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Escaping Prison Within 4 Seconds in Sneaky Sasquatch: A Guide

Sneaky Sasquatch is all about gaming with lighthearted humor.

Any action you take in the game always leads to fun activities that’ll make you go ROFL.

The same goes for you going to the jail.

In this post, you’ll learn how to escape jail in a sneaky sasquatch game with humorous in-game glitches.

Can You Escape Jail in Sneaky Sasquatch By Sleeping?

Yes, you can escape jail in Sneaky Sasquatch by sleeping. And the best part is that this process takes up your 4 seconds in the game and you’re free.

However, as easy as it sounds, your escape plan via the sleeping route is not at all a bed of roses as it comes with the disadvantage of losing a whole day.

Although this won’t cause any major issues in the long term, it’ll be problematic in the short term if you have other activities planned in the game, such as driving the ferry.

How to Escape Prison in Sneaky Sasquatch?

Escaping prison using dog
Escaping prison using a dog

The best way to escape prison in Sneaky Sasquatch is by taking advantage of in-game glitches. So, here you’ll find 3 of my best sneaky sasquatch glitches that’ll allow you to escape prison.

Escape Glitch 1:

  1. Get arrested by letting your dog defecate in public.
  2. Escape jail using a glitch that involves shaking hands with your dog.
  3. Notice that you can talk to friends and buy items although you cannot talk to most NPCs.
  4. Try to run over people with your car but fail to run over police officers.
  5. Call the police for help but get chased by the police officer instead.
  6. End up in the hospital and discover another glitch where your dog’s head floats in the air.
  7. Break out of jail again and try to talk to your friends and order food.
  8. Call an ambulance and attempt to start a paramedic mission while still in your jail jumpsuit.
  9. Fail the paramedic mission because you are not wearing the right outfit and then run away from the ranger.

Escape Glitch 2:

To get out of jail using the dog in Sneaky Sasquatch, this is another known glitch you can exploit.

  1. Have a Dog Companion: Before attempting this glitch, you need to have a dog companion available.
  2. Get Arrested Intentionally: You need to be in jail, which typically requires getting caught by the police after committing a crime in the game.
  3. Execute Glitch: The glitch is likely related to how the game processes the dog’s presence in certain scenarios. This may involve positioning the dog in specific locations or interacting with the dog in a way that triggers an unexpected behavior in the game’s code.
  4. Jailbreak: The unexpected behavior will allow your character to leave the jail cell prematurely, bypassing the normal requirement to wait until the next day.

Please note that using glitches can sometimes corrupt your save file or lead to unintended game behavior, so there’s a risk involved.

Concluding Lines

See how fun it is to get out of prison in Sneaky Sasquatch?

Apart from these two in-game glitches, if you’ve got any other way to escape prison, do share with us in the comments below.

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