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IOT Based Smart kitchen Appliances One Must Have In Kitchenette

We use the smart term in various forms but did you imagine about a smart home? What things should be included so that we consider our home the smart one. Well, your answer will be that having a smart TV, smart speakers and smart lightening will make your home the smart home but did you ever thought where you spend most of your time?

Being a homemaker I would like to admit that almost 5 to 6 hours, I spend in my kitchen. Like other areas our homes like Bedroom, Living room and lounge our kitchen should be smart. Why we neglect it when all aspects going to be smart.

Top best devices for your kitchen loaded with technology

Here we will discuss the Technology-based smart kitchen appliances, by owning them we can make our life easy as well as by saving time. These appliances are widely used and become more popular for their technology-based features. You need an android device and a home Wi-Fi connection for getting started these magical devices.

Here is a list of best smart kitchen tech for your dream kitchen by using them you can optimize your working hours and make your life easier. So take a look below and pick your favourite one….

1) LG LSE4617ST

Wanna own a smart tech oven with the best cooking capability and better functionality, LG  LSE4617ST is the best choice with at a very convenient price. This oven is Wi-Fi enabled having various baking mode, invisible heating system and many more speciality. So take a look at its drawbacks and benefits before buying it.

Price: $3700



  • Designed with LS’s smart latest technology
  • Having a cardinal heating system for improving food quality and also takes less time while cooking
  • With induction cooktop which is a major factor talking about your security


  • Seems little bit expensive for a middle man
  • Confusing function s as one can’t do without any planning

2) Samsung Family Hub Smart Refrigerator

A Refrigerator which played the role of the centre point for all family members.  Getting bored by hanging calendars here and there and also by managing different bills so its time to manage all your bills, calendars and your sweet pictures at one place. Don’t be late and come in the digital era of Samsung Hub Refrigerator and get all the ideas in one place. Take a sight on its pros and cons:


With large 21.5 touch screen with which you can add items to your shopping cart, order online and also stock digital information and see them later on connecting devices.

  • With 24 cubic feet internal storage space, a large space for your food items.
  •  With Samsung’s   Twin Cool feature which keeps your stuff cool and fresh for a long time.


  • Excessively high price
  • With full-blown tablet and we can’t delete and add apps according to our comfort.

3) Crock-Pot Smart Slow Cooker

Just imagine that you are in the office and want to cook food, can it possible. Of course, you can do it with Wi-Fi enabled smart crockpot. You just need an android device with internet and a WeMo App for operating this. You can modify it according to you and it also sends notifications of food making process.

Price: $129.99

Connected cooking: The best smart kitchen devices and appliancesPros:

  • Compatible with Android and IOS devices
  • Full control as it is paired with WeMo App
  • You can observe your meal being outside of the home


  • The problem can occur at the time of Wi-Fi disconnectivity
  • Without locking lid·
  • Only works through an app

4) Nutri Bullet Balance

Getting bored by using old blenders so come out of your old devices and dive into the new technology-based blender, Nutri Bullet Balance. Blender has Bluetooth connectivity and by downloading combining App it will connect with your phone. With just a click you will get information about nutritional value, recipe and you also make changes according to your taste. It comes with 1200 watt powerful motor which crushes all the seeds and frozen food more quickly.

Price: $179.99

NutriBullet Balance How It WorksPros:

  • Featured with Bluetooth connectivity
  • 1200 watt powerful motor
  • LED power button


  • Little bit costly
  • Small sized
  • An app may be confusing to use

5) Smarter Electric ikette

Electric iKette is a Wi-Fi enabled device and has the access of Smarter Google assistant, a promising feature which makes it different from other smart kitchen devices. After setting the App, just give commands with your phone like for boiling water and for setting temperature when you want to use. With handy home mode, you will get boiled water at the time of returning home

.Price: $149.99

Smarter Electric iKettlePros:

  • Connectivity with Google Assistant
  • Standby mode for later use
  • Wake up and home mode for more comfort


  • The power cord is of short length
  • Costly
  • Complains of irregular temperature.

Well… get set ready to dive into new technology and make your kitchen the smart hub. The above description will help you for choosing the ideal gadget and if you have any query regarding these products contact us and if you have any IOT based gadget in your home comment below. Waiting for your response…..

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