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Recognizing Businesses With Excellent Mobile Apps

In the early 2000s, it became crucial to have a detailed website for your business. If you disregarded this technology or thought it was unimportant, then you were at a severe disadvantage against your competitors.

Social media was the next crucial evolution, and now powerful mobile apps have become just as important. As with all things, some businesses implement these mobile apps better than others.

With this in mind, let’s review some companies that are known for having well-designed mobile apps.

Capital One

Nowadays, many people completely forego in-person banking and do almost everything directly from their phones.

Many banks have excellent mobile apps, but Capital One in particular has done quite well. Their app is loaded with features that ensure you will never have to drive to your local branch or access their web platform if you don’t want to.

Of course, there are options to transfer funds between accounts, and track your balances amongst your credit and debit cards.

You can also deposit checks directly from the app by scanning them. Then, you can request a credit line increase, apply for new credit cards, and numerous other handy features.


Sports fans are certainly known to be fanatical about their favorite teams. For these dedicated sports enthusiasts, a mobile app to keep track of player stats and schedules can be very useful.

Luckily, DraftKings has a very powerful mobile app that is the ideal resource for fantasy sports players.

With the DraftKings mobile app, you can easily look up data about players and matchups on the fly, as well as keep track of the ever-changing odds for a game.

Managing your fantasy team has never been easier. Of course, dedicated sports bettors can also connect with their online wallet, deposit and withdraw funds, and place wagers on the go.

If we look at a DraftKings sportsbook review, we can see that the organization regularly offers enticing welcome bets for new users.

This means that throughout the year, and especially around big upcoming events, there may be hundreds of new users signing up. Even with regular updates, the app is very robust and rarely crashes.


Airbnb has become the first place travelers look for deals on accommodations. Their mobile app certainly benefits users as these travelers can quickly look up rooms, apartments, and homes in a new city.

This business has also branched out from offering just accommodations, and now has numerous listings for local “experiences” like classes, entertainment, and more.


Sure Instagram may have started as an app, but they quickly evolved into a full-fledged social media platform with a full website.

Throughout the years, they have consistently added new features to their mobile app and shaped it to become one of the most downloaded apps in the world.

First, they added support for videos, then direct messaging soon followed. Of course, their photo editing options still put them far ahead of the competition. Overall, the Instagram app is exceptional.


Cookpad is a popular website that has hundreds of thousands of recipes and legions of users. It’s a very popular sidekick in the kitchen, and naturally, a mobile app would be more useful than carrying your laptop around.

For a quick reference for recipes and ingredients, Cookpad is ideal. Their mobile app has well-thought-out categories and a search function that makes finding your perfect meal a breeze.

It also has a social media aspect, with users sharing their pictures and tips on one another’s recipes.


With the remote working trend on the rise, video conferencing software like Zoom has been in high demand. In 2020 alone, the app was downloaded over 80 million times and was Apple’s most downloaded app of the year. Their mobile app has become a daily necessity for millions of people around the world.

The Zoom app was intelligently designed with the user’s needs in mind. Notably, Zoom is said to have the highest meeting capacity of any video conferencing platform.

You can have an astounding 500 people together on 1 call, perfect for major companies and other large enterprises. Both video and audio remain crisp and clear throughout. If you are a remote worker or presenter, Zoom is likely already on your mobile device.

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