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Sneaky Sasquatch Map Pieces Locations

RV park Sneaky Sasquatch

Although Sneaky Sasquatch comes with tons of engaging content, finding map pieces is one of my favorite treasure hunts that you can participate in.

These map pieces, when put together, form a treasure map that helps you locate various secret locations or items.

So, in this article, you’ll learn locations where these Sneaky Sasquatch map pieces are scattered.

Locations of Sneaky Sasquatch Map Pieces

Here are the main locations where you will find these map pieces in the game:

  1. Map Piece #1: You will find the first map piece at the RV park. You will need to interact with the radio on the table to get the person inside the RV to come out. This will allow you to sneak inside the RV to grab a hat, which is needed to get the map piece.
  2. Map Piece #2: You will get the second map piece by one of the dogs after a short animation.
  3. Map Piece #3: This piece is located at the lake at the bottom of the map. You should give a fish to the bear to get him to move away from the picnic spot so you can grab the map piece.
  4. Map Piece #4: This piece is located in a maze at the bottom left corner of the lake. You should run through the maze to get to the clearing where the duck is waiting for you.
  5. Map Piece #5: You will get this piece by racing the black car driver at the race track. Once the mission is achieved, you will fifth map piece in the form of a reward.
  6. Map Piece #6: This piece is located in the lake in front of your home. You will need to catch a fish and release it in the lake at the golf course. The fish will reward you with the map piece after you release him.
  7. Map Piece #7: You will get this piece by playing a round of golf with the pro golfer at the golf course.
  8. Map Piece #8: This piece is located in the mountain area. You are required to race the pro skier down the mountain and win the race to get the map piece.
  9. Map Piece #9: This piece is located inside the cave. You will need to place a dynamite stack next to the Boulder and blow up the wall to get to the path where the final map piece is located.

If you still have trouble finding the map pieces, consider watching this walkthrough guide for a compiled list of exact locations in Sneaky Sasquatch.

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