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Zbigz vs. Seedr: Comprehensive 2024 Comparison

Zbigz vs. Seedr

When you download any large file from torrent sites, you may see something like 137 hours remaining.

Additionally, the download speed is way slower than your actual plan.

In that case, you should try sites like Zbigz and Seedr where you can download large torrent files at your actual download speed.

Here’s a comparison between them:

What is Zbigz?

Zbigz is a popular cloud-based service that allows you to download torrent files directly into their cloud storage.

Rather than using a physical torrent client to download files, ZbigZ allows for file download through a web browser.

Key features of Zbigz

Here’s a list of my favorite Zbigz features –

1. Cloud-Based Torrenting: ZbigZ uses the cloud that allows you to download torrents directly to their Cloud storage.

2. Simplicity and Efficiency: ZbigZ is a premium option that, unlike many typical torrent clients, does not require third-party software to download torrent files.

3. Broad Compatibility: You can use ZbigZ with all types of downloads and all major operating systems.

4. Anonymity: While using ZbigZ, your piracy is secure as it does not expose your IP address online.

5. No Restrictions on Download Speed: ZbigZ does not limit your download rates.

6. Dedicated Channels and Full Caching Speed: As a premium feature, ZbigZ offers dedicated channels and free caching.

7. No Ads: Premium users enjoy an ad-free experience.

Zbigz Pricing

ZBIGZ offers various pricing tiers, one of which starts at $6.99 for 5 days. Another pricing option is $10.99 for 30 days, and there are also quarterly, half-yearly, and yearly Zbigz plans at $28.99, $55.99, and $109.99 respectively.

Zbigz Pros. and Cons.

Here are the main pros and cons of Zbigz:

Pros Cons
Unlimited download speed The free version has speed limitations
Easy-to-use interface The free version has ads
Offers a free version Monthly premium plans are expensive
No need to install software Storage and file size limits on the free version
Files saved on the cloud for 7 days (for premium users) Availability issues with some files
Can stream media directly You may experience occasional slow speeds
Supports magnet links

What is Seedr?

Seedr is a cloud-based download manager that lets you download and play content from any URL to its cloud storage.

It offers a secure and organized location for your files, which you can access and stream instantly to various devices such as iPads, Android devices, or any connected platform.

The service simplifies the downloading process—offsetting the need to manage multiple files or worry about sudden random interruptions.

Key features of Seedr

1. Fast and Secure Downloads: By fetching files at high speeds and storing them in your cloud, Seedr offers rapid downloads while keeping your files encrypted, ensuring high privacy and security.

2. Streaming Support: With Seedr, you don’t have to wait for downloads to finish meanwhile, you can stream video and audio files directly from the cloud, including support for subtitles and offering integration with Chromecast and Kodi.

3. Wide File Support: Seedr is not limited to torrents. You can use it to fetch videos, audio files, and practically any other file type from around the web directly to your Seedr library for instant access and streaming.

4. Accessibility: Seedr is designed to be universally accessible. It works across all devices and platforms, offering an adaptive website and mobile-friendly design that ensures your files are always within reach, regardless of your device.

5. Generous Free Tier: Unlike Zbigz, Seedr offers a free plan with storage space sufficient for casual users. It makes the service attractive for testing its features before committing to a premium subscription.

6. Expandable Storage: You can easily increase your storage capacity, through referrals or subscription upgrades.

Seedr Pricing

Seedr offers three plans –

  1. Basic 30GB: It costs $6.95/m with an option to opt for a yearly plan saving 17%.
  2. Pro 100GB: It costs $9.95/m with an option to opt for a yearly plan saving 17%. This plan mainly gives you Static IP For Private tracking.
  3. Master 1TB: It costs $19.95/m with an option to opt for a yearly plan saving 17%. This plan mainly gives you access to their API.

Seedr Pros and Cons

Here are the main pros and cons of

Pros Cons
A generous free tier with up to 2GB of storage Limited storage in the free tier compared to paid plans
User-friendly interface Higher tiers can be expensive
High download speeds Existing issues with customer support
No need to install any software Not all torrents are supported due to copyright issues
Can fetch torrents directly to the cloud
Offers file streaming
Secure and anonymous downloading
Supports downloading directly to Google Drive (for premium users)
Mobile app available for convenience

Zbigz vs Seedr: Comparison

Here’s a comparison of Zbigz and Seedr:

Features/Services ZbigZ Seedr
Speed High Moderate
Security Moderate High
Free Plan Size Limited 2GB (Can expand by completing certain tasks)
Ease of Use Moderate High
Expansion of Free Service Limited options More options, including referrals and reviews
Price (beyond free plan) Regarded as expensive More reasonable and versatile


Make your torrent downloads easier with Zbigz or Seedr. Zbigz is great for speed, and Seedr is perfect for ease of use with high security.

Choose the one you like, and start downloading torrent files now!

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