concerned Apes state on twitter that they reapplied for the certification. It is believed that the process will end up this week. If things happen as per plans than you will receive a Stardew Valley Multiplayer update in coming week. Hurray…….. Hope for the best 🤞fingers crossed.


Hi Fellas, that’s all for today. I mean you can’t say much before the update goes live. I know you can’t always stay positive especially when things get too long and still fails to meet requirements. You can not do much rather than wait Hopefully I will write next stardew valley multiplayer article with release of the latest version on PS4 and Xbox One. Are you eagerly waiting for a multiplayer version of the game? Mention it in the comment box below.     

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