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Donorbox – Best Donation Software for Nonprofits

Charity, when this word strikes in our mind we think it is only for poor or helpless people but nowadays the scenario has changed. There are many nonprofit organisations across the globe which are looking for online fundraising. Nonprofit firms are collecting Millions with online fundraising. But for this purpose, it is quite necessary to choose the best charity software. Doesn’t matter you are all new or an establish one, a good software can enhance your donation functioning. Donorbox, the best donation tool for nonprofits and below we will discuss it.

Donorbox : One of the best online fundraising software

The main objective of online fundraising software is to make the donation process accessible and easy. The donor can donate frequently and also their private information remains secure. Donation software also allows the nonprofits to gather charity from anywhere and the detailed information of the donor.

Donorbox – Best Donation Software for Nonprofits

Donorbox perfect donation software for online fundraising

Although there are plenty of charity tools among all donorbox is the best one because is easy to use and also very quick to set up. It allows you to start the donation payment process within 15 minutes. You can assume its popularity by this factor that more than 10000 organisations are using donorbox software. Donorbox promotes recurring charities. You just need to embed a custom form to your website to use this tool. Donorbox comes with unique features and here is a brief analysis of its attributes.


If you are acquiring less than $1K monthly than it is free and also you don’t have to pay for set up. On the other hand, if your fundraising extends to $1K than you have to pay a tiny amount which is the 1% of the monthly charity. The cost of other software is high and they charge 2-5% or more. This feature makes the donorbox ideal one for the nonprofits.

Repeated donations

A recurring donation is the main source of income fundraising organization. Donorbox permits the nonprofits to accept repeated donations on weekly, monthly and annual basis. Its fundraising thermometer feature multiplies the number of donations when merging with recurring donations.

Easily amalgamated

Donorbox gives different plugins for WordPress, Wix, and Weebly. Also, it provides you a detailed guide so you would not feel any complexity when you integrate it with your existing website. Donorbox forms are easily modified and you can select the colour, design, brand and logo name according to your website and make your site more reliable.

Modern payment modes

Donorbox receives payments in various currencies like USD, EUR, CAD, GBP, AUD and much more. It also accepts donations through Apple pay and GooglePay which are launched recently. Like this, it makes your charity easy and fast. A large number of donors leave because of payment issues. So provide newest and quick payment modes to your donors to enhance your fundraising.


Unarguably security is the top required feature while selecting a donor software for nonprofits. Donorbox is locked with SSL/TLS and all the credit details are encrypted and securely accumulate with stripe payment processor. Donorbox also doesn’t keep a record of your card or bank information.

Simple charity forms

Donorbox offers the simple fundraising forms. these simple and eye-catching forms multiply your donation conversion rate. The reason behind it that people love to pay donations straightforward not with the distracted ways. Through donorbox they can easily give their charity.

 Guidance for the donation amount

Donorbox also offers the different stages of donations and donors can easily select the best amount they want to donate. Numerous levels of donations also encourage the donor to give more amount. Organisations also can add a detailed description of the donation and when the donor will see the impact of their donation it will motivate them to donate again.

Donor management

With donorbox you can keep a sight on the complete information of donor which includes the amount of their donation. It also keeps a record of all the donations of a particular person. It also allows you to summarise their yearly charity which is very useful at the time of taxes.

Enclosed donor wall

When people donate to your organisation and if they get the chance to showcase their charity then it will motivate them to donate more amount. With embeddable doner wall donor can public their donation. If a donor goes for it then his/her donation details and comments will showcase on the campaign page. This encourages one to contribute more.

Secondary features of donorbox

Above I figured out the chief attributes of donor box but some more features are left.

  • Donorbox also allows you to accept charity through your Facebook page.
  • Designed for smartphones, PC, Laptop and tablets.
  • Availability of pop up charity form.
  • You can also track donations through donation tracking code.
  • It permits donors to handle their monthly repeated donations.
  • PDF receipts, and modification in numerous currencies is also available.
  • Donorbox also give the facility to export donor data csv.

How to add donate button

You can add a donate button to your Twitch channel For this you need to like the Donorbox donation page which is totally secure. For adding donor button you need to follow these steps.

  • First of all ave the Donorbox donate button image below or choose another image that you like.
  • After saving an image to use as your donate button, let’s get it set up.
  • To link your Donorbox donation form, tap on your twitch username and select the channel.
  • As you will scroll down you will see “Edit Panels” and switch it from “Off” to “On.”
  • Aftre doing this a large “+” sign will appear.
  • Click on the large “+” sign, and then click on “Add a Text or Image Panel,”
  • Now enter a title for this panel, such as “Donate Here”.
  • Select “Add Image” and upload the donate button image that you already save
  • Now go to your Donorbox dashboard and copy the link of your secure donation page.
  • Paste this link into the box that reads “Image Links to”.
  • Type a description then hit “Submit.” Turn the “Edit Panels” function off and you’re done.

Nonprofit organisations are fully enthusiasm but the main complexity is the financial condition and donorbox can improve their funds to encourage donors. Online fundraising has become the trend of today but with the advancement of technology, things become pretty easy for nonprofits.

Well…donorbox gives you plenty of wonderful features which differentiate it from others so go for it and multiplies the opportunity for your organisation. Still,any query regarding donation software then comment below and also share your experience if you have ever tried a donation software or currently using one.

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