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Nickelodeon Slime Journey from You Can’t Do That on Television to SpaceX Mission

Nickelodeon slime

Oh my god ! How is this possible? Are you serious? 

I have seen Athletes, Celebrities, musicians getting slimed on a time span of last few years.  I know many of you still find it just another clickbait title but it’s completely true. You will get all your answers in the post so read till the end.  

Chances are rare that you are unaware of Nickelodeon Slime but if you don’t now. No worries I will tell you what it is? And how it is going to reach the space station? Yeah….. How they will do that isn’t there any security issues? So without wasting any more time let’s get started.

Nickelodeon slime
Nickelodeon slime

What is Nickelodeon Slime?

Whenever I Listen the word Nickelodeon slime my mind starts showing me the picture of a classic green colour liquid with thick & sticky consistency being dumped on my head. I have seen politicians, celebrities, contestants getting slimed. This happens mostly on events organised by Nickelodeon. Actually, for the very first-time slime is seen on You Can’t Do That On Television

It is a  Canadian comedy show that broadcasted from 1979 to 1990 the slime took of his journey from here. Seeing the popularity of dump act in which slime is used. Nick brought another show called Double dare obstacle course which is again proven hit. After that slime has been seen every show associated with Nick from a regular show ‘Figure it Out’ to ‘Kids Choice Award’.

What is the Nickelodeon Slime made up of?

Wel… the slime which in first instance, looks like a sort of radioactive substance. Is just a mixture of vanilla pudding, oatmeal, apple sauce along with a dash of green food colouring. Which means it is completely safe and you can eat that slime. 

The recipe has been revealed by Nickelodeon host Marc Summers besides that there are many variations of nickelodeon slime is available. One of them has been seen at Nickelodeon Sports Awards ceremony where David Beckham get slimed with golden slime. But no matter what the variation is used all of them are palatable and non-toxic. Yeah.. all of them are invented just to add some fun.

Nickelodeon slime golden
Nickelodeon slime golden

Why the Nickelodeon slime was invented?

As already mentioned the slime was first seen on You Can’t Do that On Television. As per the co-creator of the show Geoffrey Darby slime was a result of an accident. He continues further and tells the origin story. In a task the player is not allowed to pull a mysterious chain because it will result in dumping a bucket full of slop. 

Shot was delayed for almost a week and the slop developed into a green colour fermented slime. As no one noticed and shoot get started and when crew member noticed the change it was been too late to do anything. Hence, used the same bucket for dump and from here the green slime came into existence. Later on Nick developed a friendly and non-toxic recipe and associated with the brand. 

How to buy Nickelodeon Slime?

There are Nickelodeon Slime kits available on leading supermarkets, online stores. You can directly buy to add up some slime in your life. Some them features a  glittering slime, neon slime and even glow in the dark slime. All the kits are based on Do it Yourself model which a plus point too. To make it easier I am providing Nickelodeon slime kit instruction:

Nickelodeon Slime Kit Instructions

Anyone can make slime by following the instructions given below: 

  • You got white slime glue, slime activator, colours basically green or pink along with some tools like mixing bowl, spoon and a swizzle stick.
  • First of all, take 15 ml of slime glue and add 30 ml of water.
  • Add some colour to the solution and stir. 
  • Add 5 ml of slime activator and mix the solution slowly.
  • As soon the mixture becomes thick your slime is ready.

How Nickelodeon slime going to reach Space Station?

No, this time it is not going to be a studio set where aliens are shown but Nickelodeon slime is going to mark its presence in the International space station. Elon Musk’s space X is hired to deliver the slime on the International space station. 

How they will do that isn’t there any Security Issues?

Don’t worry as the television network is not going to dump astronauts with a bucket full of slime. As it will become next to impossible to clean the mess in microgravity conditions. Actually, Nickelodeon slime is going to be a part of science investigation. The scientist are unaware of free body objects behaviour in Microgravity to find it they are going to check nick’s slime at ISS.

On the same time, Astronauts will shoot a short episode of zero-g where they will play a game called “slime pong”. The video will be publicly shared and can be said as promotional marketing video of Nickelodeon. So, No security issues as experiment’s are going to be done in controlled conditions.


So, Astronauts are fully prepared to get slimed and for that Nickelodeon, slime is sent to the international space station. I am too excited to see the episode of zero-g where astronauts will play slime pong are you excited too? Mention it in the comment box below. Till then GoodBye.

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