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Best Reddit Gambling Communities [2021]

Reddit Gambling Communities

To people who don’t gamble, the activity might not seem like it’s a very social activity, but bettors tend to be very social.

Like most people, they like validation, and they want to share their joy with others when they get lucky with their bets. It makes sense they would flock to a site like Reddit.

Reddit is one of the most popular websites in the world and consists of many different communities.

It’s a place where people can talk to each other over the internet about their shared interests, including mobil casinoer (mobile casinos in Denmark).

Gambling Laws in Denmark

Compared to other Nordic countries, some of Denmark’s gambling laws aren’t very strict.

Unlike most legislation, Danish gambling laws don’t distinguish between online casino games and poker. Poker is a casino game, and it falls under the same guidelines as online casino games.

In Denmark, there isn’t a limit on the number of licenses that the government grants, so anyone who satisfies the legal requirements can get one.

They also allow websites to accept players from Denmark as long as the website doesn’t target Danish customers.

That might be a little confusing. Targeting Danish customers means having a Danish website, advertising in Danish, or with Denmark’s media. It also means accepting Danish kroner, banks, or cards.

Vendors also can’t offer games or events that are specific to Danish players. Sites can’t offer bets on low-ranking Danish sports or elections. They also can’t make games with Danish themes.

Operators also can’t market directly to Danish customers if they know that the marketing recipient is in Denmark. It’s a little bit confusing, but if an online casino avoids doing these things, they can accept players from Denmark, and they won’t break any laws.

Best Gambling Subreddits

So, besides all the legal issues, what are the best gambling Subreddits? There are quite a few of them, including ones that cover strategy and addiction.

Sportsbook Reddit

The r/sportsbook Subreddit is a good choice if you want a well-moderated, active sports betting community. Daily threads focus on specific sports leagues, and they’re useful tools to get information and opinions.

The Subreddit is exclusively focused on sports, so you won’t find irrelevant information about other types of gambling. Instead, not only will you find information about football, tennis, or boxing, but you may also see people talking about where you can find the best odds.

According to the expert Caroline Grogerssen, you may also find a new gambling strategy on Reddit from fellow players.

There’s a variety of sports that Redditors talk about on this Subreddit, so you might find ideas you haven’t considered. If you have a question, the large, knowledgeable community will answer quickly.

The sidebar also has good information and resources, and it includes links to other helpful websites. In it, you can find links to betting calculators, definitions for basic betting words, statistics, and related Subreddits.

Specific Sports

If you’re looking for subreddits related to specific sports, you might want to check out r/horseracing or r/SoccerBetting. Because Reddit’s user base is primarily American, you’re probably going to find more Subreddits calling football soccer.

The r/SoccerBetting Subreddit is full of football information, and it’s one of the best Subreddits to discuss the sport.

It’s a very active and friendly community, and they talk about everything from quality betting tips to discussions about current matches. If you’re looking for alternatives to Reddit streams, we’ve got some good options in the form of Soccer Streams.

The r/horseracing focuses primarily on United States horse racing, but if you’re interested in other races, you can find Subreddits specific to other countries. On this Subreddit, though, you’ll find discussion about current events and races, including picks for upcoming races.

The r/horseracing subreddit also has a detailed guide that includes all the information that you need to know. If you need information about what the popular gambling strategies are, this guide is a good read.

There are a bunch of other sport-specific Subreddits out there, so definitely check out Reddit.

Gambling Strategy Reddit

Most gambling-related Subreddits include information about gambling strategies, especially when it comes to sportsbooks. If you want information about casino games or table games, you may want to check out r/poker, r/blackjack/, or r/roulette.

Subreddits about specific games or game types are great places to ask questions and read about other players’ strategies. You may even decide to try a different gambling strategy or bet on a different game.

Gambling Addiction Reddit

If you need help with a gambling addiction or need to rant or talk about it, r/GamblingAddiction is an excellent place to go. You can find advice about how to deal with controlling your impulses or even navigating the aftermath of a relapse.

Some threads might be depressing, but the main focus of the Subreddit is recovery and discussion.

Gambling addiction is something that people should talk about, and this is a good resource.


Whether you want to talk about a win, get new strategies, or discuss a potential addiction, Reddit has some excellent communities for you.

Many of them are focused on American sports, but you can definitely find Subreddits about sports played in other countries.

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