Tik Tok got banned: Effects on Youngsters

Tik Tok is a Social Network which enables you to create short videos and share them on various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc. Indeed in a very short span of them this user-generated app has grabbed the immense popularity but something is illegal and it got banned in India due to many reasons.

Before going through the tik tok reasons of getting banned it is must to know what is tik tok, how it works and why tik tok is too much popular among peoples?

What is Tik Tok and How it works?

Tik Tok is a Chinese app that allows users to create and share short videos. The app also known as  Douyin in China. The app was launched for android and ios users to create short music videos of 3–15 seconds and short looping videos of 3–60 seconds. The app becomes a great name in Asia, United States and other nations.

Tik Tok app was launched in China in September 2016. After that, the app spread all over the world. In 2018, tik tok becomes the most popular and most downloaded app in the US. As per the recent data of 2018 the app is available in more than 150 countries, support 75 languages. The tik tok app has more than 500 million users globally.

You can create your video on tik tok and can share with your friends on social media, you can use multiple effects, texts and colours to make your video more attractive.

Why Tok Tok getting banned?

No doubt the Tik Tok affect the younger generation a lot, Every teenage or youngster have this app in their mobile phones. Some of the people using this app to give the wrong message to the peoples which affect their lives a lot. Speivcaly in India people becomes crazy for tik tok. The prostitute created vulgar videos using tik tok and spread them among youngsters which is put a wrong impact on their mentality.

The girls and boys from 14 to 20 years are badly affected by this app, they are more interested in creating tik tok video rather than concentrating on their future and study. So Indian govt banned Tik Tok, now this is not available to download in India on any platform. The people are not happy from this step of govt. but it is just to save the young generation from bad vibes.

Tik Tok got banned: Effects on Youngsters 1
Tik Tok got banned: How to get Tik tok back?

Chief digital communications regulator Ministery of Electronics and Technology has ordered both Apple and Google stores to remove the Tik Tok. There are certain solid causes behind the decision. Madras High Court got a letter against Tik Tok and found that the app is disrupting minors. You will be shocked to know that teenagers are enjoying porn and illicit content via Tik Tok.

After getting the orders Google and Apple have removed the Tik Tok from their stores and now Indian users can’t download it from there. The second time Tik Tok got a rejection from regulators as a few days ago the app was fined of $5.7 Million in the U.S for avoiding child protection policies.

The order doesn’t affect the people who have already downloaded the app or who might have downloaded it from third-party stores. But the real impact is on the Tik Tok which is getting instant popularity among Millions of users across the globe.

Not only the Court has banned the download of the Tik Tok but also ordered to bar media companies not to broadcast any video which is made on Tik Tok. The developers of the Tik Tok appealed the orders but the Supreme court has upheld it.

This is not the very first issue which took place and before two months ago in the U.S the same things happened. The Federal Trade Commission has found that Tik Tok is violating Children’s privacy las and for this Tik Tok has to give $5.7 Million. Musical.ly and other apps like Tik Tok have also passed through such regulatory violations.

All the social network apps which are based user-generated content are familiar which such issues. The developers behind such apps try to escape from these issues and say that we can take responsibility for the content. They argued they are not responsible for what users create on their platform. The companies only focus on their growth and scale and don’t bother what about the bad impact on your generation.

Not only Tik Tok but also app the apps which are responsible for violence against child policies should be banned. This is a tiny step from Indian Regulators and I praise it. Indeed there should be an age limit to download such apps and if someone is found to break this law then he/she should be punished.

I thought this is a great initiative by govt. to ban the tik tok because it was spoiling the mindset of youngsters.


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