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Poco F1 vs Oneplus 6 Which Phone Is Best To Buy

Both are head to head in the features: Complete analysis of their performance

With the launch of Poco F1, the attraction of buyers have diverted and Oneplus 6 is now has an open challenge from Xiaomi’s product. One plus 6 is offering almost everything which can give an expensive one. When things come in terms of performance then One plus beats Samsung flagship and also compete iPhone and Pixel phones in speed.

Why Poco F1 is Expected to win the competition

The only reason that ensures the win of Poco F1 over Oneplus 6 is the price difference. The Poco F1 is priced very smartly and cheap in comparison to Oppo F1. The Xiaomi manage the cost of Poco F1 very smartly by keeping the price low.

Poco F1 vs Oneplus 6: Throat cut competition

Recently Xiaomi has introduced its sub-brand Poco and its initial product is F1, a true rival of One Plus 6. All the two are Chinese tech devices and also their maker has the equal connection with the users. Both have huge similarities but there are lots more specs which differentiate each from other. Here is a complete analysis of their specs and this guide will definitely confirm you Poco F1 vs One Plus 6: which one worth your money.

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Poco F1 vs Oneplus 6 Which Phone Is Best To Buy

Poco F1 vs OnePlus 6: Price

Indians especially focus on price and when we compare F1 and OnePlus then things go in favour of Poco F1. Poco F1 starting range is 20,999 where one OnePlus costs 34,999, it is not a good deal for those who are those who are not like OnePlus much. Another noticeable factor is that OnePlus is easily available in comparison to Poco F1.

Poco F1 vs OnePlus 6: Design

OnePlus is made up of glass and looks amazing. One more edition in its look is silk white, which is created with real pearl under the glass. I can say OnePlus looks classic and can beat every rival in designing. Poco F1 is featured with Polycarbonate and the manufacturer said that when we keep our devices in covers so there is no need for costly glass. Look wise OnePlus is far better than Poco F1.

Poco F1 vs OnePlus 6: Ergonomics

Poco F1 is smaller and OnePlus comes in a narrow form which is easily gripped in your palm. F1 is a bit heavy due to the big battery but can’t consider an uncomfortable one. OnePlus looks slim and unique but when compared with F1 it is slithery.

Poco F1 vs OnePlus 6: Display

OnePlus comes with 6.2-inch AMELOD  which is bright and graphical. It fulfills all the requirements of a good display. Screen featured with Gorilla glass. Poco F1 comes with tiny LCD screen but featured with a big notch. Poco F1 featured with Gorilla glass 3.

Poco F1 vs OnePlus 6: Camera

F1 attributed with 12 MP primary camera f/1.9, 1/2.55”, 1.4µm, dual pixel PDAF coupled with a 5 MP, f/2.0, 1.12µm, depth sensor. The front camera is of 20 MP seems a good camera but can’t do anything in dim light. The camera utilizes A1 for increasing picture quality. The camera OnePlus 6 wins the game and we can say it reaches the flagship level. You can capture too clear and comprehensive images with OnePlus 6. The Poco F1 capture 4k video at 30 fps whereas OnePlus capture 4k videos at 30 fps and 60 fps.

Poco F1 vs OnePlus 6: Performance

Poco F1 and OnePlus 6 all the two comes with Snapdragon 845 SOC and both have 6GB and 8GB RAM. Both have 64GB to 256 storage capacity. We can’t say which one is good performance wise. Although OnePlus looks slightly better but both can function on the same processor. OnePlus functions on a less tailored version of Android whereas Poco F1 works on MIUI, which is attributed with huge customizations and features. It is really tough to consider one better than the other if we notice their performance. Poco F1 featured face lock and it functions in darkness also. The unlocking process of OnePlus is also quick.

Well…both devices come with attractive features and don’t have the huge difference in performance. It is all your choice which one you want to buy. If you wanna know about any specific smartphone then comment below.

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