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Top 6 Things You’ve Neverheard About Archero


Archero is another fun game from the house of Habby. A unique action game where you are defending the world from evils using bow and arrow only. The game features easy to learn controls as you have to just move the joystick in order to make your player run, chase or evacuate.

Another important fact of the game is to keep moving for your safeguard from enemies attacks. As if you stop moving what you can do is just shoot arrows only no other power is given. Well.. this is the real challenge of the game also makes it fun while keeping it simple. 


What is Archero all about?

Archero is an arcade based action game with more running in it. The game is divided into several chapters consisting of different stages in it. Where you have to kill enemies to gain coins and experience points. These points will make you able of reaching to a higher level, Each level provides you an additional ability. 

This additional ability is going to make it easier for you to win over enemies. If you get defeated than you have to start the chapter from very beginning also clearing up all the ability you choose. Losing is a part of every game but in Archero, Every lost gave you a reason to enjoy. As each time you lost you have to start on a new map along with all new obstacles and enemies. 

So, no matter whether you win or lose, You have to prepare a new plan with a right combination of abilities to handle the situation. Be ready with your archery set as here I am going to provide you a complete guide consisting of all the tips, tricks and strategies. This will help you to play better at the fun game Archero. 

1. Stay Moving

Use joystick to move in your desired direction as stay moving is the key to success. If you stop moving than enemies will attack and it is difficult to tackle them without any special powers. It’s better to avoid clash with any of enemies attacks or ready to be a grilled chicken. Don’t misunderstand it as dinner in PUBG. Always have an eye on enemies coming in your direction as sometimes a lot of shots at you at the same time making it difficult for you to avoid them. 

A trick that I usually use is running towards the corner of the screen and staying there as enemies come closer run towards other corner of the screen. Do not forget to shoot arrows while standing still for survival. You can also use walls or structures as a shield by hiding yourself behind them.  Remember enemy attacks cannot go over the wall but your can so enjoy the benefit while staying safe.

2. Explore Special Abilities

With every successful mission, you will get a chance to choose special ability. While choosing Abilities try to explore them by choosing the one you haven’t used. Some abilities might seem funny by their name but can be very useful in close encounters with enemy. All levels are separate from each other so choose an ability while taking care of current task only. Don’t mix it with other levels. 

Majorly the abilities given are of three types Defensive, offensive and some affect the character. Bouncy wall, Piercing shot, Side arrows, Ricochet, Multishot, Diagonal arrow, Rear arrow are abilities comes under offensive category. These are best to damage enemy badly without wasting a single shot.  

On the other hand defensive abilities are used for getting a shield, invisibility, wingman or something than can safeguard yourself. Apart from these some abilities can affect your character by making changes in Boost, Attack Speed, Smart etc. So, try to explore each and every combination as game features hundreds of different abilities. Remember you will earn more if you will learn more So, try to learn about each and every ability to play better.

3. Use Coins Wisely

The game rewards you with coins which is the in-game currency used to get upgrades. To earn coins you can kill enemies or spin the lucky wheel that comes at the beginning of every chapter. As these are directly associated to buy or upgrade anything in the game.

Think before using them as saving coins can make upcoming stages much more simpler. Also, remember that you need to make a balance between your upgraded ability and equipment used. You cannot keep upgrading ability with basic equipment or vice versa. 

4. Collect gems

Collect gems as these can be used as additional game currency. These are given only on level ups not on stage completion. Do not just concentrate on coins only take care of gems as well. These can be used to purchase a chest that provides you objects even it can be used for getting revival during the game. A gem can be life-saving deal for you so take care of gems along with coins. 

5. Use Stage Reward at the Time of Need Only

As soon you complete a stage you are entitled to get a stage reward. The stage reward is indicated by shaking the chest with a number displayed above it. But wait…. As taking it right away is not a profitable deal. So, what to do? Nothing just wait for the time when you have no energy left. At that time you can easily refill your energy directly by using the stage reward. 

6. Watching Ads can be Rewarding

Archero is an energy based game that seems simple to play but actually it is very challenging game. Depending on coins buying energy is not a good idea. As these can be used for revival which is an important task. So, save coins and gems by watching ads as these will reward you with free energy. You can watch 4 ads a day every ad will provide you 5 energy making a total of 20 energy without spending a coin. 


Hey Fellas, that’s all for today. I hope you find the information shared here is useful and will refer it with your friends and family members. Use these tips and tricks to clear all the stages of Archero with little or no difficulty at all. Do you know any other tip which is not given mention that in the comment box below.

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