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Squad Busters Chest Cycle Guide for Maximum Rewards

The Squad Busters chest cycle is a systematic rotation that dictates the order and type of chests players can expect to receive after winning battles.

In the game, players can unlock these chests using Coins or Keys to acquire new Characters to bolster their Squad.

The game uses a mechanism where after each battle, owing to a Chest Ticket, players are rewarded with chests. These chests can vary in rarity, being classified as Common, Rare, or Epic, and the quality and quantity of rewards escalate accordingly.

The cost of opening chests increases as players collect more Characters, highlighting the game’s strategy to encourage continued play and engagement.

Understanding the chest cycle is crucial for those looking to maximize their rewards. It provides a predictable pattern of rewards, letting players strategize around collecting powerful items and characters to strengthen their squad effectively.

Despite the game’s reliance on randomness for the specific items within the chests, knowing when a higher-tier chest is due can significantly impact players’ strategic decisions.

How to Maximize Rewards in a Squad Busters Chest Cycle?

Maximizing rewards in the Squad Busters chest cycle involves strategically playing battles and managing your chests.

Here are some effective strategies to get the most out of the chest cycle:

1. Understand the Cycle

  • First, understand the sequence and types of chests in the cycle.
  • Knowing when higher-value chests are due to appear can help you plan your gameplay to ensure you’re playing enough to unlock the best chests.

2. Keep Slots Open

  • Always try to keep at least one chest slot open when playing matches. This ensures every victory earns you a new chest. If all slots are full, you miss out on potential rewards.

3. Timing Your Battles

  • Since opening some chests can take several hours, plan your gameplay around these timers.
  • Engage in battles when you have long wait times (like when you’re about to sleep or during work/school hours). This way, the chests can be opened while you’re doing other activities.

4. Use of Resources

  • Use your gems or keys wisely. They are valuable and can be used to immediately open chests when you are close to upgrading your squad or urgently need resources.
  • Prioritize opening longer-duration chests with these resources to optimize your gameplay.

5. Strategic Battle Wins

  • Engage in battles strategically, especially when you know high-value chests are next in your cycle.
  • This might mean ensuring your squad is at full strength and avoiding unnecessary risks in gameplay.

6. Monitor Chest Content

  • Keep track of which types of rewards each chest in your cycle usually contains and target your play sessions around chests that offer the rewards you need most. For example, if you need a specific type of character card or booster, go all-in when the cycle is set to deliver those chests.

7. Take Advantage of Special Events

  • Squad Busters often holds special events or promotions that might alter the chest cycle temporarily or offer additional rewards. Participate actively during these times.

8. Regular Gameplay

  • Consistent gameplay is key.
  • The more you play, the faster you move through the chest cycle.
  • Regular victories will hasten your progress toward more valuable chests.

9. Review and Adapt

  • Regularly review your strategy to see what’s working and what isn’t. Be flexible to adapt your strategy based on your current needs in the game and any changes the developers might make to the chest cycles.

By using these strategies, you can ensure that you move through the chest cycle efficiently while maximizing your gains, helping you advance quicker and build a stronger squad in the game.

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