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The Cicret Bracelet Turns Arm in a Screen is a Big Scam?

cicret bracelet

Are you also the one who gave his share in Crowdfunding for Cicret Bracelet? Then this a must read for you. As here I will provide you with the real truth behind this viral technology. The latest viral video sensation seems to be an incredible piece of technology that is going to transform the use of mobile. The video shows a Secret bracelet that is projecting a screen on your wrist followed by a band.

The band showed in the video is a thin band made up of plastic it is claimed that band using proximity sensor and creating a touch screen on your wrist. The band showed in the video is said to have an unseen setup of sensors and other devices that give it dual functionality of smartwatch and a smart gadget together. The band and its features are enough to tempt anyone and making individuals gaga over it.

cicret bracelet
cicret bracelet

Cicret Bracelet is available on a crowdfunding platform which means you pay or donate the money to support the project. Going to the next level in IOT based products which makes life smarter. But Today, Here You will get the real facts and figures behind this project.

What Cicret Bracelet promise to offer?

The Cicret Bracelet is a crowdfunding product offers features of a tablet on your palm the functions are discussed at the beginning. Functions promised are tempting but not going to take over mobiles as you can click snaps with your mobile but Cicret band cannot turn your wrist into a camera. So, the need for mobile is still there even if you using the band. The online listing of band offers two storage sizes 16GB and 32GB with a choice of ten different colours.

What is the Issue with Cicret Bracelet?

In recent years Crowd funding gained a lot of faith due to its revolutionary products and in some cases, it really worked. As every great thing comes to end this concept is also going to lose its popularity as scams are notified every other day. Now coming on the main product sadly the bracelet never exist that means no storage size, colours or technology available as promised in the viral video.

The video showed you was just an edited video with some graphics added to it really no prototype existed. Now some of you feel that I am a hater would like to inform you, Guillaume Pommier, one of the co-founders of the company itself claimed that video is just for illustration.

To showcase for what they are raising funds after knowing this I am sure the first thing you were thinking of must investing your money after taking enough time to examine the project. If you still surprise as you know crowdfunding projects are surety than you need to understand the fact.

The websites like Kickstarter needs a working prototype before starting a funding project the same was also examined by a website. The same exercise is absent in case of Cicret Bracelet as it is an independent site for the product and demanding money for the project without any affiliation.

Innocent people like you didn’t notice the fact resulted in heavy collection for just a concept the product is actually never existed. The bracelet project is not the only project by Pommier’s as the website advertise other products that exist. You can download the beta version of the app on the Google app store right now.

You can use the cicret app on Android as a messaging tool which uses end to end encryption to ensure safety. There is a unique feature which enables the app to auto-destruct the message after being sent.

Now coming on to the official website of cicret bracelet the company changed the delivery date once and after that, they completely removed the delivery date. That means no promises to deliver the product on any specific date right now website license is expired and in My opinion soon going to expire with no renewal of the domain.

As per a rough calculation before getting closed the Cicret collected $7000000 from random peoples. The company promises a device that is not possible with current technology as a company itself claims that they just arranged several devices to form this revolutionary product.

But coming to the grounds of reality no such kind of devices exist or worked like that as told by the company. They just misguided people to take their money and finally ran away giving you nothing.


Now as you are fully aware of the Circuit bracelet scam stop wasting your time waiting for it. Taking a lesson from this must check yourself about a project before making any investment on it.  Always remember my advice “use your heart to love but for everything else use your brain”.

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